World of Warships- This Ship Makes The Most Miserable Mode Bearable

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Hey guys, today we have another live gameplay run through ranked, this time using the Pommern to crawl up the ranks. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Still saving for the Pommern, should be fun when I eventually get it

    • Aristos Achaion

      It really only works in ranked. Randoms is just pain.

    • Theres only one way to get all out of the German BBs..All in.. YOLO, Close infighgt with heavy secndry long range skills.
      Any other class,spottin these Beast Split the Water straight their direction will Retreat or hide.
      Great way to Clean the Sides for your Team..

    • Pom isn’t that good. Well, she might be, but you are in a sea of bigger fish. Small guns, inaccurate guns until you get closer, torps that are last ditch, and you eat pens from literally everything. There’s a weird area around the front that likes to take unexpected citadels as well. Her secondaries used to be considered good, until the new German line came out and embarrasses it. Many ships have better secondaries now, including Napoli. I got in sub 10km secondary fight with a Napoli and it straight up spanked me. Like it wasn’t even close, even with Lutjens and a full secondary build. And of course he could tank my main guns pretty well. It can be really fun with the right mm, or really frustrating most the time.

    • Александр Ванюков

      Play Bismarck or Kurfurst instead of Pommern. These ships are better for their tiers.

    • Got her when she 1st came out for the special camo

  2. I love my Pomm. Most consistent BB for me in ranked. I much prefer my mini Des Moines and Fletcher though.

  3. Ranked wouldn’t be as unbearable if WG didn’t decide to hide steel exclusively behind ranked (+ CBs but that’s irrelevant for most people). They should just move that to randoms (+ranked) and let the rank you achieve be reward enough + maybe a few camos. Theat way only people who want to play ranked would play ranked.

  4. Kawaii Katarina

    My ranked experience this last few days has been horrible. Lots of the same moments where I go against 5 ships alone and kite them while my teammates hide behind an island and wait for the solo enemy DD to cap their side of the map. Lots of AFKs and generally people just running it down and dying. And the most common thing, noticing that half of my team is dead really early in the game. There are games where I could have played better, but 90% of the games are just complete stomps.

    • WhiskyTango Foxtrot

      Ranked can be very frustrating with lots of toxic people on teams, even on winning teams. It’s a different play style than Randoms, which is why you see so many different builds on ships in Ranked vs. Randoms. For instance I’ll run radar Chung Mu in Ranked all day, but will would not rely on it in Randoms. Same goes for how you approach caps / kills and that can be doubly frustrating.

    • I swear 3/4 of my ranked games my team just lemming trains to one objective to get crossfired and die. It is miserable.

  5. Yannis Kouretas

    Recently I found new love for the Agir … If played right and the plan comes together she can be surprisingly devastating … Had one of my best ranked games on the Agir recently and managed to hold the flank with a Kitakaze against half the enemy team while the rest of our team cleaned the rest of the map …

  6. I’m not sure you get to use the 5th heal very often in Ranked.

    I’d take either Concealment Expert, to get closer while still undetected, or Vigilance + IFHE, which allows your smaller secondaries to penetrate 32 mm of plating.

  7. I always take that early shot, somebody is always caught off guard and broadside. Heck thats an easy12-15k in a Iowa.

  8. I noticed a lot of Cruiser players in Ranked are complete apes, i had several games back to back where our cruisers though oh its a great idea to sail broadside to the entire enemy team then get blapped in the 1st 4 minutes. ran into a Alska player with the most crappiest WR ive ever seen, his average WR is 19% be it ranked or randoms, also 65% for coop how in the F do you get 65% in coop.

    • The only useful cruisers in ranked have radar and are thud extremely high value targets.

    • Александр Ванюков

      @Jared Weaver I don’t agree. German cruisers which don’t have radar are good in any mode except for Roon.

    • Александр Ванюков

      @Jared Weaver Yes, Agir. But Prinz Eugen as well. It is considered to be a pretty weak ship but I think the problem is that Eugen is harder to master than people think.

  9. Pom is actually very good in ranked. My problem with her is that she’s ether full send and carry, or she gets deleted almost immediately.

    • Well she eats full pens when she shows her sides. I love farming her in my musashi and Georgia

    • @Wote most Musashi captains are potatoes and most Georgia captains want to use their secondaries right away. The ships that hassle me the most are Prince Ruprekt and Pan Euro DDs because I can’t dodge 70kt torpedoes.

    • @Wote I follow the Yuro guide to surviving in a German BB. I’m not a front line tank that absorbs damage. So I try to conserve HP for a late game push where I’m facing low HP battleships or cruisers that hid all game.

  10. I put in my pommer commander IFHE and concealment to approach without being detected too early and bring extra damage

  11. Pommern holds up well in Ranked. Decent ship.

  12. I personally have been using guiseppe verdi. Shes quite fun. A good bow tanker. Plus the SAP sexondaries can shred hell. And an exhaust smoke for when ya have spottinf to let youe secondaries work. Or ro get he hell out of a bad position

  13. Thanks for showing me how to play my PomPom with Lutjens. He’s only a 10pt, but I have the build started.

  14. I almost exclusively used full-secondary Flandre for t8/9 ranked. It was a blast. The others ships were double rudder Atago and Cossack.

    • Every match I played with Flanders I’d get citadeled at extreme angles I have no clue how to work around that it just ended up not being worth it.

    • @Mick Lane I’ve learned to love the French BB line and the prems. Never show your 3rd turret unless you are not being focused. Just not worth the full pens. Flandre is the most heavily armoured of the Marine Nationale but you still need to be super careful.

    • @TuonPaendrag yeah but that’s my point only my front guns were able to fire I’d be at about a 30-40 degree angle and still citadeled and if I turn out to disengage so only my rear turret can fire same thing happens.

  15. Pommern B with Lutgens is my favorite ship. Nice to see how this can perform in competent hands. I have been playing a little over 1 year and the random battle mode is very stable. It seems to a constant state of change. Pommern is on of three go to BBs. The other two are Thunderer and Ohio. Watching these ranked battles seems, to me, watch game used to be like. I set my ship up a little different. I traded fire prevention for brisk and vigilance. Unspotted max speed with flag is now 35 knots. I now +25% on torpedo detection and 32% torpedo protection. I can now poorly imitate a kitting ship. My average speed stay higher with brisk as I drop in and out of detection.

  16. I usually feel pretty drunk with power when Lutjens gets the faster reload on that 100 hit mark. Who says secondary builds are dead?

  17. I’ve been playing Jean Bart mostly, that ship is cracked out. I had a 217k damage, 4 kill 21 defend ribbon and a solo cap game, with full economic signals got me my credit record 2.4 million credits. And I’m still broke on credits xD

  18. I’ve been ranking up primarily with Cossack rather successfully. I’m not trapped with all those T9s, all those T9s are trapped with me!

  19. Yeah, pommern with lutjens makes the torture of ranked slightly less painful.

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