World of Warships- This Ship Ruined An ENTIRE Competitive Season

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Hello guys, today we go over the TVI Premium Australian Light Cruiser, Perth! Enjoy!


SA Players Proposition:

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. The tier VI premium IJN BB with the ridiculous torpedo reload is the Mutsu!

  2. There’s always that one ship that ruins cb funny how that ship seems to go on sale right before cb starts

  3. There’s a couple of good videos on YouTube about her brave but hopeless stand with USS Houston against the Japanese in the battle of Sunda straight if the real story of the real ship interests anyone.

  4. I got Huanghe which is very similar to this ship, she just don’t have the Catapult Aircraft but she got the better Crawling Smoke for a trade, she’s not as good as Perth due to she only had 3 turrets.
    Edit: My mistake, their Crawling Smoke are the same, it’s Huanghe can switch her Hydro for Torpedoes reload boost

  5. Try Perth in random operations were it can face T9 and maybe T10. It use to be my favorite in operations

  6. Why does the Maya with the same torpedoes as the Gokase have 4km less range at two levels higher? Not to mention the Maya is a premium i do believe.

  7. Lets face it playing +2 tiers up in most ships doesnt make for a great game “and this has been happening a lot for me since tier 5” unless you happen to be playing at top tier and im currently at tier 8 Battleships and Cruisers so life sucks atm for me lmao, i dont know about anyone else but i find i play a lot more games +2 uptiered than i do as top tier playing down -2 tiers and that kinda sucks if truth be told, wheres the balance?? first playing +2 you have to close the distance to try and shoot back as you dont have the range to do anything effective and thats bearing in mind that when you do get a good spot or within firing range your shells just dont bounce off the enemy ships or cause minimul damage and much less chance of causing fires too when using HE, and thats if your not deleted by someone from the other side of the map that for 10 seconds you show broadside too while trying to keep angled to those your engaging, its not just Battleships you have to worry about have been slapped by a fair few Cruisers too for over half the hp of the ship and more, then detecting and maintaining contact with Destroyers that can pop a smoke and melt you as you cant run and can really only blindfire into the smoke as the range of hydro just doesnt reach that far, and all this before mentioning Carriers or Subs or the suicidal nature of people on my team. Now dont get me wrong i like a challenge and always put up the best fight i can and would say im a better than average player but playing +2 tiers up in 7/10 battles in a tier 8 ship just isnt that fun

  8. You forgot that the Perth also has, with mods applied, an almost 5 min duration spotter plane that enhances her range up to above 15 km

  9. ive started recording how many times ive been low tier when grouped with a seemed like there was a grouping penalty.the numbers bare that out.80 percent of grouped games were low tier

  10. I remember one CB in that season in particular. The enemy team had a CV, four DDs (I think) and rest were Perths and Huaghes. It was an utter nightmare. I brought Duca D’Aosta and I was constantly under air attack and plus I used up all my DFAA. Every time a enemy ship got spotted, they would smoke up. It was utterly insane how this sort of team was allowed at all.

  11. I hope they release more Commonwealth, and spanish ship in the near future, we want a cruiser and DD spanish line before usn BB and European DD WG.

  12. I really liked tier VI clan battles. As a DD player I had no problems with the smoke & hydro cruisers. T61 seemed to be a good counter for them IMHO

  13. I love the Perth! She was my goto ship for operations for years until the rework, now at T6 it’s a tough ship to play in the new operations.

  14. As I live in the city of Perth I had to get the ship when it came out years ago. It can be good or bad to play. There is a Koala sitting in the rear crows nest as well if you zoom in from above.

  15. Honestly I thought Huanghe was far more powerful, ubiquitous, and necessary.

    Huanghe could lay an excellent smoke for its whole team with smoke duration builds, and many/most clan battles featured huge smokescreens as the only possible defense against CVs. It’s hydro likewise made the smokescreen performance arguably better than Perth.

    Furthermore Huanghe has the strongest AA of any T6 cruiser, with great range + flak, and reasonable DPM. Obviously this means almost nothing as no one has good AA at T6, it’s just the biggest fish in a sorry pool of sadness.

    Huanghe is arguably the most valuable team player in its tier, which necessitated its incredibly frustrating nerfs to reload time, AP performance, and health. They couldn’t even give it a TPRB for its flimsy three torps without making it lose hydro.

    Perth was a much better damage farmer, and was IMO more fun to play – but it was Huanghes that won games for their teams when used well.

  16. To be fair, they fixed T6 Cb’s the second time around by adding in 2 CV’s. How much more fun can you ask for comrade?

  17. Funny, I always thought it was cvs and lack of radar at T6 to punish smoke that made the season miserable. The smoke cruisers were just the beneficiaries.

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