World of Warships- This Ship Shouldn’t Be This Good, Yet…It Is

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Hey guys, today we take a look back at the Tier X Italian Battleship Cristoforo Colombo. A ship that, on paper with its short range, long reload time, and low sigma, shouldn’t be this good. Yet….it is. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. i’m not to interested into playing the Italian battleships, but they are a nice addition to the game

    next top 5 ships list being about the top 5 ships with the most interesting history in the wars?

  2. I had one make a 30K salvo on my thunderer, i was pretty well angled and got quite worried, until he basically didnt hit me again…

  3. SAP in this game is very good, but in Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts it can be OP with 508mm guns if you build for shell damage it just one shot CAs and almost one shots BCs, is that powerfull

  4. The T9 and T10 transition was such night and day. I convinced myself to suck it up until the Columbo, and while the previous ships were super painful, at least the Columbo is good.

  5. I love the ship but I’m not doing so well in her. Maybe I should try more long range pecking then gradual closing in but most of my games involve me either being severely outnumbered on a flank or left behind on a strong flank and outranged.

  6. I have 65 fights on it with 64% win rate and having average damage of 114,021. So yeah.. I am having fun using it lols.

  7. Or you just play a Montana, get the reach, get the accuracy, get more hp and either you chunk not-angled ships with AP anyway (or deck pens at range regardless of angle) or you get fire damage. And sure, you can try farm superstructure with Colombo, instead of getting shatters on turrets and belt, but worst dispersion formula + 1.5 sigma typically says no.

    • comparing the Montana to the Cris isn’t really appropriate. Montana benefits more from having a central position and uses its good guns and accuracy to present a threat to broadsides on pretty much every flank kind of like a yamato but less dramatic passiveness.

      Cris is meant to push in, which SLM didnt do once this game. Yeah you shouldnt be an idiot and press forward just to get farmed by Annapolis and CV but he definitely could have gotten a lot closee and made better use of his guns and just use the smoke if he was focused.

      the range also isnt an issue assuming you have Luigi (not that it’s necessary and tbh he’s a must pick for the DD line) and getting one kill with this ship is stupid easy to do

    • @AuxOx Main issue is, Colombo doesn’t play different because it has any great strengths, it just cannot play like a Montana. The one thing the Montana lacks over Colombo is the smoke and you can just try not to get into situations where you need a smoke by playing at safer ranges, while still hitting more, due to the brutal difference in accuracy.

      And then you don’t need any captain to be good in Montana, though obviously Halsey is bonkers and getting stuff done in Montana isn’t exactly hard either.

    • @Evangeline putting 16 SAP shells into a bow in target for +10k damage, Italian AP that has wonderful pen and damage, with 360 back turrets and an emergency smoke isn’t enough strengths?

      I love the Montana but you really are overselling it. You have to rely on broadside ships to make effective use of its guns, it isn’t the fastest battleship, it doesn’t overmatch 32mm bows, it is large and extremely farmable and relies on it’s improved heal for survival.

      Also Halsey isn’t “bonkers”, he has good buffs but relying on getting a Double Strike and Confederate to activate your buffs is extremely pointless and or unreliable.

  8. Riccardo Locatelli

    The Lepanto strangely enough has a better torpedo protection (as high as the one on Kremlin), I tried the secondary on the Lepanto and strangely she punish DD so well that no one expect it(you just need to get that dispersion up to the 50% but after that with that fire rare we Gucci)
    The Colombo on the other side is more focused on close combat encounters so reload and dispersion modules is more needed with the fact that the back turrets do 360.

  9. I still take it out occasionally and apart from accidentally using a smoke charge instead of the spotter a minute into the battle, it’s… meh. The smoke is great for closing in, but knowing when to use SAP or AP is still a struggle for me. Lepanto felt way better simply because of the matchmaker; that and Caracciolo were the only really good ships in the line for me.

    • knowing when to use SAP or AP is the most braindead thing to learn honestly.

      “hey is there a flat broadside battleship less than 10km away? if the answer is yes, select AP. if the answer is no, literally always use SAP instead”

  10. I feel like Colombo isnt really that difficult to citadel. The armour feels weaker than Roma.

    On the secondaries, while the little ones dont really do any direct damage, they do set fires.

  11. Love Columbo – a Yamato destroyer with SAP – took out one last night with only SAP and 14 KM distance. Congrats on almost 35K SUBS!

  12. Forget about the colombo. I just witnessed something very bad. I was in my GK in a match with superCV. Superships. Conde ect.. Smolenks, yoshino, alaska, thunderer sherman and a lot of HE spammers. Man it was Christmas… The sky was glowing and it was just chaos and didn’t know what was happening.

  13. I honestly do much better in this ship running AP by default and treating SAP similar to HE. Not many enemies expect the AP.


    This ship is one of my favs , need to get it again.

  15. Yeah, i do feel strange shooting AP in italian bbs, their AP alpha are below average and yet it feel very punchy even if you only land 5 or 6 out of 16 shells 🤷‍♂️

  16. Her armor belt and little long hull allows eat moderate and high alpha penetration from supercruiser caliber until battleship

  17. Clay C. S. MacWhirter ll

    “In this house, Christopher Columbus is hero.”

    Grind for C. C. was either hilarious or frustrating, but man was she worth it by the time I got her. Super fun ship.

  18. Did you say you can’t put the accuracy mod on the Coloumbo? Pretty sure I have the accuracy mod on mine. And I have the mod to increase the range of the main guns. I get 20.1km of main gun range. I actually tend to play my Colombo as a long range ship and not a brawler. Despite what the numbers say, I have never found the Colombo to have good armor in practice.

  19. christopher shrank

    I still think the Italian Navy needs to sue WG for defamation over the Italian BBs. I’m still stuck on Lepanto since I’m typically reduced to 20-25% health (with a heal or two popped) before I can get in range for the terrible guns to even hit anything.

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