World of Warships- This Ship Was A Massive Disappointment, & Continues To Get Even Worse

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Hello guys, today we take a look back at the Tier VII Premium French Battleship Strasbourg! Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. The thing that’d completely change this ship is giving her a much better concealment, which would make her a pretty good Flanker n’ spanker Battlecruiser type BB.

    • Of course, I’m wondering why WG wouldn’t make it a Jean Bart of VII tier, with concealment around 12 km. It would drastically increase its usability.

  2. I am looking forward to see if the Renown’44 will have the same problems.

  3. “Mom, i wanted a Jean Bart”
    “No, we already got a Jean Bart at home”
    The Jean Bart at home:

  4. And as I said, making it’s concealment better would make Strausbourg so much better.


    See now I really like this ship and the fact they gave it out for free just by doing a bunch of mission to get it was great.

  6. RoadCaptainEntertain

    Got it for free, only play it to complete missions or get rewards.
    Not exactly a powerhouse at it’s tier. Particularly when your facing 16″ & 18″ guns.

  7. She’s actually pretty good in ranked. Get on another BBs broadside and it devastates them. I agree she doesn’t uptier well, but she’s not awful when facing other T7s.

    If they make the accuracy better or up the hp a bit, she’ll be more competitive.

  8. christopher shrank

    Was given a Strasbourg from a Tier 7 container. Dunkerque is much more fun.

  9. The Strasboughg was free. It’s kinda looking a gift horse in the mouth for many of us.

  10. “So her salvos are slightly, SLIGHTLY less wonky…” and we see a salvo bracket the enemy without a single hit.

  11. Starsbourg is still better ship than Poltava…. I want to like Poltava but its just massively inaccurate and its armor is not working that well. Its one of few premiums I regret buying.

  12. “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” I agree it’s a bad ship but it didn’t cost us anything…

  13. Sea Lord, Have you considered doing a “How I Would Fix ______” series? Maybe visit some poor-performing or outdated Premiums and giving your opinion on what you believe the ship would need to reenter the competitive market?

  14. KaiserWilhelmShatner

    Since the French had their super cruisers both the Dunkerque and Strasbourg need to be reclassed as they match that line far more closely.

  15. I’m sure I’m not alone in noticing that this is the French battleship premium formula. Take a battleship, add a smidge more armor and a reload booster, add a tier, and POOF: premium battleship. Dunquerke to Straudsbourg, Richileu to Jean Bart, and Alcace to Bourgogne. It’s the French Premium BB formula.

  16. Was watching some of your older episodes. Your episode on Russian Bias was refreshing.
    As a Russian main, (I’m American and proud of it) I find it frustrating to get Russian Bias yelled at me while a Hindenberg fires AP at my angled bow while he sits broadside.
    I have no problem with them raising the Petro, (although they could fix the camo) but the list of complaints about Russian ships is laughable

  17. Brest has better armor.

  18. Seemed like the HE was much more consistent than the AP, especially with how many shells straight up missed.

  19. She had 21sec reload on the guns when she went into testing but that was far too strong, so they nerfed it to 25. Many games in the Dunk, not great stats because I was always too aggressive, but enjoyed Dunkie. Now, the fact that Marseille is the Dunk on steroids we always wanted and is tech tree is nice. I’m a BB main and Marseille is quickly becoming a favorite while only taking a cruiser slot!

  20. On the subject of what I consider the French Battlecruiser line I absolutely _hated_ the Cherbourg. Its guns were in a limbo of intermediate calibers that had HE that was too bad to cause damage or fires, and AP so small it consistently bounced off of even broadside ships. My advice would be to FreeXP skip the Cherbourg and go right for the Brest ASAP; Brest is one of the most fun techline tier 9s in the game and is a joy to use.

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