World of Warships- This Ship Was Powercrept To Hell, Then WG Murdered Her Last Unique Feature

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Hey guys, today we take a look back at the TX French Heavy Cruiser Henri IV, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. tbf, next update with the acceleration buff and petro armor nerf to 40mm, it might become more meta

    • How much will the Petro’s deck armor reduction to 40mm change? I mean, even 32 mm deck armor could only be overmatched by Yamato and Musashi.
      What can overmatch 40 mm deckarmor? How much more vulnerable will this make Petro when it’s nose in?

    • @KondorDCS the change to 40mm deck plating means that more ships (including the Henri) can pen her with HE

    • @KondorDCS Its not about AP overmatch, but the HE penetration threshold, Henri IV and Johann de Witt’s 240mm, Napoli’s 254mm and Gouden Leeu’s 283mm and a few rockets and bombs from the UK CV line and now pen petro armor.
      Sure, its still going to be stupidly tanky with that size and height. But more ships can reliable HE spam it when before only Goliath, Hinden and large cruisers(and HE spamming BBs) were the only real counter to it.

    • @MrRikersBeard Ah, okay, I guess I did make the right choice when I quit WoW.
      Lately all I’ve been playing was my Petro, and while I do admit it was super strong armor wise, it’s guns were complete trash against angled targets. They have great pen against broadsiding ships, but once they start angling, your AP is pretty worthless. Petro HE is notoriously weak as well, not to mention the ridiculously long reload time compared to other cruisers.
      So, all in all, I’m glad IK quit and will never return to playing WoW.

  2. This is my 2nd most played ship, around 520 games. People really dont know how to play Henry IV and they also underestimate the AP. I’ve crept up on Yamatos and Kremlin nose in with just my front guns. 5KM range round an island popped reload booster, getting 10 citadels and 100k damage in a few seconds

    • I played the Henri twice and never again. It’s huge and takes massive DMG from any angle (this comes mostly from playing against it).
      If i want long range HE spam i rather take yoshino for the meme torpedos, or Moskva for the extra utility and tank potential.
      It’s not that it’s bad, but especially the HE long range gameplay is extremely boring and generic for me.

    • @Krzysztof Narloch I spent 30 minutes in a training game testing BB armour against the Henry to perfect angles and aim.

    • Yamato citadel hole or any it can ignore the belt at any position?

  3. Well, she is getting a Rudder shift buff.

  4. She was such a breeze to play back in the day. I even purchased a permacamo for her. Then WG nerfed her heavily….So sad.
    BTW you should use her AP far more, they are REALLY good.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      I was trying to bait ships DC out and then use MBRB to have a nice BBQ :p

      But yes the AP is really nice

  5. Brawl in a Henry?! That’s a no-no, i doubt it has worse armor than a Goliath, the blackhole armor works olny against poor cruiser ap, like hindi when they aim for the lower belt instead of the upper one, Henry sticks out of the water by a lot respectively to a Zao, it’s concealment is greater than Conqueror’s and the maneuvrability… is fast but not much else, it turns poorly and the fact that it’s so tall coupled with the 25 mm bow and stern means you’re eating a lot of random overmatch citadels… dd he and short fuse ap melts Henry very quickly, and you’re always spotted and the shells unlike Zao’s are very floaty

  6. She is one of my favourite cruisers. In fact I love the entire french branch. Amazing ships and unique playstyle.

  7. #Sea Lord Mountbatten 9:30 they actually gave it double acceleration time, it was nerfed to 80 seconds, and after quite a bit of time it was slightly buffed back to 70 secs, but still dreadfull slow, slower than bbs while cvs at the time did it in 30 or 40 secs… because logic
    Also at 9:57, the french cruisers were given reload booster not beacause random but because they have so poor dpm and were lackluster across the line

  8. Hands down was my fav ship.
    The turrets never turned fast enough. Then changes and changes and I have not been playing her at all

  9. @Sea Lord Mountbatten good points, plus that Zao is the more nimble of the bunch and doensn’t stick that much out of the water, has deadly torps and can pick up fast dds with its decently fast he and has the same alpha of Henry. I would like Henry he to have a buff in alpha dmg, from 3400 to 3700-3800 to balance the fact that it has standard 1/6 he pen and slow-ish shells and that is unfair when ships with smaller caliber guns have better alpha or pin

  10. I’m surprised with all available stats of the Henri, why WG made the Conde so busted. That ship gets the original Henri acceleration, with range mod around 22km range, 33% more guns and that alt-fire mode. But Clausewitz doesn’t get the Alt fire mode or any gimmick and is just an slightly improved Hindenburg. How is Conde without Alt-Fire not an improvement over Henri?

  11. 10:25 CV kills Sub with secondaries. Not something you see every day….

  12. Krzysztof Narloch

    Do we really want the times when in CB there were HiVs that were basically siting stationary broadsiding at close to max range and taunting you to shoot them….

  13. Lighthouse build, legendary mod henri is pure bliss

  14. I’m not surprised, all 99% of Henri players did was kite.

    In addition, the ship has a scientifically impossible top speed and acceleration for her hull form unless you start cramming nuclear reactors into the ship.

  15. for me henry needs a better heal or armor to resist he spam (i die a lot by he spam because the armor are meme when i try to rush dds) but i like it
    i think the reload are fine and reduce make the legend henry goes broken (on the best reload i see on my legend henry are less of 4s whit the reload and adrenaline, and base when i got spoted are 9s) and for who wants to know henry whit legend and heavy he whit no camo have 21km of spot range and a maximum range of 20,6 (this reduces to 20,3 whit any camo) and obvius no conceal (legend of henry go on slot 5) and well the HE eats any dd easy

  16. From the thumbnail I expected it to be the Bayard, which used to be the only cruiser to get 1/5 HE pen until the IFHE rework happened.

  17. Did you notice, how the 1-2-3 lines are completely empty, save this Henry vs 2 Pommerns, 1 Petro, and potentially a Gibraltar, but once they got wind of the Balao, they all ran away? Sub counterplay at its best. 14:40 and onward, just watch the minimap for the movement patterns

  18. I don’t see Henri IV’s much. I have the Agir and just picked up the Siegfried. As premium ships these 2 ships work in coop and random. A well played French cruiser Algiers to the Henri can result in a trip to Davy Jones locker. Do you think the Carnot has taken over for the Henri?

  19. @Strikerarmy well, Goliath gets both great he pin and alpha dmg, but i’m ok with french he having standard 1/6 pin even though the 40 mm threshold isn’t that big of a thing but it’s ok enough, but it’s frustrating to see that Zao with significantly smaller guns gets the same alpha as Henry and that Goliath with slightly smaller guns gets both more alpha and pen, Henry has pretty poor dpm on her own and i feel like having the big guns with such slow turning time and shells and stamdard pen, they should have more alpha for such big of a calibre not just a mediocre one cause the big fire chance is too rng… in my experience Henry hasn’t set as many fires as 25% should… i’ve even got matches with 100 he shell hits and 3-4 fires…

  20. Henri was my fave ship to play, then they Nerfed her engine power and havnt played her since. love the conde though, just wish Henri was still the same

  21. Not yet there. Although lately I found little bit of it’s smaller “sibling” Charles Martel.
    Hugging islands looks like not bad idea if you get escape plan, but these french seem good at sprint.

    Slowly grinding to Henri, but with those superships in, it looks like going get just ship with any of tier 10.

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