World of Warships- This Ship Was Removed For Being Too Good

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the Tier VIII Premium American Battleship Massachusetts! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Hell yeah, was my first premium ship I bought. You mentioned coming to Massachusetts to see this ship. We also have the salem which isn’t too far away and a fletcher in Charleston and of course the uss constitution.

  2. 0.10.1 pulled Alaska, Massachusetts, Georgia, Smaland, and Thunderer from sale. Smolensk was pulled before then.

  3. I’ve been to the battleship museum and she’s great. The deck and exterior though needs some serious love as she is becoming one with nature as the deck is becoming a forest and the paint is chipping and rusting off viciously however. The upper super structure is also rusting heavily.

  4. Not as good as its was a year ago secondaries are not as good I could shred a dd with out a complete build now you have too , Guns are still the same not very accurate but when they hit they hit hard…one of my go to ships for a long time still good ,just not as good as it was and I hate WG for that because i paid cash for both of them just so they could nerf them later. FO WG…..

  5. She is my favourite ship, hands down. Hundreds of thousands worth of xp on her. Just so much fun to play

  6. tier8, with very very good main 16″ guns, AND with such great secondaries, WHICH is often seen in tierX matches, being a tough opponent for even those BBs. So, nothing wrong with the fact that is being removed. Its removed from armory. WG tend to remove ships after sometime. But, honestly, that ship should be at tier9 at least.
    Some other things bother me. Bismarck MUST BE better than is. So stupid, that such FAMOUS ship that really existed, and that sunk other BB by one hit, IS DAT INACURATE !!! I cant remember last time I played Bismarck or Tirpitz. I even think that in the moment I grinded to Friedrich der Grosse I sold it and forgot it. Later on, I bought it again, plaYed once and bye.
    NorthCarolina, Iowa, Yammie, etc. (BB that I played from the start, some 2-3 yrs ago) I still play.

    • This is a myth, it wasn’t one hit to hood, it was the 5th salvo that it got a hit in on. By which point hood had hit bismarck 3 times, whilst only present 4 guns.

    • @Alex Heath it was a lucky shot by the Bismark, just as the 1 in amillion torp hit that crippled the bismark and led to its sinking, but the 3 hits were from the Prince of Wales, not Hood.

    • Just, no. Massa is fine as a tier 8, you trade some of the NC main gun range and accuracy for secondaries. It’s a solid tier 8, but I’ll take NC any day for the main gun performance.

    • @J. N. Personally prefer Alabama,, but all 3 are good in their own right.

  7. Bjohn Roen Galang

    This ship was so popular during that time because of its “laser” secondaries and I often saw players posting their gameplay in YT.

  8. Awesome video, but wasn’t the North Carolina class the first US battleship class after the treaty?

  9. Recently went to the museum last Spring, it’s an impressive site along with the additional ships moored with her but the whole museum along with Massachusetts herself could use some repair attention. I would put the New Jersey’s museum above her in terms of the historical quality and layout. But she’s definitely a beautiful ship and I definitely recommend a visit to her, the Nautilus is not far from her either so there’s that too!

  10. Waverley Journalise

    They should make the heal cooldown normal. That would fix every problem I have with this ship. Its guns and secondaries are perfectly fine.

  11. I love using Massachusets as a centerpiece for the offensive push. As long as you dont face Yamato class guns, you can bounce any AP when bow-tanking, and any DD too daring for its own good feels the firepower of the secondaries. Just make sure you dont get outflanked, because her armor is not citadelproof…

  12. Thanks for doing this video. Makes me want to play it, even though I don’t think of myself as a big BB player. One point, Sea Lord: The South Dakotas were actually designed and built subject to the naval treaties. They are generally thought of as the best-designed “treaty battleships” and were thought of as being able to give even a Yamato a run for its money. The Iowas were the first (and only) post-treaty class of BBs to be built by the US Navy.

  13. Correction: With IFHE the secondaries pen 26mm not 27mm. This makes the use case only if you want to pen CLs or mid tier CAs. It pretty much doesn’t make sense to take the skill. SLB, the reason you might be thinking it was 27mm is because it was 27mm once but the IFHE rework messed that up for all 127mm guns (was a big nerf for Atlanta).

  14. It is good for current clan battles. I also used Mass on PTS in operation Hermes. I was the last ship in the group that started. The secondaries wrecked DDs and MB wrecked German cruiser and BBs at tier IX

  15. I think your assessment of Massa in 2022 is too positiv.
    She is my most played ship with close to 1000 randoms and approx 200 ranked matches.
    And my god has this ship been power crept. You have rightfully mentioned the secondaries that have been crippled by the commander rework.
    But what has buried her is the addition of all this nonsense content of new light cruisers, gunboat DDs, Russian fun police
    and submarines.
    Her 5km ASW is tragic and Massa against Shermans, Marceaux, Khabarovsk, Harugumo etc is hilarious. She melts like ice in the sun if you try to use your secondaries.
    Her AA is useless against Russian CVs and she is helpless against submarines.
    So how many matches are left that have none of this kryptonite in the matchmaker? Not many, at least not on EU Server.
    My recommendation: take Jean Bart instead on Black Friday. She fits way better the current meta and will provide more credits.

  16. Just recently bought Alabama, very strong ship love the SoDak BB’s can’t wait for mass to come back for sale defently going to pick her up. Pretty sure the Alabama has a little better main battery accuracy and she turns on a dime not sure about mass turning ability but Alabama can almost turn like a cruiser.

  17. Favorite ship in the game. Got it with a full secondaries build + Heavy AP. When it’s secondaries locks on to two targets and the melting begins, it’s one of the most beautiful sights in the game. Tanky as hell. Heals well and those will keep you in the game.
    Yes, it can suffer in heavy uptiered matches, but with superships everywhere, I find more matches with a mix of 7, 8, and 9s these days which is perfect. It’s sweet spot is 15k or less for main guns so just don’t expect it to be some long range sniper. This thing can brawl so it’s great to get up close and personal later in the matches. The secondaries makes all the difference in the world when it’s late in the game and another BB decides to roll in on you with similar HP.

  18. Spotter may not be “worth it” but fighters do nil today. I would rather have a spotter to see over islands than have fighters that do nothing…

  19. I drive over the Massachusetts every couple of weeks on my way out to the cape. Its a beautiful ship.

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