World of Warships- This Ship Was So Controversial, WG Had To Make A Different One

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Hey guys, today we take a look back at the Tier VII Pan-American Light Cruiser Nueve De Julio, which has some……spicy, histroy.

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. I have both the Nueve de Julio and the USS Boise, fun ships!

  2. if they wanted a tier 7 cruiser they should have added either the Captain Prat or the O’Higgins although it would have caused grumblings as they’re both Brookyln class ships.

  3. Domitius Severus

    To my mind, even more ill judged is that the liner in at least the German port is the Cap Arcona. Have a look at that ships history and explain to me WTF WG was thinking!

  4. The controversy was really too problematic, like we have the Kriesmarine and the Japanese Imperial Navy, and 100% they were not really “good people” .Beside this is an arcade naval warfare game,WG didn’t even have the ball to put real sailors models on ships so “no violence” and” kids friendly “

    • @Sea Lord MountbattenFor in-game i can totally see that. But i would still like to have an animated crew in port, something similar to that torpedo cleaning guy on the crate boat, doing generic tasks. Even not animated crew is great. The Anchorage with the dockyard camo for example is nice, because it really shows how big the ship actually is, if you have a reference for scale.

      On the other hand the performance in port already is just the worst. Even my triple fan RTX 3070, while not on the edge, has to work as hard as playing Minecraft with high res RTX mods or Witcher 3 with tons of graphics mods, which is more than even BF1.

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten Considering the size of the ships when in game I don’t believe any of that would matter in terms of degraded performance. Due to the distances between the ships in battle and how small the people would be on most of the ships, cruiser and above, you wouldn’t really get to see the people on others ships unless you were touching basically. Also most of the people would be inside the ship or turrets etc. I do think however on some of the smaller or older ships having the crew would be really good due to things like aa weapons and the like being “manned” and they already animate small objects like aa and other 2’ndary guns etc. You could always turn them off in the options but having the option for those with nice machines would be great. It all goes to immersion for me.

    • @JaBaited those 2 flex bombs saved millions on both sides. Look at older history books rather than PC k-12 books.

    • @JaBaited oof, the British flattened Dresden just to flex their muscles on the Soviets (Churchill’s own words), the civilian casualty numbers are severely “optimized” to fit modern day narratives of good and evil, and the Brits long-term plans were focused on precisely that, producing horizontal bombers with practically no aim and huge payloads to flatten civilian targets.
      On top, Churchills own words again, he did not give a shit about anything he is falsely celebrated for, but wanted the war at least since ’36 to destroy Germany “regardless if ruled by Hitler or a jesuite priest”.

      Solid 8/10.

  5. i remember that event where if you earned 300k xp you could just get one for free. naturally i chose Boise. probably one of my favorite premiums.

  6. Kinda similar in gameplay to her and Boise’s tech tree counterpart Helena too.

  7. I think the point about this game not being political is the important one. We haven have “From the Depths” skins which I find a little more problematic then the service history of any given ship. Not that I’m against them, just a little more, this might be the line.

  8. I find this ship does a lot of damage but I can’t do decisive damage. If the enemy team rushes me I can’t stop them. That’s the worst thing about this ship. But you can get a lot of show hits if you’re needing ribbons

  9. The Boise is definitely my favorite light cruiser to play, it’s my first intro to American light cruisers and I got it for free from a supercontainer

  10. Waverley Journalise

    Really nice to hear you talk about the history for so long whilst we got to watch you play. Also, both ships are quite good in the current T7 Ranked.

  11. Christian-Lee Schäder

    I won the Boise from a super container last month and can say it works wonders in ranked – I like it a lot for that purpose.

  12. I like the Boise/Julio much more than atlanta. That superheal can just 3D print your citadel back.

  13. I got Boise, and I enjoy playing it as long as it’s not a T9 game. At T9 the lack of range is just unplayable and the higher tier maps don’t suit the playstyle as much. I think something needs to be done about the 7-9 gap, as I don’t mind double uptiers otherwise

  14. @Broadside i mean it is a copy pas
    te just in different tree.

  15. @I_NAMELESS_I Yeah, though for the US tree, Helena is a St. Louis class, I think a class just after the Brooklyn ones like Boise.

  16. Majestic Hotwings

    @Broadside yeah, you miss that extra km of range for sure but it could definitely be worse (just look at the italial dds lol)

  17. Got one.
    Love it. Fun Factor meter is usually pegged.
    Great premium cruiser.

  18. The grumbling was because the Julio was the site of serious injustice. If there was a ship of any power that was known to have participated in a war crime (besides unrestricted submarine warfare), I am sure that there would grumbling when that ship was added as a premium.

  19. I got a Boise rental from a code and deleted a Schors in 3 salvos first game haha. Good firestarter, wrecks DDs, will delete broadside cruisers, but laughably low range and slow. At least it’s somewhat stealthy as compared to my Schors which can be seen in the next continent (not enough pts on commander to get IFHE and conceal yet, and Schors is useless without IFHE). Though the Schors gets BB level of range and more speed, just don’t get hit haha.

  20. Matthew Hodgetts

    Hi Mr sealord, I was wondering what it might take for you to give a little love to tech tree ships. Like, pick a few and give a full rundown on them or even a top 10 tech tree ships (in the current meta I guess).

    Would be interesting 🙂

  21. Jugaloking69 Dope

    have the same problem with the Haida. Perth is in the tech tree but the Haida isn’t, so cant work some missions with her. and the devs wont admit it least the vampire 2 is sorta in being a special ship

  22. De Julio great ship for its tier and fun to play. got me through ranked bronze pretty fast

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