World of Warships – This ship will make your finger go numb

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This is a very powerful ship, delicate but very dangerous and it will also make your finger go numb and potentially make you fall a sleep. All of its firepower comes from 2 turrets so naturally you end up using them more than on other ships.

Friesland is a good ship but I wouldn’t recommend playing it too much for obvious reasons.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Damn – 2nd to like.

  2. Radar Chung Mu new meta confirmed?

  3. 11:35 began returning to Earth. I noticed Flambass already activated

  4. dude that is one insane fire rate on that ship

  5. Oh no what have I done

  6. Get an autoclicker and hot key that it.

  7. That first enemy team made me lose brain cells.

  8. Absolutely fabulous pic of you & Ms. Citadel on Discord, Flambass! Happy New Year to you both.

  9. Damn, less then 5 minutes have passed and ‘Victory is in sight.’

  10. ever heard of more buttons on the mouse? You can select them and choose double click

  11. That title… Are you fingering your ship Flambass?

  12. Music is a little overpowering bud, since your new pc i think. Still spiffing though.

  13. That first game was like some of the teams I was on over the weekend. I would be on one flank, kill my targets, hold the flank than the game would say ‘the other team is about to win.’ I’d look up, and we would be at less than 100 points, and the three ships I was with would be the only people left on my team. It was so frustrating.

    • God we need a real skill based MM/ ladder system….. That was way to common a sight lately

    • I got one better for you i was solo clearing the east flank and the team mate in the gk high lighted my pos and basically asked why i was on the flank and not behind the cap lmao .. i just replied its called a flank and im in a flanking ship ended up clearing 3 kills on that flank and 2 in enemy spawn area scoring 3500 base exp .. i just requested the Gk player should learn how to and when to flank or at the least research what flanking is! my highest damage match this weekend was 225k 5 kills and team still lost not a great weekend for Randoms MM!

    • @Kill-Logic Dude the holidays have been a fucking chore and my WR is tanking while my damage xp and kills all go up… wtf
      Yea idk if it’s stupid kids who don;t understand the game or old guys reliving their glory years who don’t want to learn the game mechanics but it’s been a joke and blowout after blowout, which sucks win or lose

    • it can be bad even when it isn’t the weekend. I just recently got the NC but the teams ive had today are consistently trash. I am a decent player and I perform well in it but I can’t win cos all my teammates just get roflstomped. I haven’t won a single random battle with it so far.

    • Yea at least there was 1v1 ranked to have fun in, i had same, im not a fan of french bbs but had a really good match in an Alsace, 250k dmg and with a dd thé two of us managed to take a cap and hold thé flank against 3 bbs 3 ccs and a dd eventually we got worn down, but it was a loss thé entire team folder againts half thé enemy. Yamato same 310k and loss, and some asshole will point out in chat your win rating 46% or whatever, yea mate 9 matches in Yamato between 220k 300k dmg 1/3 or so pf enemy team sunk and 9 losses, ended changing to co-op to get rid of the daily missions

  14. Love the Friesland, I won 9 straight with it last night before bed.

  15. I have a challenge for you:
    Play either without UI in cinema mode or just with the minimap!

  16. Reason why Friesland is balanced: no torpedoes and one’s finger will tire out. ?

  17. You kill enemies by annoying them to death lol

  18. Happy New Year, Every body!

  19. Tech News for Tech Noobs

    Jesus…that things reload rivals Gearing and Atlanta! Almost makes me want to get it. Almost…

  20. Speshul_Dave sounds like he’s playing from inside the bathroom.

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