World of Warships- This Soviet Bias CV Is Causing Absolute Mayhem

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Hey guys! Today we have a live reaction replay from Mr. Mayhem himself, A dirty CV main. Enjoy!

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  1. I hope you have a great week Sea Lord!

  2. Yeah Chkalov is busted, even after nerfs. In my first battle with her (lost, sadly) I got 260k damage

  3. and a carrier player i faced off against a week ago said carriers needed a buff, this is disgusting. AA is non existent, fighters dont do anything. this was a wild ass fight though, its easy to play carriers but can tell hes a really good cv capt. hate to say it but gg to that man

    • i tried playing CV’s during and after beta, and i never could get the hang of it, it was a lot different back then, couldnt launch planes if the deck was on fire, these CV players nowadays have it easy

  4. Someone give that “secondary” gunner a Medal. That was CLUTCH!

  5. I got this out of some containers (as well as the Hornet) a while back. It’s awesome fun to play and is very forgiving. It’s great for farming credits too! As a F2P its a godsend

  6. The enemy carrier didn’t do anything for more than 3 minutes after the kidd died and just launched torpedo planes like 20 seconds before the end.

  7. Chkalov and Kaga are two most overpowered CVs for their tier.

  8. Balance at it’s finest !!

  9. That was a good match. I wish there were more of these matches instead of one side complete blow out.

  10. Definitely one of the few good cv replays out there.

    Close games are so rare.

  11. very awesome vid and great commentary, many thanks….

  12. Jackson Oscillada

    I dont play CV due to skill issues, but man, what a gut wrenching replay!

  13. Chkalov is a glass canon. Lots of high damage, but if it loses its planes it’s screwed.

  14. The really dirty thing is to bring this in ranked bronze.

  15. That was incredible. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Bearn (french) also got skip bombs

  17. That was an incredible demonstration of skill. Great CV skills. Went to the last few seconds of the games and kills the enemy CV with secondaries.

  18. Omg that was amazing to watch. Wish I had battles like this

  19. I may despise carriers, but wow did that have me on the edge of my seat

  20. I actually run an aggro Chkalov secondaries build. It’s def not optimal but it’s a fun meme for sure

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