World of Warships – This thing can carry???

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Snowflakes made me play things I thought I’d play again.
But I’m glad because otherwise I’d miss out on games like this one.
Enjoy and have watching 😉


  1. First of the year!

  2. The Tank Commander

    HAPPY NEW YEAR FLAMBASS!!! Your American comrade Tank Commander back again! Hope your 2019 with your Mrs will be as fun filled as your videos! God bless you!

  3. I have like 70 BPM when sitting in front of PC.
    Just tested on phone. 73bpm.

  4. Flambass can carry anything.

    A Craptori, A CurryWurst, An ItchyZucchini, An Oddlyboy, Even a Pepsicola.

    This man needs to be a heavyweight champion already.

  5. I just pulled my ritual New Years all nighter, happy new years to all!

  6. Sretna Nova Godina!And by the way its called in all languages black humor.

  7. I love the Ogny, its one of my favorite teir 8 DDS.

  8. *Flambass*
    I played the shortest and shitiest game of my life – last night.
    It only lasted for 10 minutes but it went from – *2018 to 2019*

    • Well that’s depressing. You should have been drinking some festive beverage and commemorating the end of the year with friends… Why were you playing World of Warships at that time of all times?

    • +Mathew Long Next time – I’ll make sure I’ve loaded up the Russian Potato Vodka Captain Module.

  9. Happy New Year

  10. Have no Fear, Flambass Is Here!

  11. WoWs and WoT may be different games but they share the same utterly brain-dead player base.

    • Unfortunately WoWS’ spotting mechanics allow, facilitate and somewhat reward passive backsniping play.

      In WoT, if you camp in the back, you won’t be able to shoot at anyone most of the time. In WoWS not only can you always see and shoot at several players but you will also live longer when you backsnipe. You will lose of course, but the player will feel better about it.

      Edit: live not love

  12. I hate how everyone is afraid to speak nowadays.

  13. Muppet at play….

  14. I can just imagine the toxic chat on the red team when they were so far up and suddenly started losing…

  15. @Flambass – I’m a doctor for internal diseases. I’m going to say this once – go, and see your GP/family doctor (whatever he’s called in your country). None of the medical statements you said in video “are normal”.

  16. “Snowflake” is a hateful term used to disparage and insult people who don’t share opinions held by conservative politicians (Donald Trump) Can you please find another way to describe your followers? (Including me)

    Also, you’re heart rate isn’t normal at all. In combination with high blood pressure it should be setting off alarm bells with your physicians. I like watching your streams and videos. It’s important that you don’t ignore your health so we can all see more of them!

    • “Snowflake” is a *disparaging* term used to describe people who show themselves unable to cope with the idea of other people having ideas differing from their own. Describing anything they disagree with as “hate” or “-phobic” is another characteristic of these people as they are typically unable to argue with anything but emotions.

    • You do realize that Snowflakes here is referring to the snowflakes on the ships that need to be knocked off by playing that ship?

  17. I finally had a really good game in Ognevoi last night. Me and an amazing Des Moines tore through 2x Mino, a Shima, Alsace and Izumo and mauled the face off a Salem making him run away ? lots of fun old school smoke n scout gameplay. Still not enough guns and torps to slow so roll on T9 plz

  18. Every time I play the ognevoi I curse it, but end up carrying. About your heart flambass, take some magnesium and potassium supplements. Also there has been a lot of new research linking heart health to sugar intake. Low carb, no sugar if you’re serious about improving. Plainly put 9 out of 10 people who have heart health issues have diabetes. I did a ton of research for my late father because of his heart, he lived far longer than he was diagnosed to have.
    Like so he sees this.

    • Soda, pop, coke — etc. all have silly sugar numbers and ingredients that can reduce calcium at times. Start small with excersize too. Walking and stuff and yoga type things

  19. If you use CR 2032 size batteries by default will be right 90 percent of the time.

  20. The term black humour has no racial overtones, it’s black because it’s about death.

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