World of warships – This thing WILL kill you

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This thing will kill you, cause it’s just so damn powerful.


  1. Oooow i was hoping it was a kronshtadt video at the start ;_;

    • yeah I want to see that in action

    • I saw Flamu playing it in the stream. That thing takes a shit ton of damage and can’t hit the broadside of a barn from the inside. Probably going to receive some buffs very soon.

    • Kron is garbage in it’s current state, it will need laser shells and than it will be nice

    • The Kronstadt will kill you too. Except, only if you’re sailing it. Yeah….

    • and I was hoping it would receive the Moskva Threatment, great guns and equally potent HE and AP at all ranges, play it well and it wrecks everything, make a mistake and you get punished,,,HARD…

  2. Now let Hans at the Helm!

  3. That Bismarck in the beginning doing his best Cartman impression in the beginning. when he saw Asashio he was Screw you guys I`m going home 😀

    • He got what he deserved.

      Running into the corner like that in a German BB?

      SHAMEFUL DISPLAY D-:< . he could have used the Z boat as a screen for incoming torps and sonar to handle the rest All while that 10 km no fun for your dd secondary zone all over the cap ... Could he have still gotten shut down by the asiago cheese machine? of course. Would he have died being a useful credit to his team? Yep. If he pushed in the cruisers may have lived long enough to spot that Asashio in a place where he couldnt really run from all that secondary mess And considering how much the rest of flambass team was shit on in the west flank that game could have been a winner But no he died in a corner being useless to everyone. with the other 4 BBs. because no spotting ... I can understand a IJN bb running for the corner. (not that it makes a difference) because thats what they have been doing since the alpha test. That bismark captain? he should have known better ...

  4. The BG music is highly annoying. It makes your videos unwatchable.

  5. 8:28 Nazdravlje.

  6. Great anti camper weapon.

  7. Should asashio be able to hit cruisers but only half or quarter damage? Does anyone agree?

    And i do know that they are deep water torps.
    The reason why i asked this is because the asashio basically punishes battleships play the objective.

    • no ofc not that OP piece of shit can slot smoke AND torp reload booster at the same time..That is fuckin retarded.

    • Would probably be too OP

    • In addition to being OP, it is also not very logical from a practical perspective. Deep water torpedoes are called that because they move deeper in the water. So either they hit under the torpedo belt and do massive damage, or they miss and do nothing. For the torpedoes to do less damage, that would mean that cruisers have to float deeper in the water and have more heavily armoured undersides than battleships. That makes no sense.

    • It’s not the smoke and torpedo reload booster that makes it OP. Akizuki and Shimakaze have that, and Shiratsuyu used to. It’s the torpedoes that only have a .9km spotting range PLUS 20km firing range PLUS 21k base damage PLUS Torpedo Reload Booster. It’s the combination of all those things COMBINED that make this ship cancerous.

      You could give every IJN mainline DD smoke + torpedo reload booster and they’d still be shit because IJN torpedoes suck. Even bots can easily dodge them.

      I can still shit on an Asashio laughably easily in my Akizuki. Or any other gunboat DD for that matter.

  8. Meister Wunderfart

    I don’t think this thing is OP at all…. People will need to actively counter it… it’s clearly meant to be a BB hunter… but there is plenty of ships that can counter it… it just means people actually need to support the BBs in their team and the BBs need to stay with the people that can counter it.

    • Meister Wunderfart

      Not really, that’s like the most over the top explanation when there are plenty of radar cruisers and DD’s that can counter the Asashio, you only need 1 😉

    • No, it’s not OP but countering it? That only works for those that play the Asashio as aggressive as Flambass and I bet the majority of people will NOT play that way. They will just stay WAY outside of any possible threats and spam 20km torps.
      That won’t be that effective but it will be total cancer! Super-stealthy random torps from insane range….I’m sure you can guess how the BB players will react to that….

    • all you need is an otherwise sad (because no planes) aa spec cruiser to run a screen about 5 km ahead.

      preferably with a double spotter plane or vigilence or rdf .

      Either the asashio spams torps from back of map and the dispersion mean maybe one hit.

      If the BB driver cant/wont dodge that 4 km wide spread of torpedoes when it was spotted 5-8 km away … I guess there is always tier 5

      If the Asashio driver wants to get close enough for multiple hits in a pass… those new american light cruisers all have radars

    • Seriously? You expect one guy playing cruiser to voluntarily do NOTHING but stay ahead of a BB just to provide an almost useless screen? The Asashio torps have 0.9km spotting range so that screening “bubble” would barely be 1.8km. Any idea how little impact that has on torps that are launched from 15-20km from possible different angles? Obviously not. And vigilance doesn’t help much. As someone so succintly put it “+25% of fuckall is still fuckall”. And rdf REALLY helps when the DD is 15+ km away….not.
      Whatever, I’m not going to continue arguing this.

      However, in one point you are absolutely correct: “Either the asashio spams torps from back of map and the dispersion mean maybe one hit.”. As I said: not very efficient, but that’s exactly what many Asashio players will do.
      But do you have any idea how the BB players will react? With even more camping because they will be afraid of that one totally random and upredictable torp hit.

    • Dominic Mühlbacher

      Or just play a 3x german bb with hydro and no one care about torps

  9. doesnt the asashio support the passive play of bbs? If the enemy has an asashio nobody in a bb wants to play for the objective… They shouldnt add it into the game.

  10. What i dont like about the asashio is that it doesnt focus on capping flags, rather hunting down BB’s solely, therefore thats one less cap contester

  11. Amen, I don’t care what BBs do anymore. Push, Camp whatever….time to get rekt.

  12. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Flambass, your team needs to buy u, a case of beer.. You pulled them out of the FIRE, as usual.. u are TRULY the man with nine lives…..?

  13. So now BBs have an even bigger reason to play passively… hmmmmm… *rubs chin*

  14. but wouldn’t this ship just encourage that type of BB play?

  15. The biggest problem I have with this ship is that it closes most of the gates to improve the current situation. If Wg ever decides to address the issue of camping nonaggressive BBs and introduces whatever things that motivates or forces BBs to play more aggressive, which I would highly welcome, this already powerful ship will multiply in power and will also counteract those notions.

    Right now I hear a lot of people saying ‘BBs deserve it’ and ‘Most BBs already camp at the backline so nothing changes’. While I don’t agree with any of these statements, my main point is this: I do not want to play in this meta forever. And this ship will live past this meta, they can’t take it from the people who bought it. And once the meta changes, this ship will go from broken to ridiculously op, and will force BBs back into the shit we experience now.

  16. It’s fun to butcher camping battleships, but it doesn’t help the meta if the first targets that appear are the BBs that push with their team and play active roles in the team

  17. Its like they thought “lets put pre-nerfed shima torps on a ship but let’s make it tier 8 and only hit BBs to balance things”. Wp WG

  18. Well, after ashashio releases, will sell my yamato and montana.. stop the RN/FR BB grind, and only play lo yang/z52…?

  19. Damn nice carry there Flambass 😀

  20. i know they havn’t given a release date yet but what is your guess of a release?

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