World of Warships – This used to be a badass AA platform and now?

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One of my fav ships in the game, which I always use to play my 1st match of the day because it rarely lets me down, Des Monies.

To those of you who are WoWS veterans, Des Monies is probably something you would play when you wanted to be a good AA ship. Now days, after CV rework, there aren’t many good AA ships left but in this match my DM will be focused by enemy Haku. Let’s see how this works out.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. LANMasters Assistant

    That dodge at 7:30 minutes was nothing short of heroic

  2. Look at it this way, WG is duplicating what happened in real life with their CV play. The only viable teams are becoming 1-2 CV + AA ships + DD’s for torps. With the whole team sticking together protecting the CV and each other until they are close enough for the torps and main guns of the Crusiers to hit. Then there are can be alpha strikes. Edit- this would be a boring game – oh and it is almost impossible for a random team to play this way as well. “Fun and engaging.”

    • Spectacular_Insanity

      @Clinton Becnel I didn’t specify a ship class CVs targeted, I was just using those as examples because they were high profile targets that the Japanese did not give adequate AA protection because they undervalued the offensive capacity of CVs at striking targets beyond the horizon.

    • @Herubino EVC What the hell are you referencing? Haha im a nazi why? And for CVs….just…read a single ww2 book. A single bomb could put a hole in a flight deck so large that the ship was unusable. A single bomb at the wrong time (such as when planes are being loaded) could literally start massive explosions and fires that would devastate a carrier. They couldnt “dodge” if planes were taking off and they were under attack, because they had to take off with the wind and target as factors. They were flammable, slow, fragile, floating airfields.

    • WG shouldn’t be buffing cv toughness they already have the ultimate armour scheme of never having to engage in ship to ship combat EVER unless they chose to ignore the map or are losing the game. Graf Zeppelin secondary memes are the only cv strats I’m interested in.

    • The submarine might be the counter for the CV.

    • David Carpenter

      @Clinton Becnel I miss those days. CV vs CV combat was the best in those times.

  3. Flambass’ face at 2 mins was like mine when my angled tier VIII BB lost half HP in one salvo to a tier X on the other side of the map.Why even bother.

    • @Gorge Food Nothing wrong with my angling and yep it was a Yama well out of my range even with spotter. I thought someone might try and be smart, well done it turned out to be you.

    • @Chiger Yelam
      It’s Yamato. You’re literally being deceptive by omitting that it’s Yamato, one of 2 ships in the game that can lolpen every BB in the game.

    • Don’t complain Chiger. You’ll get get labelled a cry baby and a million trolls come outta the woodwork. BBs exist now to be mobile campfires for high tier cruisers to roast their marshmallows upon.

    • @Gorge Food So if you knew that why make the comment unless you’re trying to be smart or trolling? Perhaps you might do better to take the point I was making (i.e. having a moment of recognition when a fellow gamer realises the game is broken).

    • @Chiger Yelam
      Because you’re being dishonest.

  4. So the new dds have more aa than the used to be best AA platform? Dam wargaming

    • Midway still has better AA than the Halland, its still a good AA platform if islands are used at your advantage. Petro would probably be OK also.

  5. just wait till they start with Russian CV’s for total BALANS

  6. Funny thing, it was a horrible CV player, attacking Halland with AP bombs, coming in straight lines, etc. Nonetheless he was able to do all these of things and ruin all the fun. Yeah, interaction is fine, indeed. Because why would playing a CV need to require any skill?

  7. Flambass shoots CV with 3 volly’s and blows it up. I shoot a CV in a BB a dozen times and he still lives….

  8. CV attacks an “AA cruiser” and still takes off a quarter of its health in one strike. Seems fine.

  9. You’ve been lucky! Haku bombers sometimes get on my DM 22/24k damage in one pass!
    Btw can’t wait to see AP rockets -.-”

    • Wargaming is killing the golden goose. They are oblivious to the issue. If it’s not on a spread sheet, they are lost.

    • On the plus side the AP rockets will be for German CVs and we know what happens to German ships that do good. At least till Soviet CVs get the actually good rockets.

  10. Does Moines is CV food like everything else specially facing Hak ap dive bombers. It’s a bit of a let down that ships listed with the particular strength of AA don’t really shine in that regard anymore. Halland is our last hope!

    • My Worcester is still working OK against haku dive bombers, with AA build and defensive AA fire the dive bombers can still be shred.

    • @Henry However if you play the CV and try to spot the ships constantly you get little xp and is not rewarding to play like that.

    • @VuHien2011 Maybe submarines can balance the CVs by sneaking up to them and torp them to death.

    • Your a clown. You don’t understand the game or the 1940s German ships are the best . And the producer did not a bad job bringing them to close stats . To what they were.the bismark not bad. The only thing I don’t like about the game island’s to many hill huggers. They have to have open sea. Rough sea. You would not last with me for 5 minutes. Come find me. Don 939 . S

    • @Herubino EVC you realize its impossible in random battles? You expect people to utilize AA bubbles with multiple ships in a random battle where its a strugglr to get a smoke from your DDs or your dds not dying in 5 min.

  11. I still remember the days when AA-Build Des Moines was viable. Miss them.

  12. Lol, if Hans were playing a Wooster, he would have been citadelled by rocket planes on the first pass…

    • Happened to me the other day in my wooster. I admit I was aggressive, but I was tucked behind an island, impervious to enemy ships while spotting half the enemy team with radar and hydro and harassing their DDs in a cap. Haku comes out of nowhere, I engage sector and DFAA , am killed from 27k health. One of the best AA cruisers in the game with sector and DFAA cant stop itself from being nuked for half its health

  13. took a break for a month, looks like there is no point to return

  14. CVs are one of the main reasons I find myself unable to stick with WOWS. Just such bullshit, particularly when I like to play DDd

  15. i remember the good old days of 2017 when no carrier wanted to even get near a Des Moines, those were the times

    • @Oriol Guerrero “woahfully underwelming” … Again. You mean back when good players had on average a 8% HIGHER win rate with their CVs because of the ability to spot ships from MUCH further away cause air concealment was shit, and had multiple squadrons to perform this legendary spotting. And could spot torps too with planes.

      Why don’t you clarify what was ‘woahfully underwelming’ about them that some how negates the fact they were more of a hassle pre-rework in terms of being perma-spotted and the fact that good players had a higher win ratio with pre-rework CVs than now instead of attempting to attack me with an assumption based in nothingness.

    • @Jubjub Tubs there have been three stages of CV gameplay, when they were first added ( the time im talking about), when they got buffed and were insuferable with good players at the helm (the moment you are talking about) and now that htey are reworked, i agree with you in that but it was the minority who were those 8% better win rate players no doubt. They were underwelming when a DM was untouchable, when dds werent spamable with rocketplanes (there were no tocket planes) and air squadrons took damage at the same time. THOSE WERE THE TIMES when only good players with knowledge could do great, as they deserved

    • i remember 1 shotting a dm with ap bombs with rts lexington

    • @Jubjub Tubs yeah but at least you needed hands. Now bonobo 45% winrate cvs can ruin your day. Before that I literally had free games on my worcester.

    • Jubjub Tubs at least old CVs actually required skill to play, and felt like an actual ship instead of just a world of warplanes minigame.

  16. On the surface a good game yet it really looked like you didn’t have a lot of fun. This is not uncommon for many and is the continuing legacy of the CV Rework debacle.

  17. Elijah Klingensmith

    They need to give the Des Moines main battery dual purpose like it had historically. Give it 7km AA.

  18. USN’s special trait is supposed to be “good AA’ Riiiiiiiiiiight….

  19. My Atago gets attacked by a CV, one attack – 50% HP gone – and I could do nothing at all. AND the planes just turned around and finished me off.

    • let me guess, Haku AP bombers?

    • @Malcolm Veach They have to either nerf the speed or health of Haku AP bombers, or maybe just have the enemy team have 1 ship less if they have a haku in their team.

    • @1 Mol wouldnt matter. atago had less aa before the rework. the guy made a mistake and became food

    • @Malcolm Veach I mean even vs t8 carriers atago AA was bad pre rework. Now even with defensive AA you barely can deal with t8 carries nevermind t10s lol. When a t10 carrier attacks you you hope your team does something while the guy wastes time with focusing a t8.

  20. I actually saw someone complaining in a jingles video recently saying the PE DD’s AA is OP and that they shouldn’t be in the game…. I cringed so hard that day.

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