World of Warships- This Used To Be The Most Hated Ship In The Game

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the TX Premium Soviet Light Cruiser Smolensk, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio


  1. I think the other issue with the Smolensk was that when it was released, it was like the Type 59 in world of tanks. It was EVERYWHERE. It would be a case of CV, 2 – 3 BB, SMOLENSK SPAM. 1 DD.

    • Ah that almost makes me want to reinstall WOT. Though I’m sure the Type 59 is now completely obsolete.

    • @James Roberts I am not sure that you should bother. I try to go back to WoT, every month or so, have absolutely no fun, and give up for another month or two, but YMMV.

      Because I still had a lot of gold, I took part in a previous secret warehouse event and, like many people, got the WoT Ultimate Bling Tank: The Type-59G. It might be fun, but I just cannot get back into the game. It feels like the match maker has not forgiven me for defecting to WoWS and keeps putting me on teams of potatoes. As I am also a potato, I am treated to one curb stomping after another. Even my Matilda fails to be fun.

      If you do reinstall WoT, I wish you good luck and good hunting!

    • @Richard Bell I tried to go back about a year ago, and I am embarrassed to say that all the new things and consumables confused the hell out of me. It seemed way too complicated. Maybe just because I was jumping back in but WOWS seems easier to grasp the basics.

  2. I have no problem with this ship, actually wish I had it. If the MM was just realistic and did its job when allocating and limiting ship types (Similar or not) to the teams…. they’d be no complaints. I also believe the MM should take into consideration a mixture of WRs, so one team doesn’t get all the UNICUM players and the other +/-45% WR players.

  3. the main problem with the smolinsk was it’s armor. it wasn’t the guns. the armor blatently exploited the overpen mechanic; I think intentionally so. as a result it was basically immune to AP. you’d see smolinsk sitting broadside in the open raining fire on everything and battleship after battleship smacking it full broadside for 2k damage a pop. it was disgusting. you could only really cit it up close, which was hard for a bb to get to.

    • The solution to BB AP constantly overpenning is to shoot HE at the Smolensk. Also, don’t shoot AP at it when it’s showing a perfect broadside. Wait for it to angle its hull and perhaps the increase in effective armor will be enough to get full pens. Note that this is also true for shooting BB AP at other thin-skinned CLs.

    • I never faced problems citadeling them, tbh

    • I am suffering to get a PENT to a board side Smoland when i am in my tirpitz(380mm gun)

  4. WG nerfed a lots of things (AFT/BFT/IFHE) instead of nerfing Smolensk specifically. I still feel those changes nerfed innocent ships (US light cruisers) as well. It was not the best they could have done. But i agree that the most dramatic was the SAP change.

  5. You forgot the armor nerf. It used to have 30 mm central deck and upper belt armor, which ment you could tank 406mm and supercruiser guns

  6. Used to? I’m pretty sure old players have a kill-on-sight rule when a Smolensk is visible.

  7. Ah the glory BFT/AFT days. With a division of 2 Smolis and a spotting DD, you could hear the reports stack up right after posting “Here comes Balans” into game chat.

  8. Typical marketing pattern for Wargambling.
    Introduce a wildly OP ship with capabilities that no other ship in the game has, let everyone buy it, then nerf the hell out of it either quietly or secretly.
    Then rinse and repeat.

  9. Whilst I wish I had it, it is my drop everything and shoot it ship. I get a a warm feeling in my loins when I manage to sink one.

  10. Just shoot HE at the Smolensk and do cit damage if she give yiu broadside. In my Thunderer i shot a broadside smolensk and got 4 cits and deleted her from full health.

  11. I’ve been against smolensk quite a lot recently though only had one on my side once. Have to say he was fantastic and sidled up to my minotaur so we could alternate smokes and focus fire to melt anything we saw.

  12. It’s still a really good troll ship, you just have to be able to play the positioning game well.
    I’m using it ranked to melt Schiffs 😛

  13. IFHE rework on Smolensk was more of a joke. First of all, the numbers were 1% and 3%, depending on whether guns were larger or smaller than 139 mm. Second, the Smolensk got 130 mm guns. With IFHE, it could pen like 27 mm. Meaning on T10 cruisers, you can pen the extremities of most cruisers now. You never could pen BB hulls or cruiser midsection, so even pre-IFHE rework, it was kinda pointless to take the skill, also as it cost 4 points.

  14. With the aft bft nerf it definitely was less op and now with the camping heavy 12km radar spam it’s not that good. Very rare to just be able to sit and farm

  15. Strangely, it seems that you don’t seem to see them around nearly as much as when it first showed up…If you went up against someone that knew what they were doing, it was not a good day…However, the majority of the players you see now…Not nearly as good, and it’s a pretty fragile ship.

  16. This ship was almost single handedly the reason for my multiple year hiatus from WoWS. I still, as others have said, have a shoot on sight policy when it comes to Smolensk.

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