World of Warships- This Was The Best Battleship In The Game

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier X British Battleship Conqueror, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Whenever I play tier 10 games, these BBs are rarer than Montanas. If it’s not a GK or a Kremlin or even a Republique, it is probably another Thunderer in the match.

    • As Thunderer owner i see no reason to play my conqueror. Better fire chance, way better AP and overmatch, better turning radius and AA. All that for less guns, but have way better accuracy which makes it more consistent. Super heal is nice, but Thunderer still has an improved heal and with her great rudder you can dodge incoming shells quite easily. If you spamm HE from max range the super heal isn’t that necessary anyway.

    • @Fluxthelycanroc I meant back then before when the Schleiffen and Italian BBs came out, it was pretty common to see 2 Thunderers in each team, currently though they are getting rarer too for some reason. I’m in SEA server btw.

    • @Macherooni because they are not available for purchase anymore

    • @T-72 M1MOD in that case then maybe majority of the older players just stopped using them..either that or they just got bored and stopped playing the game already, lol.

  2. Wilhelm T. Müller

    We all know the best battleship in the game is Petro

  3. For those that have forgotten btw Conquer also used to have the CHOICE between the 12 16inch guns or 8 18inch guns. BUT NO ONE USED THE 18inch guns, so WG took them away from us and resold them as the THUNDERER. I will not accept any other reality because its just something WG would do.

    • This is still the case on the conqueror on Legends.
      You can choose for 12×16 or 8×18

    • They didn’t just move them over to Thunderer. They also gave them better reload than they had on Conqueror and battlecruiser dispersion. Oh, and better AP. They didn’t get used on Conqueror because they were pretty crap.

  4. djbjunior Barbosa

    The conqueror on console with the Azur Lane Nelson commander is a beast because our commander system, her unique perk “Big seven” gives us +15% damage on AP and HE and -15% shell penetration, and she has the “Runnubg with scissors” legendary perk as well giving us another +15% AP and HE damage if an enemy is closer than 7.5km range and spotted. Ouch

  5. For just damage farming this ship is still a great boat, but you can’t really make her work in ranked/clan battles, there Thunderer is just superior.

  6. What has really changed since back in the day? The only real changes were the AA rework, which is certainly not where this ship had its OPness, IFHE got changed, which for 32 mm plating ships is a blessing, as it means light cruisers pay dearly for HE penetration or they just don’t pen your ship anymore. The survivability got side-graded, as compared to release Conqueror, the ship now has a hittable citadel, but the repair party repairs 75% of all penetration damage. Cooldown on heal was restored to old 80s, so, lol. If you don’t get citadelled in Conqueror, it’s basically the same old BS boat that will wreck your deck with HE and burn you to the ground. Whoever complains about Thunderer HE spam is just in denial that Thunderer’s HE overall isn’t better than Conquerors, unless you are some Minotaur getting HE devstruck. Thunderer’s OPness compared to Conqueror at best stems from the fact it has an AP shell that is no joke and against cruisers like Des Moines, Thunderer with overmatch can very much AP them to death faster than Conq HE would.

    In the end though, at a high enough skill level, Conqueror is not worse than it was in the past, just people learned to live with it. Frankly, Conqueror and most of the British BB lines were mistakes in design with their HE, Thunderer just made it apparant again by filling the MM pool with Brit BBs. But pretty much all the whining back then about a BB that has no counterplay and is hard to kill are just as true today, if Conq does something as easy as not show broadside.

  7. I think that Conqueror was The first ship, that startet the age of long range HE spammers.

  8. I remember my comment when it came out. I said: “Do you remember how we used to laugh about BBs shooting HE? Not anymore…”
    I think of the Conqueror as the first opener to the HE spamming meta. Unfortunately, the attempt to release more unique ships lead WG to a path where everything got more extreme.
    e.g. extreme firerate, more extreme guns, more DPS and BBs with good HE.
    And it turns out that a firerate with AP really isn’t as impressive because AP is situational. If you angel well even good AP firerates are situational. However, HE is not so everything that has access to good HE shells is much more consistently useful than any AP spammer.
    At least for me Conqueror as the first ship that made me realize what path WG was taking. However, back then I did not yet understand how passive it would make the game…

  9. I knew Thunderer was a name created by Little White Mouse, who made a review of an imaginary 457 premium Conqueror and named it Thunderer. The review was a joke of course, but WG didn’t get it and here we are

  10. I venture to say that the best bb in today’s game is kearsarge. She has rendered conventional bb design obsolete.

    • Passed the ranked qualification for silver league exclusively with Kearsarge. What an amazing ship! It’s the uniqueness, literally no other ship in the game offers the same gameplay.

  11. It was one of the most annoying, but was never one of the best. Most RN BBs are just too weakly armored to hold up to any concentrated combined fire. Average guns, average rate of fire, annoying HE shells, but outside of the heal nothing set this apart as an decent ship. Thunderer and Kremlin were a lot more concerning than the Conqueror ever was, at least for me in the day.

  12. I was very late to the British BBs I loved my gk back then so I missed the original version of this by years. Conqueror is stealthy and it has low HP as noted only 3 T10 bbs have less yes you forgot the best BB in the game the Bourgogne. Conqueror has massive weaknesses now shes very soft anything that over matches 32 mm has a field day with her. Even the golden lion air strikes will absolutely wreck her. Her rudder is Meh and her turrets are absolutely awful. We are talking Yamato level of slow but she doesn’t get the over match. So get into a close quarter battle with more then 1 ship your beyond screwed. Her AA is lacking her heal is fantastic were talking about 2000 hps per second. But she is so soft in a real fight you wont be able to get the second heal off before your death she melts that fast.

    The surprise to many is her guns her Nuclear HE is well known she gets a 50% fire chance with 12 guns thats just nasty. But the AP shocks players this ship has 12 guns whose AP performs just like Montana. Because she is a known HE spammer you can often get free devastating hits because they didn’t think they needed to angle with you.

    It takes me a few hours to become one with the ship again. But when played right this ship is extremely effective. This past January we had Naval Battles where the British BBs were given double stars for completing their bars. So I dusted her off and proceeded to have one of the most impressive displays your ever see. That Friday I averaged over 200k a game had a 302k game in her. The next day I managed to have another 300k game in her Sunday I failed topped out at 275k game in her then the next day On Monday I had a 305k Kraken game in the Schiffelin. So of the 14 times I have broken 300k. 3 of them were in a 4 day weekend that’s what the Conqueror can do.

  13. Majestic Hotwings

    Oof I feel for ya man, I just avoided T10 for a good while, worked on a few other lines in that timeframe.

  14. “The gun angles aren’t terrible..” *Lion ptsd kicking in*

  15. I think I remember watching a khaba get outspotted and nuked by a conqueror near when it first came out

  16. Pharaoh Thutmosis

    i remember facing a cocky conq captain in my yamato some weeks after its release, i manages to get plunging fire cits on him or something on long range, he was so mad, as soon as i saw him he got a volley.

  17. Thunderer actually was a name for a dreadnought that participated at Jutland.

  18. This game really needs an HE nerf. Make it so shatters and non-penetrations don’t cause fires; that way, people actually have to aim.

  19. If you go for a full Stealth build, I believe, correct me if I’m wrong, some 10.7km surface Detection, maybe 11.3 on the air when I used her

  20. @Stefano Crosazzo If I recall correctly LWM used the name because one of the Lion class BBs that didn’t end up being built in reality was slated to be named Thunderer.

  21. its much better than thunderer, the heal alone gets back all HP over and over

  22. @Cobra King No, it’s 12.3 surface, 10.1 by air. Incomparable (WW1 ship) is somehow 10.3 concealment …..

  23. Most op thing about it was that it was super hard to citadel but they nerfed that

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