World of Warships- This Was The First Supercruiser, But Now She’s Barely Viable

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Hey guys, today we take a look back at the first high tier supercruiser, the Kronshtadt, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Always a tough ship to battle in my recent experience

    • It’s a very strong ship in a good players hands. But like any strong ship, give it to a potato and it might as well be the worst.

  2. The part about staring back and slinging pot shots really hit home.

    My Preussen has really been reduced to 457 Roulettes every 19 seconds.

  3. When rhe Kronstad came out… she was so good! You basically had 50-70% more HP than any other cruiser at Tier 9, 12km radar, and 305s with Soviet AP. BBs and cruisers showed their Broadside? Citadel city. But CV rework, and additional super cruisers, and HE spam? Made her a shadow of herself

    • Fire duration nerf and comander rework put her almost into the grave

    • @Adrew Adrew 💯

    • ???
      …that’s not how I remember it. I remember the shells going everywhere but where u needed them to go. And Japanese AP CV bombs killing it outright.

    • @Rene Garcia you right but you could play him as T9 Sharnhorst. Fast flanking well armored ship. Maybe not that citadel proof as Sharnhors but much better guns and shorter fire duration.
      Now you are much worst version of Stalingrad/Petro.
      Worst thing is that WG put historical ships first and now powercreeping them with sometimes bearly a paper ships or out right fanta… i mean super ships.

  4. Kronshtadt is a very viable ship for T9 Ranked and Clan battles. It’s a tanky lock down ship, it’s guns hurt when they connect, and it has the 12km radar with good duration. It’s all about position with Kronshtadt.

  5. In Blitz that thing has lasers for guns, very very squishy but the accuracy and range make up for it. No radar unfortunately, I wish it did, it would be as fun as Moskva if it did.

  6. Krionstad still works – the guns are still good, especially if you can get a T9 game. The radar is so handy.

  7. This ship is my fav bc among all at t9; had so many great games with her. Great armor when angling, good hp, great shell velocity and caliber, unnerfed 12km radar unlike stalin’s. Dispersion sometimes trolls you but overally it comes with high results at the end.

  8. WG’s command rework really did this ship in. I find it has the same issue as the Agir – the shells aren’t great unless you can hit the flat broadside of a ship. Without the flat side, the shells typically bounce or only hit for 920 dmg. I don’t even try switching to HE on this unless it is a DD heavy match.

  9. This ship is excellent – one of my favourites and still extremely viable in randoms. From watching the video, I don’t think you do the ship justice. There are countless errors of play – this ship is an absolute menace if played correctly.

    • Totally agree. For sure the best of the T9 super cruisers although Alaska is close. In Ranked it is a beast. 1v1 it can kill every BB when played right, maybe except Musashi.

  10. I think that “super cruisers” that aren’t tier 11 should get the old cruisers burn times back.

  11. Kronshtadt is still one of my favorite ships to play to this day and is still very viable in randoms and ranked

  12. Outofcontrolsjs Gaming

    Seen it a lot in ranked lately. Seems like a great ship. I don’t have it but have the Alaska.

  13. It is good when you have a mission to get potential damage. I remember when this was first introduced and a lot of people said it would break the game. But playing it dispels that. The gunners have all been spending time at the all you can drink vodka bar. You don’t so much ‘aim’ the guns as give them general suggestions on where to put the shells.

  14. The global dispersion buff is going to be pretty significant on for Kronshtadt

  15. Hey SLMB, been loving the videos, and looking forward to watching more streams over the summer. I personally still like playing mid tiers and seeing that game play for one of the reasons you mentioned, high tiers are flooded with Superships and crazy premium T10 boats. I for one would love seeing more lower tier/older ships reviewed.

    Just my two cents, keep up the great work! Happy to have been here for so long and watching your channel grow!

  16. I always found the accuracy to be junk compared to the alaska and I was never captivated by it.

  17. i love kronshtadt , she is my top 3 favorite ship without a doubt , nobody scares me when playing it and i have a sick radar!

  18. Nah….1st “Super” cruiser was the Admiral Graf Spee. For its tier, it is still viable.

  19. This ship still rules in Ranked this Season. Best cruiser by far. Outclasses all other T9 super cruisers 1 v 1 so I do not agree with SLMb on that point. It can farm BB’s at range, hunt DD’s with it’s 12km radar your AP really hurt. Played over 500 games with this ship in Ranked with a 63% avg. winrate. I am a slightly above average player, so this ship has to be very good ;-).

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