World of Warships- This Was The Most Hated Ship In The Game

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier X American Aircraft Carrier FDR! Enjoy!

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  1. Be CV player isn’t bad. There are reasons most players including me when I play some of others ships who have high detection or first one sunken in the match and get tied some.

  2. Appropriate for Franklin Roosevelt himself, they designed the ship to be wheelchair accessible.

  3. I know it’s been nerfed into the ground but I still wanna get it just because of how different it plays to other CVs

  4. I agree with the ‘if its bad for the game’ but … when its a steel ship like that get it right the first time please

  5. The Saipan has also been made almost useless with the cv reqork

    • @alexanderkaiser3062

      Im curious as to why you think this. Discounting the bottom 50% of players, Saipan is consistently one of, if not the highest damage T8 CV in the game. Additionally, looking at the opinions of some of the top CV players in this game, they almost universally hold that Saipan is in contention for the strongest T8 carrier. I think the issue might be that Saipan scales to player skill more so than any other CV in the game, so there is a vast gulf in the opinions of the ship between those who deplane themselves instantly, and those who manage their resources properly and then go on to average 176k and 77% WR solo in the ship.

    • @@alexanderkaiser3062 When I looked at it’s stats in the armory. It looked like trash compared to the Hornet.

    • ​@@octaviusmorlockSaipan is awesome, you just need to save every little plane that you have. Divide groups, dont attack groups (unless there are no other options), use islands as cover etc
      You will be rewarded with the best torpedo drops dealing 25k damage, and constant fire on the enemy battlecruisers thanks for the fastest attack aircrafts and drops of the very heavy high explosive bombs

    • @@user-zn6dw3el7b Of course, you can do all that and get nuked by 1-2 flak rounds from basically any ship.

    • @@alexanderkaiser3062 it is easy to get deplaned in it as the Regen rate is so slow.
      Now back in the day of rts CVS it was a monster. I picked it up to learn how to run CVS then. Taking a fighter build let you ruin other CVS day.
      Since the rebork of CVS and a few other global changes it is much harder to get it to work. The high stats are not adjusted for old vs new I bet.

      So too small strike groups, too long to Regen planes are the biggest problems it has in the current game and how CVS work. Hornet or Kaga do much better with worse planes. Now that is in my hands but that is what I know.
      I also know I don’t see them much outside of Co op or operations. That is telling. Play a T8 cv and you will see tech line ones and Kaga and Hornet and the Graff. So I don’t think I’m alone in my thoughts.

  6. 1 flight of 14 planes 56 torpedos altogether! Why was this ship hated….it’s a mystery.

  7. CV main , FDR is my only steel ship , mine has earned 22k xp they destroyed it the day i bought it, i tried for a refund was told to go f myself stopped playing for a about a year after that 😉
    i had got the Siegfried out of RB had that for a week before they completely re worked into a totally different ship . yet ever other broken ship they leave completely broken and just turn it into a Santa crate… F wg, F em in the wrong un 😉

  8. But why surprised about the nerve? This is what WG does, they create a massively OP ship, everybody spends their steel, coal, doubloons whatever.

    Next, they nerve it because they are complying to the player base wishes, even in this video Mountbatten says they listen… But they knew this from the start, since it is mega OP.

    It’s their way to sell, to make people spend resources.

  9. I have the German CV, Zepplen. The torps are slow, so how do you recommend lining up a torp run on a ship? Because if you launch the them with a decent lead time, then the boat has time to turn and no hit. If you wait, then the torps wind up coming in behind the boat

    • ya gotta pick up a BB target that is not close to cruisers etc and has crap AA and just stay on that target and spot when u can as u go….

    • @@elric40 Roger that. So frustrating being in a Tier 8 CV and then you get stuck in a Tier X match. It’s about impossible to get near any ship to do anything

    • @@sethdunn96if you are bottom tier as a CV, you can still spot the enemy DD for your teams and wait till to end game where enemies are spread out and thier AA are destroyed then you start farming

    • @@faynk.6247 Good thought, I might try that strategy. Thank you

  10. @steveoltjenbruns2366

    I got the FDR about 7 or 8 months ago and I am a little underwhelmed with it for all the reasons you listed. Yes there is GREAT damage potential, making it a reality is harder than one would hope with long cool down and slow speed. Not to mention that the rocket planes cannot deploy fighters. So you also have less fighters than all other CVs

  11. Nerfs to Steel, Coal and RB ships are incredibly unfair. If WG tested properly and listened to feedback, it wouldn’t be necessary. If they offered a refund, it’d be acceptable but m8st can’t even be sold. I’m stuck with ships like Khaba, FDR & Smolensk that don’t get played since they got a hiding with the Nerf bat 🤬 grr….

  12. @andrewblackmore3150

    Now pick a sub as the most hated, it’s almost like they were put in to take the heat off the CV’s

  13. I think the impact that it can kill any ship it wants so quickly still makes it a top tier CV.

  14. Had a fdr kept att. My montanna last night most of my dam. Came frm my going broadside to ships trying too avoid 8 torps coming at me.

  15. as a non CV player, i got this ship for steel about 2 weeks before it got nerfed. was my first steel ship also

  16. I play it to anger my own teammates. It is broken and the assessment by Sealord is accurate.

  17. @kingofcastlechaos

    I only have CV tasks to go in order to complete Halsey 100% and have to use a US CV. Worked my ass off and got the FDR one patch before they nerfed it to death. VERY steep learning curve but I will get there eventually…….with ALL my karma deleted of course!

  18. What I have heard is the current version of the FDR it is now broken by all the nerfs, it is junk. Does the FDR offer anything better than the Midway?

  19. Cvs can ruin your day and no amount of skill will save you! As opposed to subs that can only affect there own area but can also be a pain in said area!

  20. *_The problem is not USS Franklin D. Roosevelt. The problem is the Resource to Obtain Her and the amount. Only the “chosen” players from WG are given such amount of Steel for this Warships…_*

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