World of Warships- This Was The Most Overpowered Ship In The Game

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Hey guys, today we take a look back at the Tier X Resource British Battleship Thunderer! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Pfff that was a hefty grind for coal at time to get the Thunderer in which i almost didn’t. But i got lucky and just near the end got a Super Container with 15k of coal. And can state it is worth each and every single piece of coal….. just to have it 🙂 But also usefull to grind for the Puerto Rico.

  2. Glorious Deadeye times…. hitting a Halland at 19km with 4 HE shells.

  3. You fotgot to mention that Thunderer also can heal 33% of citadel damage instead of the normal 10%.

    • As well as a shorter cooldown and the fact that it strait up heals more in general, not just the citadel thing. It gets close to the american BB heals (the Montana line) but with a shorter cooldown (60 seconds instead of 80) and the fact that it heals 33% of citadel damage instead of 10% like everyone including the americans lmao

  4. I didn’t mind the nerfs, it was definitely OP. Even with current stats it’s still worth all the coal, heck she’s still better than several steel and research bureau ships.

  5. Thunderer was my first coal ship. No regrets

  6. Super firepower, cruiser-like maneuver and 12.3 km detect range make Thunderer the perfect ship to play neutral. She is still incredible even with the neffed range.

  7. Considering the state of recent HMS premium/reward ships, I’m just glad that I managed to get Thunderer back when WeeGee wasn’t trying to shaft the Royal Navy

    • @Antonio Hagopian I was referring specifically to the last few premium ships and the BC line tbh.

      But otherwise I agree, the techree ships are largely very good. I should’ve clarified

    • @The_Gearinator the BCs are super good tho

    • @Danh I beg to differ personally, however I know it could just be my playstyle not suiting them. So I am going to keep giving them a try for the time being.

    • I grinded out the Marlborough… was not impressed. I do have thunderer, Nelson, hood and vanguard tho. All excellent ships

    • @Tristan James Aye, that’s exactly my point. Marlborough, Bel43, Tiger59 and now Hampshire, the last load of premiums that HMS have got are all absolute shite.

      Thankfully I do have almost every HMS ship in the game now. Aside from Plymouth, Druid and Tiger59, so as much as I’m unhappy with the new ships, at least I still have all the good old ones too.

  8. It was almost out for a year before people realized how powerful this was. I always averaged 120k plus damage. But people were so frustrated with Soviet BBs and smolensk at the time….they didn’t see the monster that was Thunderer.

  9. I dunno, I’m not too bothered going up against a thunderer… As long as the team is paying attention to its damacon, it burns down real nice. If I’m playing a cruiser, it is a favorite for damage padding while still being able to impact the overall battle

  10. Was easy to farm downvotes with this ship ingame. Best part: You could oneshot shit like Smolensk at 20km. Most player neverswitched ammo, which is a waste. The AP could do wonders to cruisers sailing broadside at max range.

  11. Comrade Thundererskiy would be the Soviet name for it. Also has crazy rudder shift, and I thought battlecruiser dispersion? I was able to turn with a Marceau close in and keep the guns on him.

  12. I really want the Thunderer so badly I wish she was still available T_T

  13. Played it yesterday in ranked. Nuked ohio for 5 citadels nuked salem and did 230k. In randoms nuked a mino just as he smoked up. But it’s very squishy if a couple people focus you especially other big overmatch calibers it eats a lot

  14. One little useful data of Thunder: Only HE in long range shots because AP it’s quite worthless for the fly time of his bullet and bit high parabola in same situation, give target enough time to evade the salvo. The optimal distance to shot AP is 15km to down. Cuninghan captain is a good option to this ship

  15. Love my thunderer HE is lols but AP is pretty good too. Its the reload that’s the best thing though with all the 40second ones that have become the norm

  16. Was a good bb before nerfs . Needs to be played well back . A bit squishy . Aa defensive ability a little poor . Best yamato burner in the game . Needs to be played at full speed and turning a lot after firing . Mostly firing h e . Hits hard with a p but you need to show too much broadside to get all guns working . Does not tank well . Always use range mod as you can still get close to 25km and only lose 2 seconds reload . Was deadly with dead eye sitting back 27 + km and still burning all bb in the game every salvo . Seams all good ships get nerfed [ kremlin . petropavlof , g k , etc ] except aircraft carriers these are a protected spiecies .

  17. Even post nerf, that ship is still a very unpleasant experience to face.

  18. The funniest part about Thunderer is that even to this day, despite all the new ships that have come out and the range nerf it got, it is still the best battleship in the game imo. Including superships, because they burn just like any other battleship and are bigger targets.

    Definitely glad I got it while it was available.

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