World of Warships – Those grandpas want me dead xD

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I hope nobody takes their age too seriously because I certainly don’t and I like to joke with it just like with everything else.

I ran into few friendly faces in this match and things kinda kicked off.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. After a whole day of answering my modules for school, a flambass video always recharges me.

  2. Oh god! Flambass vs Tuccy! Someone call Conway over here! And bring the makeup, Mrs Citadel!!!

  3. Mate, I am 54. You are 100% correct – 50’s IS OLD MAN. I feel OLD, especially after work every day. Too old for manual labouring that’s for sure.

  4. I’m 28 but I think flam you need to move your scale forward. 50s is “getting old”, 60s is old man, 70s is grandpa and the “fossil”….hm I wouldn’t call 80+ like that, more of a senior to me.

  5. Also known as the pre Jingles and Post Jingles scale of age (I am post by a few months 🙂 )!

  6. Ahha! Yea, block ’em with your walker, while I get my cane up!

  7. When one was 15, he doted on learning
    When one was 30, he established himself in the society according to the manners
    When one was 40, he was no longer vexed by earthly affairs
    When one was 50, he knew what was pre-decided by fate was not within his reach
    When one was 60, he was able to accept opinions of various kinds
    When one was 70, he can do what his heart desires without overstepping any bounds.

  8. Kid in a Kidd philosophizes about ages. Made my day

  9. I cannot believe that you’re playing while ms citadel is moving house and carrying all the furniture.
    You better buy her something nice with those stream moneys..

  10. When I was young, I came up for two indicators for when I am old:
    1. The majority of the music I enjoy is older than a few weeks.
    2. I start to realize that a lot of things were better in the olden days.

    (1) is obviously a personal thing due to my music taste, that may not work for others.
    Anyway, I must be very old at 43 regarding to either of these criteria.

  11. Flambass – “I don’t know does he have a hydro or not”
    Mr_Gibbins – BOOM!
    Massachusetts: “No, he does not. He definitely does not”

  12. When me kids would ask me how old I was (late 30’s at the time)…I would tell them I use to kill dinosaurs for a living and we didn’t have calendars then. Now that I am in me 70s….I sometimes feel like the dinosaur.

  13. This sooo funny FLAM, One of my instructors at Law School was going to be compulsory retired (the rule at Harvard Law) so the class threw him a very nice retirement party. One of the Emeritus professors (previously retired but then 90) showed up and whispered into my Prof’s ear..” OH to be 70 again”:) It’s all relative kiddo, for example, when I was 52 I had a 21 year old stage dancer and former US Olympic gymnast hopeful, come up to me at a cast gathering at the local watering hole, and just straight out to my face, told me she wanted to date me 🙂 I asked her if she had any idea how much older than she I was, that I was likely older than her parents LOL. Said she didn’t care. PS. my then 25 year old spec ops son was SHOCKED to his TOES when he met her lol. My advice to you youngsters, enjoy your youth, make memories worth recalling when you actually approach ” OLD MAN” age 🙂 If you don’t, you’ll regret it 🙂 There is soooooo much to do and learn in your life, JUST MAKE SURE ITS “YOUR LIFE”, no one else can live it for u, but tons of the sob’s can , and wil, keep u from living it yourself if you let em. 🙂

    • If you ever think you’re too old for an adventure or a risk, you are. No matter if you’re 15 or 105.
      Now, beyond 40 to have a slight chance to be too WISE for a particular risk or adventure, but that’s a totally different story.
      I’m 44 and I only just got a whole family (pre-established, I took over one kid and one adult offspring) and started a whole new career path. Not quite from scratch, but almost. 3 years in and I couldn’t be any happier. I’m NOT too old for this adventure.
      Then again, my grandma started over anew successfully in regards to love past 70, so the insanity may run in the family … 😉

  14. LOL your designations for age will shift the older you ll get….fact ^^

  15. Umm…. I am 64, and a “Grandpa.” What’s your problem here?

  16. Totally offended. I’d unsub, but I’m too old to find the button.

  17. “Well no, I think… I think twitch is enough”
    *actually puts the video on youtube*

    Some people just want to watch the world burn x)

  18. always call my dad “Old man” and he always calls me “Boy” xD

  19. “Twitch is enough” proceeds to put it up on Youtube. lol

  20. “I think Twitch is enough” – HELLO YOUTUBE! 😀

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