World of Warships – Thou shalt not kill + Heart beats

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I just got myself a heart beat sensor and this was my 1st day using it.
So before you all go crazy in comments my heart rate is too high know this:
This is my 1st time using it and I get nervous when doing something out of the ordinary and every time I take a look at it my heart beats go up and you’ll probably hear me talk about it as well.
I heard everything you can say probably a thousand times already on stream regarding my heart rate xD
I’m just gonna have to get used to it and it will stay a lot lower then now.
If you do pay attention you’ll see that when I’m focused on the game it’s actually really low but every time I start thinking about it or talking about it goes up 😀

I got this because of Amnesia playthrough which also started and I will be uploading of that as well, but let me know do you like the addition of heart rate on screen or not and why. Also bear in mind that the look of it can be changed easily.
I hope you enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Flambass has a heart of steel!… Or kidneys of steel…… Lol

  2. *Flambass* – Just had an idea to defeat ‘radar’ on World of Warships.
    How about canisters, missiles or shells that launch tiny strips of aluminum foil into the air around the ship.
    They would fall gradually & could act like a smoke screen & confuse radar on the enemy’s side.

    • +MoA-Reload… I never realized WoW had radar that could see through solid objects.
      If i could just borrow one to look into a mountain – I could save time looking for gold.

    • +Aqua Fyre it’s down to lazy game mechanics in the spotting system. The game has 2 calls to check if a player is spotted. First is visual so requires line of sight to the player and they have to be within their concealment range. The second is assured detection which is the 2km(3km with certain upgrade) proximity spotting. When you hit radar or Hydro it pushes your assured detection range out from the default to the range of the consumable. That’s why it ignores line of sight rule and the other guys concealment value. Imo it stinks of just bodging it into the game and not going back to do it properly.

    • +Aqua Fyre I mean, ground-penetrating radar is a thing 🙂 Probably not on WWII ships though

    • +David Ballantyne yea that and it penetrates, like, 4 meters of ground, not an entire island and then 5km on the other side of it

    • +David Ballantyne it is a thing, not during ww2 era and totally useless for detection of shipping unless it’s buried under a few meters of dirt for some reason ?

  3. Mmm…new mini game, who can get heart rate high score? ?

  4. ive never found a reason to buy flambass showed me….I will never find one..

  5. What, no link to the heart sensor?

  6. Lord that German localization is so appallingly bad. As a German, one of the reasons I play the game in English is because I just can’t stand that.

  7. Insert random comment to help algorithms.. What? It’s early and I haven’t even had a cup of coffee yet!

  8. Hmm, i though the number at top left corner was FPS *Pleb reporting*

  9. I believe someone might be regretting their purchase, WG found a sucker.

  10. I like the heart rate addition. I want to see what your heart rate is when you get upset or are arguing with someone.

  11. I don’t get why you need this heart rate thingy, but it can stay I guess. However some funny stuff, when I measure MY heart rate, I unconsciously always try to calm it down and breath less, so I always end up more or less faking it. 😀

  12. Heartrate instantly shot up 20 when you saw there were no radar… I guess that’s your fetish

  13. Flambass der Große has started an amnesia playthrough? man oh man, I gotta watch that. Glad I will be able to come to this channel not just for world of warships but general random fun as well!

  14. tbh flam, from the medical standpoint your heart rate is completely normal throughout the game, anywhere between 80-100 is acceptable.
    So no, no anxiety related tachycardia for you sir.

  15. You should worry I have a pacemaker does give a jolt now and then xxxx

  16. For the HB monitor, it is really just a distraction for the game. Once you get use to it it will not bother you anymore. Hopefully you are just using it for fun, and have not developed a irregular beat.
    As for the totals Going from the bottom you scored more than 8 player the 9th put the total more than yours. From the top down you scored more than 7 players the 8th would put the total more than yours.
    Either way watching 3 destroyers just getting wasted by you in under 9 minutes and having to play the hiding game was just pure fun. The shima by the time you two met he was like one of has to go or the game is over, at least I have most of my health. He should have tried to limit your options thru stealth though and attacked when you could not dodge and he could fire all of his guns.

  17. I wouldn’t mind if you kept it for WOWS as well. It would be fun to see what your heart is doing when you realize your team is throwing a match in ranked and you’re desperately trying to counteract their incompetence.

  18. Luis Fernando Rubin

    “This is my 1st time using it and I get nervous when doing something out of the ordinary and every” . Looks like the first time I had sex.

  19. LOVE the friggin heart thingy. I wish you had this with your mental breakdown vids

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