World of Warships – Throw Hard

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Try Hard? A Game of Throws? Honestly, this one could have been either. You be the judge.

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  1. Concorde Makes Videos

    just finished my first day at a new job. had a great day indeed. good dinner. and finally I get tucked in to bed and what do I know but a new jingles video has just been released. splendid indeed.

  2. Damn you, Jingles. Thanks to you, i played this game when it was in beta, then i took a few years break and now again -thanks to your videos, im hooked on this game again!

    • I started to play that game 2018 , I am adicted , but I want to quit it … but no one want to buy my account 🙁

  3. This is Throw Hard, the Collab Special between Try Hard and A Game of Throws

  4. You could hire Ramison for your next big stuff moving with that back on him !!!

  5. My Captain Jingles is nearing his 21. Skillpoint on the Minotaur 🙂

  6. Seems that German hydro is always a total surprise to this Minotaur.

  7. In the enemy team’s defence, not much hiding you can do faced with a Shima and a Sub. But sure, they could have retreated back and just tried to defend B and if they were all in a div together on voice coms that’s probably what they would have done.

  8. Arguably, the Lepanto death charge caused all the enemy ships to nose in to him and present narrow profiles. That won’t have helped the Shima’s torps either. Bad Lepanto!

    • also one of his torps hit the Stalingrad, which was destroyed by the sub afterwards.

    • There again he drew all the enemy team up towards the northern end of that island so the preferred route once he YOLO’d would be over the top of the island straight into Minotaur’s path.

    • While it was a deadmans walk and looked to be caused by Small Brain Syndrome (and probably was), what Jingles failed to recognize too, the death charge of the Lepanto caused all enemies to steam towards him out of the protection of the islands at Cap A where most of them were before and just couldve sit out the victory. So while I dont count on the players genius to have forseen this and planned a suicide move, it actually gave the team the chance at winning without having to charge island protected battleships with 2 german hydros, a russian radar and a sub in their backline but induced SBS on them.
      Classic case of: A plan so stupid, it is smart again.

  9. I had a game yesterday in my Harekaze II where I was really trying to carry my team to victory, even against all odds… but my last remaining “teammate” in a Veneto (with a lot of health) was being about as useless as he could be. Instead of helping me, instead he decided to rush into a bunch of enemies, and get himself killed in the process. And here I’m like: “Why do I never succeed in these carries?”

    I ended the game with 6 kills and 1.9k base XP… in a loss… I just don’t know what to do anymore.

    • A 30% of games you lose no mattet what. Another 30% of games you win no matter what. The last 40% defines your WR and show how good of a player you are

  10. Thoroughly entertaining as usual. Bonus points for expert use of my favourite ship. Chorizo might be a very good doggy but Minotaur is a very good ship. In the right hands (I.e. not mine) she can be an exceptional ship.

  11. Thunderer can actually citadel minotaur with its it’s 114mm of HE pen.

    But the 457 AP often just overpens though has much better damage when getting those citadels.

  12. “Get 1000 ribbons for reward” – one game in Minotaur – “That ought to do it…”

  13. Yup, the ships which should be most effective against subs, destroyers, are the least effective. A real convoy mode with like 20 transports, 3 or 4 escorts vs. 4 or 5 subs would be really fun an challenging.

  14. I got anxiety from watching him shoot Preussen, then fudge around with torps to check moving directions. With Mino reload speed you gimp you damage output by doing that, he lost several salvos worth of damage.

  15. I like how WG devs apparently arbitrarily decided that hydrophone sets can’t detect submerged subs

  16. on the Thunderer using high explosive at the end there, wouldn’t its AP have a good chance of overpenning a light cruiser, making HE the more reliable choice?

  17. 2:56 The improved pen on Minotaur’s/All of the British light Cruisers basically makes them more effective than if they had HE, as they end up dealing far more damage. I’ve been able to test this first hand by not only going up the British light Cruisers, but also the American Lights to T10. The best way to put this is, Fiji is still effective against T9 ships, Helena can’t pen the deck of most T8+ Cruisers.

    Minotaur has some of the best applied damage of any T10 Cruiser in the game, honestly even just one of the best paper DPMs as well, purely because of her AP being so good. When everyone was bitching about Smol, I was always pointing out Minotaur as an actual problem.

  18. *amoeba

  19. Can I just say, Hipper is a amazing cruiser, even in T10 battles. If you know how to use it it can be devastating.

  20. Before writing on intelligence, check what you write.

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