World of Warships – Throw Hard

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I’m sensing a theme developing in the titles of this weeks’ videos…

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  1. The last time I was this early she left me

  2. No one tell Jingles about the meaning of his name. Damn weebs.

  3. World of Tanks – Win Hard
    World of Warships – Throw Hard
    What comes next? Overwatch – Reinhard?

  4. Gotta love the Jingles’ Ikea post screen haha

  5. The Worcester was waiting for his torps to come off cooldown. 😂

  6. I dunno about others, but I’m having a blast with my “tomato” built Shimakaze (20Km torps). New skills allow for even more extreme builds, after I manage to get this commander to level 21 (already close to that) I’m planning to try a gunboat build with another one, I’ve seen a rather tempting combination that may crown the Shima as the ultimate tier X troll.

    • Care to elaborate? I’m not a player but I’m interested in your build🤔

    • Yugumo gunbost is Fun and if you really went to Troll you get aft and the 3 Million credit Upgrade for more gunrange and also take torpedo reload booster 😂
      So you have a no citidal small light cruiser with lots of 12km torps
      Last Time i did this was before the rework so idk if you Can still build it this way

  7. Love the attention to detail in your custom rendition of the Halland.

  8. Players like the Salem really do make you wanna take a hand full of anti-depressants…. he was the kinda player I saw too much ofin ranked yesterday

    • Solothkar of Trinsic

      Actually that makes you want to have a blacklist for the matchmaker.

    • I have a feeling he bought his way to tier 10 and was only just figuring out how radar works. When he decided to go in at the end of the game, it looked like a “this thing sucks” kind of moment. Wouldn´t be surprised if he sold the ship after that battle.

  9. That Salem was oblivious to all this. He was playing his own game.

    • @dcpetemoss I’m thinking ur right. 15k battles, 42% WR, 624 PR and has all the premiums, except the Steel ships. Did’nt see a single Steel ship on his profile so I’m thinking bot as well.,mei_7/

    • @Jeff Clarkson Considering he used his radar three times while camping out behind that Island I can only conclude that he was heating up the emitter to make s’mores.

    • Playing Pokemon Go on his phone.

    • ​@dcpetemoss NO, no that is a real person, I have dropped in games with him playing this badly and spoken with him in chat, asking for help and got responses from him. Yes I have even lost my temper with him and had a bit of vial dialogue with him. So I can attest to him playing like this normally. Cannot say he does not use bots, but the bots he may use are up to his usual game standard if he does 😉

    • @DaManBearPig with that many games played, it is entirely possible that he failed his way to the Salem. It probably took some time, but it is possible to grind any coal ship within less than a year, even if you only open the first cotainer every day and just go for ressorces.

  10. I thought I was a potato, that was new level potato!

  11. That Shima he talks about at 8:00 had just recently tried to torp the Mino, so had no torps for the Yama. However he was too close.

    • Was about to say that too. And he mispositioned so hard it wasn’t even funny. How in the world did he get himself surrounded by 3 enemy ships when they were camping/retreating?

  12. The ships at A got there in 3 minutes. It’s now 10min into the game and they are still there…At the same position.

  13. That “Ikea” at the Post-Battle Result Screen killed me so hard xD

  14. Jingles: and here is “you euthanize me” *comments on his appreciation for the name*
    Me: ah oka… *notices “Uw”* wait a second old man… that’s UwUthanizeMe, even better

  15. Credits also to the other mino on his team, that guy held that flank well.

  16. Jingles: Salem and his 9km radar

    Reality: 8.5 km radar

    • Still sat more than 5km away from where it was useful at all times though

    • If that Salem had been even remotely competent the enemy Minotaur would have lasted all of 2 minutes. Mino just went full speed right up to the middle with one flank wide open. Smoke or no smoke, in a cruiser with paper armor that’s normally suicide.

  17. This seems like a standard game these days, atlest what I have seen of late.. it’s kinda sad

  18. The G.K. at the end pops hydro immediately after he launches torps and detects the DD. Doesn’t change course or speed

    • To be fair, if you’ve ever played a GK, you know hydro is for others.. That thing does NOT dodge lmao. It pushes and spots torpedoes for others, but if the torpedoes are aimed at it, then so be it!

    • @dzello true but he could’ve greatly mitigated those salvos instead of just eating them all on the belt. Literally almost every player in this match had no idea what they were doing. It’s honestly amazing.

    • @DaManBearPig Oh no, that’s the thing: if you’re shot from broadside as a GK with hydro on, you are getting obliterated. That thing does NOT turn, has a BIG broadside and has a BAD torpedo belt. There isn’t a single ship in the game that gets smashed by torpedoes more than the GK.

      I used to play GK all the time and hydro was a suggestion.

  19. Oh damn it actually got uploaded, i did so much weird stuff this game, cant believe it actually worked.

  20. In chat.
    “I can’t believe it”
    “You will ”
    That was hilarious.

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