World of Warships – Throw the throw?

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Here you’ll see 2 teams competing in which team can throw more times xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Second

  2. maybe he’s running the legendary mod? Only reason i can think of why you spotted the Wooster so soon.

  3. HANS in ranked!!!! xD

  4. Weekend teams…

  5. Your awareness of the Killfeed is beyond horrible :DDD

  6. I feel your pain Flambass.

  7. T10 CL without max concealment in ranked. NANI? Is the legendary mod that worth?

  8. if throw the throw, is it thrown’t or throw?

  9. Hey Flambass i have adranaline rush 4 consumables and Rpf is a good combination ?

  10. A normal ranked round i tried yesterday 4 hours to come from rang 12 to 11

  11. I don’t mind losses if the game was decent-the problem with WOWs is the dumb ways the player base find to lose games on a regular basis.

  12. I think my favorite Flambass videos are ones like this where Flambass is all “Alright, we’re good we have tactical advantage we’re gonna win,” a few moments later… “Oh WHAT?!? What is my team doing?! How?!”

  13. Did I see overlapping caps there?

  14. Nothing really special about this ranked except i lost 5 milion creditis and a shit ton of flags.

  15. Challenge for Flambass,

    Take any ship you like and get 10 torp hits…but you have announce your torps in chat when you fire and who they’re aimed at!

  16. The thing hate about ranked…. is when you are trying to get from level 7 to level 1, and your team is made up of level 10’s that constantly *throw the match*

  17. Thats what a normal SEA server ranked looks like. XD

  18. Zdravo komsija, odlican si igrac, mislim da zasluzujes mnogo vise ljudi na yt, znam da ti je twich glavni ali, za nas nove igrace koi hoce da nauce. Bilo bi lepo a i korisno za tvoj kanal, kada bi u video sto pustas sa strima naknadno ubacivao audio, gde objasnjavas svoj tok misli boljee u toku partije, jednostavno malo vise kao razmisljas i zasto radis to sto radis. Slicno kao Lemmingrush za WOT. Naravno ako imas vremena za to.Mislim da bi povecao zajednicu na yt a i generalno za wwow mislim da je dobro sto vise kvalitetnijih igraca. Hvala u napred i izvini za latinicu nije mi natural…

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