World of Warships – Throwing Distance

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Today we’re going to try to be positive about things, which is why this is definitely NOT another episode of A Game of Throws. No sir!

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  1. Love ya Old Man your vids always make my day.

  2. Adjel van der Meer

    Straatvader is entirely Dutch. It’s a street father who keeps rioting kids in check. Both straat and vader are different words in German

    • Straat[nl] = Straße[de]
      vader[nl] = Vater[de]

    • As we are German, we have a nice, long, complicated word vor Straatvader: Sozialarbeiter.

    • Slightly different.

    • In modern german.
      Dutch is very close to other ‘german regional accents’.
      Keep in mind what is known as german is “High German” aka “Hochdeutsch” and there are a couple hundred regional dialekts. Some of which are directly related to foreign languages.
      For example germans with the regional dialect “Plattdütsch” (both eastern and wester variants) can understand british people without any qualms even if they never had contact to the english language, inhabitants of the “Saarland” can understand french, …

    • The closest German word would be Straßenvater, which is not entirely a real word in terms of that nobody uses it, but this would be the correct spelling.

  3. Kyle Parish-Aaron

    Hey Jingles! Thanks for the videos! I have to say your WoWs videos are the best. WoT is next.

    Do you ever see a video where one team is absolutely getting slaughtered in under 8 minutes for WoWs?

  4. Straatvader was also in the DD div of the Graf Zeppelin game last tuesday ❤

  5. Lawrence Fortuno

    “the mahan is on fire, is it gonna go down?”
    *tirpitz gets sunk*
    “it is!”


    • Jingles jingled a lot this episode. The “second” kill was really the third. The call out you mentioned and several others xD

      That’s the fun of watching though while down in the salt mines.

  6. Would love to see the red team’s chat from about the 1/3 or 1/2 way through the match.

  7. Jingles, just so you know, Old English and modern day Frissian (a Germanic language spoken in a part of the Netherlands) are so similar that they can understand each other, so you guys are by definition just Island Germans.
    Sincerely, a Swamp German 😁

  8. Well played by StreetDad. A kaaskop to be proud of.

  9. Trailblazer Alpha

    Today, I found out that Mahan was secretly a Bismarck-class battleship in disguise. Thank you for enlightening me, Lord Jingles.

  10. 12:22 “Will Straatvaders team get their second kill, whilst they have 5 ships left? No!” Completely ignoring that the Schors sank the enemy Kagero for their SECOND kill, at 11:50, the same time as he was lost! Jingles even mentioned that he’d taken the Kagaro with him. Jingles “The Observant” strikes again! lol

  11. Sromotny Kobziarz

    Now I understand the no enemy team bug.
    “With friends like these you don’t need enemies”

  12. The McMahon is a different spelling to the Mahan although in this game it is pronounced Tirpitz 🙂 Great result for a team that looked like an easy loss 🙂

  13. Thank you featuring me Jingles! Have been watching your videos since ages and get featured twice a week on your channel is quite a treat for me. ~Straatvader

  14. Loved it Jingles!! another one off your finest!!!

  15. It’s pronounced Muh-HAHN, very similar to how you say mahogany. At least that’s how I was taught it in the Navy. OFC, the Navy also taught me to pronounce leeward as lew-ward, forecastle as fo’c’sle, and drinking fountain as scuttlebutt.

  16. Clutching the win at the end…exceptionally good shooting in this one.

  17. Fallen Palladin

    I miss the Good The Bad and The Ugly series let’s get some more of them

  18. JakeTheTankmaster

    I was having a dodgy day so far, but jingles always makes it a bit better.

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