World of Warships: Thunderer – 30k Free XP

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I really like this 200% first win of the day bonus. I can get so much XP in very few games!

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Royal Navy Thunderer on the map Sleeping Giant.


  1. Nice to see you using your rare camouflages to great effect – weirdly i had a super container drop today with 50K free XP in it which was nice – up and up!

    • I used to always jump on these opportunities when I was going through my ship lines. Nowadays I have so much XP that it’s not really much of a worry though.

  2. Standard T10 game these days, 7 min in and one team has lost half its players while other team is almost intact?! MM must have a weird Potatoe factor that is faulty or something.

    What would be the worst 3 ships for a Harugumo to face in a cap? Answer: 2 Stalingrads and 1 Z-52……

  3. Ahh.. Azur lane Prinz Eugen, FEUER!!

  4. watch to the very end, he gets TK’d and detonated.

  5. kristian noedgaard

    HEY Aerroon
    Your CV here.
    One of my first battles in Midway.
    Rough MM for me, and i Remember this battle, Mino Played well when u see on minimap he covered both DDs for most of the game.
    I tried to help east flank cuz it seemed like west flank wouldn’t push.

  6. And I thought my 17K xp Kagero result yesterday was impressive. Well, that showed me as the amateur I am!

  7. Excellent ship, Tend to get 150k plus every time I play her.

  8. I think I’m finally sick of this RNG shit show and the horrible MM. As someone who played since the beta it’s sad what has happened to this game.

  9. The turret traverse on that ship is amazing. Its guns turn like a cruiser and take destroyers off guard.

    • Eeeeh, I wouldn’t say that. It’s mostly Expert Marksman combined with Conqueror’s Legendary that gives her decent turret traverse speed. There are certainly faster traversing turrets on T10 BBs.

  10. i dont want to be rude or something but this is a bad game they way you played staying behind and farming while crusiers are carrying in the front lines

    • Well, the idea was to be the backup. Once the cruisers fall I can pick up from there. Someone has to be the furthest ship, right?

  11. hi @Aerroon love ur vids, so you also saving freexp for researchpoints and currently our savings identical, I still not decided between ohio and colbert

  12. Outstanding!

  13. The for sharing aerroon:)

  14. Never say you cant lose a game when your 7 vs 2 i saw a game not so long ago 7 v 2 and the 2 won, i think it was a game that had toptierR in the game as a BB and his clan member was in a dd. People do stupid things when they think there’s no chance in losing.

  15. Wow. Had also almost similar situation with low hp TK, I was on DD with 4 kills, wanted to have the kraken and then… someone from behind killed me. Why? Cause I was kill stealing and dmg stealing (3 dev strikes) and because of me he had bad damage (I ended up with 167k dmg on my Yudachi it was T6-8 battle). Like those people are so mad sometimes.

    • Well, I think our situations are still somewhat different. In my case, I did argue with him a bit and didn’t have a stellar game in the first place.

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