World of Warships – Thunderer and Lightning

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HMS Lightning is one of those ships that never really seems to get much love, which is a shame because it’s a fair bit better than it appears on paper.

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  1. I’m trying to sleep Mr. Jingles.

  2. an early one. only just midnight on the west coast of the us.

    Jingles could put up hello kitty online at midnight and id still watch it.

  3. Man, that title was just waiting to happen.

  4. It’s amazing how many people claim to be first.

    No one gives a damn

  5. The last time I was early, the Royal Navy wasn’t even in WoWs yet. XD

    • I remember playing when only the us and Japanese were the only 2 full lines. There were German ships, but I don’t think it was a full line. I started back in like 2013 or 2014 I think

  6. It’s 12am where I’m at, thanks for uploading early so I can go to bed on time tonight jingles.

  7. Hot damn! It’s early! It’s a Jingles video at only midnight!

  8. 12:54 _As I get pulled down into the salt mines with quintuple shifts_ *Bwi-ska-vit-sa My lord! **_BWI-SKA-VIT-SA_*

  9. off-topic comment: Jingles, have heard of the early access game UBOAT (ww2 submarine simulator) ? I believe it would make a good Saturday video or even series 😀

  10. WHen it’s 2am in the US but you just finished watching WandaVision

  11. Or in this case, more like Thunderp and Lightning-er.

  12. He came within a cats whisker of snatching all 3 caps.

  13. Going off the title, I expected a division with a Lightening and a Thunderer

  14. The Lightning has been one of my personal favorite DD’s in this game.

  15. DDs cideling the SHIT out of Smolensk, truly the most blessed sight.

  16. There were two Polish „Lightnings” serving alongside Royal Navy at same time. Both Błyskawica and Piorun most direct translation into Enlish is „lightning”. Differecnce in meaning is that you can be hit by „piorun”, while błyskawica is strong flash of light emited by „piorun” and then you hear „grom”.

  17. Using jingles as the soothing voice for my one day old at 4am. Working like a dream.

  18. And they all returned back home to Portsmouth, to a heroes welcome, for some well deserved tea and medals.
    Except the Thunderer who faced a firing squad at dawn.

  19. Funny thing about that ‘small incremental’ difference in concealment … the Lightning can fit a concealment mod too over the Jervis. Lightning is a Great ship. In no _small_ part to its 5.5km conceal.

  20. Best “the last time I was this early” comment wins nothing. Because they aren’t funny

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