World of Warships: Thunderer Barely Hanging On

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I try really hard to take that B cap. I struggled a lot in the Thunderer. The ship is fine, the match was just difficult.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Royal Navy battleship Thunderer.


  1. Yes!

  2. Where is the russian bias video?

  3. really? press “T” for stats…. oldie but goldie. wouldn’t thought it still works

  4. Thank you SO much for mentioning the Thunderer’s AP is not the British short-fuse stuff, but real goddamn AP.
    I’ve seen too many Thunderer videos that didn’t mention the superior AP.

    • What annoys me rather is that people kept saying that Conqueror AP is good. It’s good against lightly armored targets, but not BBs.

    • @Aerroon on the other side of the coin, Thunderer AP will overpen more cruisers at close range.
      Best duo I’ve seen in Randoms is Thunderer/Conqueror. Good range, excellent HE, and the ability to Dev Strike anything afloat.

    • @R Blinson That’s true, but I think it’s generally not as big of a problem. It’s only an issue vs ships like Smolensk.

    • Versus Smolensk, I like to use HE. Either Thunderer or Conqueror will HE citadel all day. Even if it doesn’t, a single volley will usually force damage control on such a fragile ship.

  5. Thanks Aerroon I have a Thunderer it is basically what the Conqueror should have been from the start. I always assumed that the RN BB would follow the same lines as the Warspite but we ended up with HE spammers which has was a big let down.

  6. Can’t wait to get her. Still I need 50k coal…

  7. In Soviet Russia. DD is torpedoed by BB!

  8. Top destroyers: Shimakaze << Tirpitz << Lexi

  9. the thing on this video is the weeb captain!

  10. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    That Daring almost avenged the Gearing you killed from behind with Venezia.

  11. I think it might be Mei Irisaki, but I’m not sure. It’s one of the HSF ones.

  12. It’s which ever one is the most annoying voice in the game to listen to. That’s who’s.

  13. @The Don This comment is annoying too

  14. Only 500k credits for a tx 200k win ? Thats yikes

  15. As Russian player, I can say that players on EU server just love to rush one side of the map with all ships (while enemy do the same), which is rarely seen on RU server.

  16. 8:52 that angle of the citadel is absurd wtf, not even Yamato could have citadelled there

  17. wilkatis Montana is nearly invulnerable to Conqueror AP as far as citadels are concerned. Conquerors AP fuses above the deck after penetrating the main belt. Underwater, short-fuse AP travels so much shorter, so short fuse AP cant really do that either.

  18. Here’s your tag line: “I don’t mean to make you cry but you wandered into my crosshairs, so….”

  19. That commander voice makes my ears bleed!

    • But why? It sounds so swee…

      Okay, okay, I get what you mean, kind of. I guess I’m just used to it after watching anime for my entire life.

  20. @faye
    Agreed. Your comment is annoying.

  21. Because you can now citadel battleships. That’s why it’s better in my opinion. You rarely overpen citadels on cruisers anyway. About the only time it happens is if you’re close range against a Smolensk or something like that.

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