World of Warships Thunderer or Georgia?

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With both the Thunderer and USS Georgia set to leave World of Warships in the near future, players are scrambling to earn resources to get one of them. They are faced with a giant dilemma though. Which ship? Thunderer or USS Georgia? Both battleships are amazing. Though Georgia is at Tier 9, she is every bit capable of holding her own in a Tier 10 battle. Thunderer is at the top of the food chain in Tier 10s. So which wows premium do you get? This is the case to get the Thunderer.



  2. Georgia is T9 and Thunderer is T10.. if I ever can miss the money i might buy them. But for now Im back in the game a little started with U.S.S. Texas and The German Grafspee. Love both off them

  3. Thank you Zoup for the feature….Appreciate you! *Salute*

  4. Honestly it’s boring as fuck. If the chance of refunding it existed, I’d use the coal on Marceau. That one at least isn’t as cancerous.

  5. Zoup: Thunderer or Georgia?

    Players: Yes!

  6. easy, Thunderer. Massive HE salvos every 23 seconds with battle cruiser dispersion. WG messed up the game again adding this ship

  7. I picked it up just before the new year. Needed the snowflakes to get the last bit I needed.

  8. I love my Georgia! Thunderer is looking good though.

  9. already got massa so georgia will just make me play massa less as its basically just a bigger and faster massa at tier 9.

  10. One is fun
    The other is overpowered…

  11. If you have the coal AND the money, you get Georgia with cash and Thunderer with coal. If you don’t have the cash and you can only get one of them, you study necromancy and ask King Solomon to make the decision for you. It’s that hard. If you already have the Massachusetts and you wanted the Georgia for the secondaries, you should probably choose the Thunderer. If you can do without the speed boost of Georgia and laser accuracy of Thunderer and you have the FXP and the patience, is Ohio the best compromise with both the others gone?

  12. lol by the time I actually get the coal both will be gone anyway, I have to do that real life grind more than WoWs.

  13. Picked it up when they announced it was going away…I suck at playing it, wish I had gotten the Georgia 🙂

  14. Easy! When these ships originally come out, go head down and bum up to get both, the only way to settle your anxiety, Personally, that’s exactly what I did, and now I don’t give a crap!!! I’m a happy camper 🙂 Sorry, to brag…:-))

  15. I got the Georgia in a random crate (very lucky), that let me get Thunderer, both are a blast and different.

  16. thunderer cannot push, its such a campy boring playstyle who cares if you set your dmg pr with it, its never earned because of its broken fire chance and he dmg

  17. me, who got thunderer on december using all my coal and 3k steel, and got georgia today using all of my coal and 10k steel:


  18. The Thunderer is one of the most OP ships to ever be released. It takes 0 skill to play, offers no counter except going undetected. How this ship was justified to be added is beyond me.

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