World of Warships: Thunderer Preview [WIP]

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The Thunderer is basically a weaker Conqueror. She plays the same way and fulfills a similar role. She’s still WIP though.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Royal Navy battleship Thunderer.
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  1. Looks like the Yugumo has been Thunderstuck xD

  2. WG: Let’s release two 8×18” ships at T10! One will have great aim, a super fast heal, fast traverse, epic secondaries and the other will have… Oh, home time doesn’t matter.

  3. Keeping Thunderer as is with the old citadel system I think would work as a balancing effort.

  4. Did the Zao already get banned? I can’t even look him up.

  5. no??? ??????? ?? ?

    Thunderer is inferior to the Soyuz

  6. Again really?

  7. They don’t need to buff Thunderer.
    They need to nerf Ohio. Graf Spee dispersion on eight 457s is insane.

  8. Another “Fire Ship” how great. This is exactly what we were missing from this game. Fire is so fooking overrated in this game.

  9. A fun idea for the the Thunderer would be to massively buff its secondaries, and have those fire only british AP (Think of them as the 133mm equivalent of the Mino’s 152mm in terms of pen and pen angles). Perhaps even boost the damage of those 133s as well. That would certainly make her unique.

    • I don’t know about that. It could be funny, but the ship’s armor just doesn’t allow it to go into many close range fights.

  10. After they balance this boat, WG should abolish their caliber cap and create HMS Thundererer. Give it 4×1 600mm guns, HE only.

  11. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    They could have improved Conqueror’s 457mm AP shells instead of making this ship. The so-called “short fuse” AP still overpens most cruisers while at the same time is a junk against the armored targets that barely angled.

    • Maybe, but the point would still stand that either 419 or 457 would be the superior choice and the other option wouldn’t be used.

  12. •_Lumia Art_•

    Frankly thunder needs German secondaries perhaps that would help her.

  13. 2:55 Aeroon is Flamu confirmed

  14. In this case I think it was LittleWhiteMouse, because it’s not a real ship.

  15. give it a 80% firechance and maybe it will it will not be a hot garbage as of now

  16. what about T9 and keep the regular heal

  17. orangebiteything1

    Why are u using SE on Conq?

  18. Honestly, this is what Conqueror should’ve always been. Warspite > Vanguard > Thunderer are the logical evolution of UK BBs = great accuracy and Tier 8+ gain powerful HE as well, but they all have somewhat weak armor (32mm everywhere) compensated by good ship handling (rudder, turn) and stealth. Oh and, no bogus super zombie G-virus heal.

  19. The great Xcelerator

    What’s with the white jacket of the Thunderer’ captain? All other UK captains have dark blue ones. And why is his name German (Albert Maurer)?

  20. She feels underwhelming vs. Conqueror.

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