World of Warships – Thunderer Review – Her Majesty’s Royal Hammer

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British Tier 10 Coal/Reward Battleship, Thunderer. Packing 8X457mm guns with improved dispersion and great reload times, she can pack a pretty serious punch. But her durability is questionable and that causes some issues with her gameplay. A balanced ship nonetheless.

[FTC DISCLOSURE REQUIREMENT] This ship was provided by WG at no cost to me for review purposes. The opinions of the ship are entirely my own and do not represent the views or opinions of Wargaming and the World of Warships staff.


  1. I played Thunderer before it was cool 😛

  2. This is what the Conqueror should have been from the beginning. Arguably this is what the RN BB line should have been like from the start

    • I love how people complain about Conq and not the Kremlin.

    • @Gareth Fairclough The Kremlin is getting nerfed btw

    • It’s what everyone wishes the line was. Nerf after nerf and people complain when I use HE in my Conqueror. Well, when 3 shells hit at sub-10km range on a broadside target I’d be foolish to try and use AP, it’s tier 5 accuracy and it’s pathetic. Vanguard, Warspite and Hood are all ships I do super well in, and I love them.

      Also, the Republic has the same fire chance as the Conqueror, but laser accuracy, but nobody ever shits on the Republic, despite the fact that they can sit back at 20km range landing twice the hits with less guns and a quicker reload. Sure, the Conq. has higher HE alpha, but that’s no good if it can’t hit!

    • For the 2nd RN BB line, tier 9 ship could be the N3 class BB, or G3 class BC. Would fit the line I think.

  3. Squishy long range Conqy

    seems legit

  4. The Des Monies in his division…. [CHASE]….. what that a fan clan???

  5. 1:55 Torpedo protection is not all that great, at 28 “Millimeters”

  6. wish i could get one, lol

  7. Hey iChase, great review as always. I’m looking at getting this ship with coal as my first coal ship. By the way, I thought you said you were doing a giveaway on this ship. Do we need to just comment with our IGN and sever? If so, mine is EspeciallyGhostNappa on the NA server. Thanks!

  8. This ship is actually good (not op). My next coal ship.

  9. Few CCs have mentioned Thunderer’s AP is NOT the British short-fuse AP… More citadels on armored targets at range, more overpens on broadside cruisers close-up.

  10. 很中立評論,但有說跟沒說一樣

  11. Wouldn’t it be his majesty considering it’s during king George? This is a real question and not just a dig.

    • At the time, yes. However today it would be Her Majesty’s ship and as far as I’m aware it goes by the current reigning monarch.

    • @Peter Seagrave Indeed, in full, it would be the ship, Thunderer of Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second’s Navy.

  12. Im holding out on the pobeda

  13. The only way i played the conq was with the 18 in guns…..Cant wait too get this bad girl.

  14. Hmm… seems like you tended to underlead a little with these guns.

  15. wow she isa beaut nice lines would love to get her

  16. Feel like thunderer is more of a battle cruiser instead of a battleship

  17. Lighting player Gamer

    I like the reviews that you make

  18. I want her because she remembers me of Amagi. Insane guns with insane dispersion and huge ass mobility but very weak armor and can’t tank for shit. Still I loved my Amagi to death and easly my fav BB from the IJN line. So I think this ship will be super neat to have.

  19. Having loved the Warspite for a few years now, I am glad there is a T10 that looks to play somewhat similar. Keep up the videos.

  20. Trying to sign up for your discord, but for some reason I am not receiving the confirmation email.

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