World of Warships- Thunderer: The Most Broken Ship In The Game

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Beyond bork. I am truly amazed that this thing hasn’t been adjusted at all since release. But, it is the best BB in the game hands down.

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  1. I rarely use HE with the Thunderer the AP is better,if you want to sling HE the Conq is better. Is it OP yeah possibly in the right hands, it is easily focused and wiped out, but its not the biggest offender.

  2. I’m playing it in ranked for the express purpose of making Kremlin players want to end themselves. They might bounce Yamato shells when broadside but they can’t armor anything against those shells or losing 16 AA guns in a salvo.

    As for why Thunderer is not complained about as much, I think its due to a few factors. Mainly it is a bit more difficult to play than most battleships, hence you can see its average stats are rather low for how stupidly strong it is. Conq’s superheal is what makes it accessible to regular players since it requires some significant knowledge of positioning to not die without. The Thunderer’s 457s have very slow velocity compared to other BBs, so it can be a bit difficult to aim and the low dispersion means its less forgiving to bad aim since you won’t nick targets with extreme spread fliers as often. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think its balanced by these things in any way. It’s still dumb that every other BB in the game will maybe sometimes do great damage on broadside targets if they aim well and in this ship you just kind of pick any target at any angle and hit any part of it. I do think another reason we don’t see it complained about as often is that its not as good in competitive modes. In randoms you sit at 23km and farm all game, but in ranked or CB you need to push and take objectives, and this is where Thunderer actually does have real weaknesses in brawling.

    • @I Gusti Praba On NA it’s 2% higher in WR with roughly the same 800k games played(stats are almost identical on EU except total games), and damage farming in randoms does not equal a better ship. It’s also not the second highest damage in the tier, as pretty much any research or steel ship beat it, mostly due to the fact that typically better players obtain those so bad players don’t drag down the stats, but even at the top 10% or 5% its not anywhere near the highest for any relevant stats. Kremlin is overpowered because it is either the best or nearly the best in every category while Thunderer clearly has deficiencies in closer ranges and against highly maneuverable targets due to its armor and slow shell velocity. It doesn’t matter if Thunderer does more damage overall, because it can’t control the map as easily or force objectives by pushing.

    • @Ponfi get the Thundrerer … georgia als nechst ..

    • Yeah the Thunderer rewards good play and is great for punishing bad play. If you get into a situation where its just you and 3 other ships a thunderer is easy to focus down and kill if caught out alone.

    • @Ponfi Georgia is also a free ship.

    • @Ponfi i usually get more credits out of my Thunderer than out of my Georgia or Alaska… just saying… special ships (TX premiums) tend to give more credits whilst the other tiers usually net more XP.

  3. You should absolutely shoot AP in the Thundered when seeing broadsides, given the accuracy. I wouldn’t call this ship broken though, it can be countered fairly easily, espacially with a CV. You don’t see that many of ’em in competitive matchups.

  4. Until the broken Soviet ships are fixed I am perfectly fine with Thunderer existing.

    And you weren’t even using Andrew Cunningham for that extra consumable and reload buff. :^)

    • I strongly agree with this.

    • Even if Soviet ships are strong, that doesn’t excuse bad ship designs. If they added a US BB with railgun accuracy and a 28 second reload on 18 inch guns, by your logic that is totally fine because it is not Soviet and shouldn’t be changed.

    • Soviet ships are not broken, sure they are powerful but not broken

    • @Waffle Snek Sure they are not broken but they are so powerful that you can almost find no ships of the same class in every other nations that are as competitive as the Russian ones. IMO the best and quickest way to balance RU CA is to remove their radar consumable.

  5. ივანე მასხულია

    When you HE spamm.damage numbers wil be great, but dont forget that 100% of fire damage can be recovered. when you use AP, only 40% can be healed.
    take notice: when skilled BB is hammering you with AP, at some point you have heals left, but you can not recover. So Ap Damage is far more usefull than Fire damage.
    No, I totally disagree on everything you say. only unbalanced and broken thing in this game is Smolensk, rest is just strong, weak or average and can be dealt with.

    • No. You cannot freaking recover 100% of fire damage. Fire damage can be healed to 100%, but you do not have enough heal, loading fast enough to do that. Heck, if you get 3 perma fires, which you will between thunderers and yoshinos and whatever there is, you will never be able to heal that back in an entire game
      Also, when you do 13k HE salvos don’t freaking lecture us about freaking AP.

    • Not Today Yeah, I hate the 15k salvos. And the fires… Damn.

    • Just because it’s light damage doesn’t mean you can just fix it, heals only repair so much and thunder spits out more than can be fixed

  6. Thunderer is broken?

    Yes comrade, Soviet propaganda say motherland ships are balanced

  7. “What can you do if you get focused by the Thunderer?” – Well, you can kill her. Unlike Kremlin, for example. I think that’s the main reasons people don’t complain about Thunderer as much. You still have to play smart.
    Don’t get me wrong, as somebody who bitches about OP ships constantly, I don’t want to sound hypocritical, she IS very strong, but she still has weaknesses.
    Though I have to say, in this match in particular, if you used AP when possible, you’d have 350K damage. It was an extremely good match where you weren’t focused and where enemy team was somewhat equally spread and nobody really tried to push and none of your flanks collapsed. If that happened, you’d be the first BB to go.

  8. She’s a glass cannon. Dies easily when focused even slightly

  9. So nuance is needed here then Thunderer’s HE is OP but not the entire ship as is. It is relatively easy to deal with and has a relatively high skill cap to play decently. Any good Thunderer player does not solely rely on its HE which I barely use. Overall its AP just does more damage if you can aim properly.

    • @Igoryst fair they can slightly reduce fire chance to be on par with other British ships, but even then it remains a good fire starter compared to other battleships.

    • @Kyler Luo well Thunderer is my only T10 battleship

    • @Igoryst Same here. I got her very recently. I’ve done well in a couple of games, but I usually fire AP rather than HE, so I haven’t scored insane amounts of damage. If you give broadside in her to any other Tier X BB, kiss your ship goodbye.

    • @Nicholas Russon You don’t even need to show your broadside to get major damage. I was forced to be in the final circle in the current ranked season and got deleted in a game by a Shikishima and in the other game by a Yamato in a couple of salvos while bow on. GK and Kremlin would laugh at those BBs when bow on. With any other T10 BB, Yamato and Shikishima would slowly grind down the ship while you bow tank, not in a couple of salvos.

  10. Nah OG conq was way more broken like you made 15k he salvos with 2 fires everytime and you can just mke a new ship every minute lol

  11. Try the AP on Thunderer, it has normal battleship fuse pen unlike the other British BBs. I stopped playing Thunderer, there’s a lot of HE spamming Thunderers in the meta right now and honestly throwing HE at people in a battleship will farm a lot of damage, it’s kind of mindless in my opinion. I only use the HE on destroyers, broadside Smolensks and blatantly bow-on battleships that are face-tanking. Also, you don’t get the Conqueror heal but Thunderer’s heal can regenerate more citadel damage than the Conqueror.

    One thing you didn’t mention that I think is supremely busted is Thunderer’s concealment. Fully built, Thunderer has 12.3km concealment; for comparison, a full stealth built Alaska sits at 12.2km.

    By the way Sea Lord, Thunderer has Def. AA consumable, didn’t see you use it on any of MvRs drops. o7

  12. the armor is….. as mentioned by someone else, it’s a glass canon. I have a love-hate relationship with this thing. I’m more of a brawler to begin with

  13. Got the Thunderer yesterday after seeing it on everyones “Best Premiums” list. Definitely not disappointed.

  14. I’ve always found Thunderer to be more of an annoyance rather than a broken ship.

  15. You dont play Thunderer as a HE spammer, you play is as a brutally efficient AP sniper at medium to long range. The ships in general in this game are too inaccurate anyways so it’s nice to have one that actually hits what you’re aiming at. If you show the side to this thing you will get punished hard, as it should be.

  16. “Why would ever want to load AP?”

    HAHAhahahahahaaa… Give Thunderer’s AP a try sometime. It’s just as nuts as the HE.

    That being said, while Thunderer is very, maybe even stupidly strong, she’s not *quite* as bad as you make it out to be. Other than damage, it brings little match impact, as it can’t tank due to low survivability. That’s why you rarely see Thunderer in CBs or competitive, where the super-tanky Kremlin and Kurfurst still rule (or Yammie with that overmatch).

    • Actually in the recent KoTS Thunderer is quite a popular pick! I think with proper coordination Thunderer can be very impactful with it’s HE and high accuracy.

    • @Refluxx It’s popular because now there are cruisers that can take on the role of tanking, which helps balance out Thunderer’s lack of tankiness

  17. It’s not just GK mains, most super unicums agree that it’s the best tx bb by far

  18. This is why i’m grinding coal almost every day to get this ship, is really good and it matches my play style (i don’t mean he spamming i mean supporting)

  19. Thunderer is incredibly strong, almost definitely in the OP category. However, Kremlin is stronger still. Thunderer cannot tank like any other BB can (yes, including Slava, more on that later). If the enemy decides to push into you, the only thing a Thunderer can do is kite. It is extremely good at kiting, yes, but doing so gives up map control which loses games. A Kremlin on the other hand can tank and dish out incredible damage while maintaining critical map control. That is why Kremlin’s overall winrate is higher than Thunderer’s in every skill level. As long as Kremlin exists, Thunderer is not the most OP BB in the game.

    And another thing: I have no idea what world you live in where no one is calling Thunderer OP and asking for nerfs. Everyone agrees with that statement. It’s just that certain Soviet ships like Kremlin and Petropavlovsk are _more_ OP so people are more concerned about those, rightfully so.

    And if you think a Slava can’t tank IDK what to tell you. It is better armored against AP and HE with the main belt, upper belt, and icebreaker bow being non-overmatchable and can shatter most HE. Its main armor weakness is the 25 mm upper bow (a small target to hit at long range) and the 32 mm deck armor (which HE spammers shouldn’t have the range to hit). If you play Slava correctly at 16-25 km it is deceptively tanky.
    Meanwhile a Thunderer is covered in 32 mm plating, which is overmatchable Yamato/Musashi/Shikishima and is easy to farm for HE spammers. But why can’t you camp in the back like Slava and avoid all the HE spam you may ask? Shell velocity. That Hindenburg in this video was able to dodge multiple salvos from you at 17-20 km, something they could never do against Slava’s railguns. It was only when you got closer that you were able to land consistent hits on the maneuvering cruiser. Keep in mind Hindy isn’t known to be a very maneuverable cruiser in the first place. The only targets you can effectively hit at max range are battleships. And sure you can camp at 20 km and spam HE at GK’s and Conqueror’s all game like you did and you’ll get massive damage numbers, but much of that damage is non-impactful.
    Farming BB’s doesn’t win games. Killing important targets (like cruisers and DD’s) wins games, and Thunderer has to be closer than Slava to do that effectively. Since you’re forced to put yourself in a more vulnerable position to be relevant, the lack of tankiness is much more pronounced than Slava’s and is therefore a much bigger weakness.

  20. If anyone plays even kinda well you can kick ass in the thunderer. Such an irritating ship to play against.

  21. people say russian bias?!?!?! i get 1/3 good dispersian in my sovetsky even hitting a yamato broadside at 9km range….russian ships in general smolensk is OP but others are fine…..the only reason people find them as devastating because they play like a BB who can take damage and have less utilities and hit hard when closing in…

  22. @Souvik sovetsky might be the worst acurracy bb i have ever played play kremlin and you will understand why iuts op.-

  23. Heh, Thunderer is OP … that is why I see so many more Thunderers than Kremlins in CWs… yeah, right.
    Man, Your aim sucked in this match. You did survive the battle and got an incredible amount of damage, but the second you go focused by three players (Richt, GK, Vene) at the end, your health just vanished. Thunderer has a glass chin, just like the Bourgogne. That ship is insane in capable hands, yet you don’t see that in competitive either.

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