World of Warships: Thunderer – why isn’t Deadeye one word?

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Dead Eye has excellent synergy with Thunderer. Good concealment and long range damage output is awesome.

0:00 Game
11:29 End Screen
12:31 Captain Skills
13:20 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Royal Navy battleship Thunderer.


  1. Deadeye sounds much nicer than Dead Eye, doesn’t it?

    • Frederico Eusébio

      The real question here is why devs are promotin a game style that make the game passive and borderline boring? The reason i started to play wows is to go close quarters with a battleship no to sling shot shells across the map to a guy that is desperatly trying to run from the battle zone and miss because of rng…

    • I looked up the profile off that salty Yoshino. He had lost several good games the same day, and was probably angry because of that. However, he is a notorious longrange spammer! His winrate is’nt bad, but his PR rating is much better, wich should indicate that he focus on just dealing damage rather than supporting his team. (the PR system is stupid, and winrate is surely more important.) Just fun to look up.😅

    • anyway, this was introduced for players with dead eyes. you could say for the blind, but you understand communist political correctness and their freedom of speech.

    • @676 yaay, talking about politics, bro you need to stop this Jesus 😱

  2. North Carolinian Mapping

    Got this thing just before it was gone with coal and a little bit of steel 🙂 Definitely worth it

  3. Nobody:
    Nobody at all:
    Aerroon: wHy iS dEaD EyE tWo WoRds

    I honestly thought it was one word before I watched this video…. it does sound better.

  4. Love your videos, you kinda brought me back to WoWs😅

  5. ‘Deadeye’ means you are an excellent shot. ‘Dead eye’ means…you’re blind in one eye.

  6. That Yoshinos guy clan says “creating atmosphera” yeah he definitely created a good one xD

  7. I grinded to Conqueror just so I can quickly get the top battleship logo thing (will stop using once I got the logo). Got 195k damage in my first three games and then got bored and saw this video! 😂

  8. First I thought the friendly Yoshino was a bit salty. But I looked up “r3t4ard” and it doesn’t seem to exist. So he’s fine! Well, he’s a massive camper but…

  9. Dimitris Markousis

    i havent pleyd the game for a while can someone explain me why there is no thunderer in the armory

  10. Lick Kitty Split

    Well, Dead Eye will be gone soon, so that’s a plus. For the DD’s that need something extra to help them out, what about a Radar Jammer? Perhaps it last 6-10sec for them to get a head start or to move safely out of way!

    • As a player who plays both DDs and cruisers a lot, I think radar is mostly fine, and an interesting game mechanic. The main problem is stealth radar, because you can’t really defend against it. But after all, CVs are the BIG problem.😉

    • I am just curious about this “deadeye will be gone soon” thing, is it based on actual something, or just speculating, i saw this many times

    • Lick Kitty Split

      @Jozsef Toth It was stated on the Russian Twitch channel. Can’t Remember exact word to word but they said something along the lines that Dead Eye will be gone and a new skill will end up in its place. Details to follow in the next few weeks on the Blog/Discord.

    • @Lick Kitty Split well.. thx m8. At least they give another free commander respec. They should also fix “outnumbered” skill, that one you just cannot make working. Total waste of 4 points

    • Lick Kitty Split

      @Jozsef Toth No problem Boss. I wish they would buff the Main Battery Specialist back to -10%. -5% just isn’t enough and only appealing to certain ships now that see more than .3 secs faster. Terrible!

  11. Aeroon: They have 2 slavas and thats a problem.

    Meanwhile in Aeroon’s team.

  12. That Slava clearly wasnt a good Player. Against a Thunderer in the enemy team you simply CAN not dc a single fire. Do it and ship’s gone.
    Sad state of long range HE spam.

  13. 4 Thunderer’s and 3 Slava’s a good example of World of Naval Snipers only thing missing for the perfect example is 2 FDR’s

    Thanks for the vid…

  14. The lack of Prinz Eugen voices in the video makes me sad, still nice battle 😀

  15. “Are eyes organs?!” – Aeroon, channeling Jaden Smith

  16. Prescriptive Reasoning

    I imagine Aeroon is Asian with a mohawk and goatee. I don’t know why? 😀

  17. Hey, I think that guy in chat wanted you to cap more.

  18. The whole WOWS community is whining about deadeye.
    -Aerroon: shouldn’t it be one word? Isn’t it more nice than “dead eye”? I love the way you see things👌

  19. I have no idea how do you know if the enemy Slava has the heavy AP shells skill.
    Also, enemy Yoshino got hit by Slava after hit by Yamato, after hit by Thunderer. Poor sucker🤣🤣🤣

  20. All DD players want is support if they go to cap or spot. Support means teammates open fire on the enemy DD once spotted. Unfortunately support is rare so regular DD players often get sunk quickly and moaned at, but if they play safer and further back they survive longer but again get moaned at for not capping or spotting!!!!!!! Most battles are won when DD’s are supported well.

    • I play DD and BB’s only, haven’t got the hang of Cruisers yet. I always start a battle in a BB by covering the DD in my sector. I load HE, loiter around 10km from the cap circle and blatt the enemy DD when it pops up. I often avoid taking a pot shot at far away spotted enemy BB’s at this crucial time so as to have all guns loaded. Having to wait for guns to load when mr DD pops up can mean your DD receives too much damage. Nothing better than leading a shot on a fast moving DD and getting the kill.

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