World of Warships – Thunderer WiP – 8X 457mm of AWESOME!

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Thunderer with her changes is actually quite a good ship. I like her, she’s got some things that are similar to but those guns, wooooow!


  1. So Thunderer seems to have switched places with Ohio, but in a (somewhat) more balanced form than Ohio’s 1st test iteration.

  2. Another HE cancer sniper 457mm with 22 reload and 62% fire chance… very boring play style…unless using AP only

  3. Back when the British BBs were about to be released I was expecting them to be more like Warspite is. A hard hitting BB that demands good aim. For that reason alone I’m glad to see the path that WG is going with Thunderer.

  4. 12:53 the perfect dual purpose shot: Aimed at Bourgogne, JB gets hit hard xD

  5. Excuse me 22.9s reload on 457mm? Yea boiiiii HE spam is on another level t9 t10 games are just full of stupidity ships and depression

  6. Looks like they’ve made the Thunderer different enough from the Conq to maybe be worthwhile.

  7. So….we have dakka dakka DDs and CLs, now with a 22 second reload before AR and huge guns…we have a dakka dakka BB

  8. Okay that looks like the first UK BB that is not idiot proof and actual fun and rewarding skilled play.

    • Warspite and Vanguard exist. This is just a (well made) continuation of them at T10.

    • @Wacky Man well for someone who doesn´t care about ships below T7 and doesn´t have the money to get the Vanguard there is only the tech tree. And the Conq is just dumb from bow to stern.

  9. Oh, I can already ear the gameplay highlights from the Thunderer at the sound of ACDC’s Thunderstruck. xD

  10. I would say that super heal isn’t just a “n00b-friendly” trait; it allows you to take up more aggressive positions and to take some heat off your teammates.

    That being said; it won’t save you from sustained damage, so I would say the guns and the much more comfortable handling makes Thunderer a superior ship. The AP is clearly far superior; but even as a HE spammer, you could make the argument that she is superior in damage: Sure; the theoretical dpm might be slightly smaller (151536 vs 172800), but you get similar fire chance (1164 vs 1152 %per minute) with a far more accurate gun that also has better long range characteristics. This should help you land a larger proportion of shells on target and get you closer to that theoretical value than you can in a Conq. In any event, you will be far, FAR better at stripping AA guns and knocking out rudders and engines on smaller ships.

  11. Holding down an entire side of the map
    *Just kremlin things*

  12. this is how the conq’s 457’s should behave (not the reload, but the dispersion and AP)

  13. It seems some of the older bbs might need a tweak or two to be competitive with something like the Ohio or the Thunderer, and also the Kremlin. Still, at least this ship has obvious weaknesses to go with her strengths.

  14. Nice review Chace, a good British BB,,, Wargaming feeling the Love at last maybe, can we have some sanity with lower tier BB turret traverse now pleeeeease ?

  15. Says this reload is really great for 22 seconds, meanwhile Republique with legendary module gets down to 19.7 seconds with practically the same guns :p

  16. They should make the 457mm guns on Conqueror like the Thunderers so it is an option instead of just having the others be the better choice.

  17. so if I was to refit my Conquerer with the larger guns, will I get improved dispersion?? Yep! too much to ask for – right?

  18. Will this be a premium that I need research pts for? I dont want to go through trees again for stuff… its kinda lame.

  19. The Conqueror 457mm are a disgrace, they need this dispersion considering they actually have worse dispersion than a GK, better sigma, but still bad none the less. If only the 457mm could hit, they would be decent, and that’s why this ship is what i would call redundant and a waste of a ship slot. The British already have a 12 gun and an 8 gun ship, just fix the 8 gun one we have now, and make this ship something different, maybe 9 gun or 6 gun with lower, higher, faster firing guns, think Scharnhorst or Gneisenau, just a few ideas, but something different from what we already have, which is still broken; everyone knows Conqueror’s 457 is the worst t10 BB variant in the game. “she’s got her own little thing.” what a sorry excuse for not fixing Conqueror 8x, Wargaming are totally just throwing the baby out with the bath water. but thanks regardless for the great review home slice.

  20. Kgv is how I would like the line to have been. Rewards switching ammo types, with a lower reload time to make it work. I like the look of this ship, but it’s just a conquerer done right.

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