World of Warships – Thunderer

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Thunderer is a British premium tier 10 BB that has accurate guns on long range of the same caliber as Ohio, Kremlin and old Conq, until they removed them. On this ship these guns actually work.

I never really wrapped my head around this ship. I can’t say I disliked it, but I can’t say I loved it either. However, this is a good ship indeed.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. gracias

  2. have you bought the Puerto Rico yet? lol 🙂

    • btw even if You buy all boosters you don’t get enought points to get this ship

    • @GoliatTube Flambass can probably buy one or two boosters and play missions normally through Directives and get the Puerto Rico. He plays a lot, has premium, has flags and enough doubloons to get the boosters.

  3. Yesterday’s stream was something else… thanks for the entertainment!

  4. Did WoWs adjust the values on their event yet? I want to start playing again

  5. Audacious was built on the hull of a battle cruiser hence the torpedo belt!

  6. Why do you keep drinking pond water?

  7. You can reach 144 fps now?

  8. 5:10 Fire! F f f f fire!

  9. And fck Smolensk spamming HE in smoke. 2 more years before WG take action about their great gameplay choice.

    • Had that happen to me just yesterday. Smolensk just romulin cloaked up and spammed a storm of HE all game. He had the entire team turning tail from his unstoppable, unending invisible HE storm. Set 50 million fires and did 5 billion fire damage (Yeah, ok and exaggeration but you get the point).

  10. half of brazilian players can’t update to version 8.11 with an error (2005) – (3005), we have been out of the game for 3 days

  11. Flambass…no more Funs with Hans???

  12. I can’t decide on wich ship to get. Either Thunderer, Smolensk or Georgia.

  13. Flambass you’re playing a British ship without Jingles onboard? I think the King of The Gnomes won’t be too happy! He’ll send you to the salt mines for that! LOL!!!

  14. 10:00 That Montana is in front and YOU are in the back.

  15. I hate having American battleships on my team… You know they’re gonna hug the map border and never push, so annoying.

  16. Bring in the thunder.

  17. Hello Together could someone Recommend me which Ship to Buy for Coal. And no i dont want a Smolensk.
    Is there any Really Good ones besides the Thunderer.

  18. Friday night for about 5 hours all I had was over pens or torpedo protection, bugger it all

  19. I really loved watching your videos from time to time. But for me personal i cannot stand facecams and i hate those with a passion ;). I don’t wanna see the content creator, i want to see what he creates 😉

  20. MY SWEET MOTHER OF GOD! Did I see a British ship load AP! Did the world end or something?

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