World of Warships – Thunderkatt

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In which Kattin takes the Thunderer out to have his hopes and dreams crushed by his team.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz , 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. I’m early

    Sorry I didn’t know what else to say

  2. Oh dear… I can hear the meme’s already..

    Oh heck with it…


  3. I thought for a moment they’d added in the HMS Thunderchild. The torpedo ram from war of the worlds

    • @Wolfchacer01 The Thunderchild was described very inconsistently in the novel. She was called a torpedo ram by the narrator when she moved in to attack the tripods. During the actual battle and in the description of her she looked and behaved more like an ironclad like HMS Devastation; a low freeboard battleship who’s primary weapons were guns and a ram bow instead of torpedoes backed up by a ram bow. Illustrations in later versions would portray her as a Majestic class pre-dreadnought battleship.

    • Ralph Plenty of pre dreadnoughts had ram bows as a takeaway from Lissa. It hardly matters.

    • @Max kennedy I know. I didn’t mean to imply that they didn’t. Sorry about that. I just meant that the ship’s portrayal wasn’t consistent and that it was called one thing, behaved and was described like another, and was artistically represented as a third.

    • Ralph Either way its charge was an amazing moment. Sorry that last comment came of sharp. It wasn’t intended

    • @Max kennedy i love you guys for being polite and understanding with each other ♥

  4. WHY, just WHY does this ship have a french flag?

    And not a WHOLE FRENCH CAMO §

  5. Djamèl Oosterwegel

    “Jingles”. Playing against carriers, so I don’t have to, since 2019.

  6. theScottishKoala

    “Should have been scoring citadels but for some reason can’t seem to”…
    Hey… Didn’t I just upload this video..?

  7. Hitting Smolensks with Thunderer HE shells is one of the most satisfying things in life.

  8. Me, as soon as I saw the minimap: “oh look it’s the cock and balls map”

  9. A Norwegian sailing a British ship, flying French flags…… checks out.

    Edit: He’s admitting to being a Swede. So that settles it. Damn Swedes.

  10. It’s worse Jingles…….he was flying the French Tricolour along side the White Duster!

  11. 14:50 “overestimated his teams ability to snatch VICTORY from the jaws of VICTORY” yea, im sure thats what you meant !

  12. Actually, Jingles, the Thunderer’s guns are 18 inch; Yamato’s guns are 18.1 guns…


  13. You missed the second part of the sentence: There have to be rules (in Britain), which will then be enforced in an utterly arbitrary manner!

  14. This is slowly becoming World of HE spam (because broadsides only get you OVERPENS)

  15. damnit Jingles…”I can never un-see it now”….

  16. Hello, Kattin here, im swedish, the whole french flags and french client is just to take the piss out of my English clanmates.

    • Destroyer Inazuma

      @Casual Captain thought it was Norway 🙂

    • Calle Söderberg

      Grym match!

    • It’s ok Kattin. The only way the French win at sea is when they’re sailing in British Ships……

    • @Frederik Buddy, its a meme the French brought on themselves.
      The US was fairly anti-British up until the start of the war and very pro-French, and that changed when the US liberated France and then got spat on by the French for doing so.
      So deal with it.

    • Frenchmen getting mad about joke being told about them, while every fifth sentence out of most Parisians mouths tend to be something, NOT joking, about another country.


  17. Kenrod Melrocity

    Wish I could see the red team chat during the last half of that match.

  18. Kattin sounds a bit like “Catin” in French that means “harlot, bawd, strumpet, trollop ” :p

  19. “Win Harder”, “No Cap, Kill All”. The silliest strategy in both games.

    • See, while you’re not wrong about any of that, game design-wise I can’t help but feel that players should never be encouraged not to fight in a game about combat. As a means of staving off defeat, sure, but avoiding combat should never be how you win.

    • To be fair, despite what you see in YouTube videos, it usually works. Also, a quick victory with 5 or 6 enemies left doesn’t provide a lot of XP and credits unless you were particularly good/lucky.

    • The two are not the same. Warships has a capture mode where the game ends rapidly with capping. So you can frequently be in a situation of nearly winning with a substantial amount of enemy fighting power still left, which makes a “kill all” strategy dangerous. In tanks capping can be laborious. If you can cap win, sure there are almost equal situations, but your team much more frequently have overwhelmed the enemy. Given that Tanks is set up without heal, which means damage stats much more accurately measures a player’s performance, it’s much more natural to not want to miss out on the end game damages in Tanks as opposed to Warships.

    • imho the 3-point style gamemode in WoWS tends to end too quickly without a chance for comebacks. The combination of cap points and kills giving points just makes it really unforgiving for teams that do badly early on.

  20. Mingles With Jingles: “they’re trying to win harder”
    Me: “Credit Whoring”

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