World of Warships – Thunderstruck

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In which Thundershark1 kills every single player on the enemy team. That may, however, be quite as impressive as it sounds when you see it…

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  1. Notification Squad here, Where’s the ACDC obligatory reference?

  2. Notification Squad, up at 1am California time here!

  3. 3:50 That feel when AI are proving to be better than actual human players …. ?

  4. True sign of being up to late. Watching this at 4:13 in the morning

  5. You should meet Drachinifel in Holland! He’s a naval history youtuber. You’ll love him.

  6. Uploaded 16 seconds ago: 23 comments and 72 views already. Looks like that notification squad is out and doing its job.

  7. Impressing AkiZuki, the new gold standard for sending replays to the Overlord. All replays must pass the ‘Meow’ test.

    • This needs to be a thing. All replays must be certified by fluffy assistant Akizuki, who can give them the ‘Meow’ badge of ok.

    • Do you think it could be a new type of badge?  What would it look like?  Picture of AkiZuki with crossed arms, pirate hat, eye patch and dual swords/pistols!  Only awarded to ship drivers who sink Jingles in a match!  No team killing please.  I can see the match map now.  Every enemy ship heading direct to Jingles.  “Damn the torpedo’s, full speed ahead!” says Admiral David Farragut as he go after The Mighty Jingles.  What really was said was, “Damn the torpedo’s.”, said Farragut, “Four bells, Captain Drayton, go ahead.  JOUETT, full speed.”  But the paraphrase sounds so much better.  60 years of active naval service.  A Midshipmen at age nine until his death on active duty at 69.  I did 24 years, four months and 12 days, but whos’ counting?  That was plenty enough for me.

    • @ChiefBerry Not many know that actual Farragut quote, well done Chief. 60 years service kind of makes old salts like us out to be pikers. 21 years, 1 month here, but like you wrote “who’s counting.” Take care shipmate.

  8. It’s always exciting to see a pure brawl combat in world of warships, the sound of secondary guns blasting, ships are so close the captain would be able to throwing rock at each other, ramming at each other.
    Ok it was dominated by bot, but still, very entertaining. Thank you old man. ?

  9. Jingles, have you heard about the AwesomeEpicGuys youtube ban? If not check their last vid while you still can.

  10. 12:03 is that a replay bug, or is Jingles being Jingles? He’s banging-on about the Nassau having her turrets pointing the wrong way, buuuut…

    • Yep , Noticed that too.. I was giving Jingles the benefit of the doubt that the few seconds between him firing one turret at him and then zooming in on the ship and seeing all turrets pointing towards him that they had finished rotating , but then why not take the shot??.. So i think it was a Jingles moment 😀

    • @Stoney Mahoney But he shot HE again…… so maybe he switched to AP… then said shit, no I want HE, and loaded HE AGAIN! Yeah, pot of glue is probably right.

    • @Stoney Mahoney Actually, if you preselect the other ammo type after the current salvo, then just clicking once has the same effect of double-clicking: all turrets able to fire, do so. Which makes sense, since they have to reload anyway.

    • @Depipro Only the guns that exactly bear will fire, but they’ll all reload.

    • @Stoney Mahoney Which is exactly the same as happens when you double-click when you’ve got the other ammo type preselected.

  11. Nassau? Pre dreadnought?! Oh jingles, don’t ever change.

    • @StBg 17 great go ahead. Enjoy yourself

    • @StBg 17 The term ‘dreadnought’ was used at the time to distinguish the new all big gun battleships from the previous battleships, which had mixed armaments. The term ‘pre-dreadnought’ came a bit later. Sort of like the term ‘battlecruiser’, which were initially classified as armored cruisers, or dreadnought cruisers–all big gun cruisers.

    • Well you can always watch an other youtuber who knows the answer to that one:

    • ​@Dave Finfrock Actually the term Pre-dreadnought came after HMS Dreadnought entered service and made all ships before her obsolete hence Pre-Dreadnought as in Pre HMS Dreadnought, the ships that came after her were classed as Dreadnoughts as they followed the same design principle of Dreadnought one calibre for main armaments hence post HMS Dreadnought Battleships, as Pre-Dreads were decommissioned and no longer serving the Dreadnought Battleship designation turned into just Battleship as the only Battleships in service were that of post HMS Dreadnought style none of Pre HMS Dreadnought style.

    • @redshirt 51 lol sad but true

  12. “At least it isn’t the Kawachi”
    A statement that holds true for every bad ship in WOWS

  13. *ahem*
    Acksually Jingles, the Nassau did have all his guns pointed in the right direction AND loaded with AP.
    However, for some reason unknown to us, he decided that he wanted to queue HE(2nd salvo). Instead of a full first salvo, he either tried sequential fire or just didnt doubleclick fast enough, causing all but one turret to cycle to HE.

  14. Gotta say that the lower tier games are more *interesting* to watch. The shorter ranges and sizes of the maps force these knife fight engagements where we get to watch these older ships blaze away with secondary guns. We had a battleship in the middle of like 3 cruisers and destroyers here shooting at all of them and it’s fun to watch. And since it’s low tier, it’s easy for the viewers to jump into wows and possibly *do* exactly that. Whereas tier 10 looks amassing, but I’ll take forever to get there. And I’ll likely need premium time to do it, etc…

    • You don’t need premium. I’ve never had premium and I got my first tier 10 in about a year of casual play. It’s much easier to tier up in wows then it is in wot. In wot it took me for ever to get my first tier 10 and I was playing it a HELL of a lot more then I do wows AND I used premium. Yes, it will take a while but not as long as you think.

    • Top tier also has the most whining lol.

    • @Mister Stitches because the gap between cretin and skillful is WIIIIIIDE at t10. At least with low tiers you go in not actually expecting anyone to be good at the game.

    • @ArmchairWarrior Oh I know, it just gets tiresome when nearly every match someone on the losing side has to whine about losing. 😀

  15. ‘And there was no, no help from you’
    Jingles, every battle is Thunderstruck

  16. Highly amusing, the South Carolina is one of my favorite ships, good to see it featured.

    (I know it’s crap, but historically, the South Carolina is very impressive. A full superfiring main battery with 4 twin turrets. It’s the best looking of the bottom BB’s for sure.)

  17. Test server also has bots nowadays (which is great IMO). Those aren’t that bad at fightning even.

  18. Why can I never get matches like this, my late night low tier games just have 1-3 players in them with no bots

  19. I remember my tier III game in Tenryu when I was a beginner in this game – found 3 bots in battleships sailing in line one after another. So I just jumped them from behind and island, charged them from the front doing a slalom between them torping from left and right tubes. Added to other kills I had in this game I ended up with over 100k damage and 7 kills.

    I only repeated such slalom once after – in a Clemson – 3 battleships in a line + aircraft carrier behind them – I had short range torps with faster reload, so it was gloruious XD

  20. 11:50 *sigh* No Jingles, the Nassau is not a pre-dreadnought Battleship. She was Germany’s first Dreadnought Battleship.

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