World of Warships – TICK mothertrucker TIIIIIIIIICK !!!

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When you have both own team against you + enemy team, all odds stacked against you.
Everybody is just trying to find ways to suicide, than on top of that you’re playing the time.
Also RogueMonkey does not have a lot of exp in his Mino, he played it few times so he as spooked af with my aggressiveness xD
One of the craziest games ever.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. First comment for this video, Flambass! Keep playing Li,e you always do! Make us laugh and show the enemy who’s boss! See yeh on the flip side! The Tank Commander

  2. That last second of game xD So insane

  3. Tell me I wasn’t the only one who thought of that weird looking cat with a guy yelling “blink motherf*cker, bli- ahhhh!”

  4. Tick Tick Tick BOOM….. lol good to see your carry pants were on.

  5. That was the worse teammates ever…. One by one to the slaughterhouse…. Sheesh

    • Worse teammates ever LOL… have you ever played this game before? Doesn’t seem like it. Come back after getting teammates who can’t even leave their spawn, lose all caps without even trying and lose 15-0 and THEN come back saying “worse teammates ever”. 🙂

    • +Frozenstein top tier is a cleaveland and i have lost count of games where im the last guy holding flanks in tier X games while team i.e. a lot of tier X ships languishing in the spawn or just too pussy and abandon flanks and then die in cross fires within 5 mins like its a scene out of nazi murder camp movie..

    • Very early on it was obvious that at least 11 of the 12 enemy were going A. Green team should have immediately diverted the Northern fleet to B and the Southern fleet should NOT have sailed en masse to C. What a frickin’ waste of potential damage time. Maybe dispatch one BB and one CA/CL to deal with the possible one red ship in C. At the 12:30 mark, there are FOUR green ships in C that have not contributed at all. Strategy in this game is not that hard. Why do people continue to be so stupid.

    • +Gary Crispin My guess is they think you can carry them.

    • Reminds of a now dead game called Battlefield Play4Free. Most of the time one had teammates with the same or worse skill and will to win than those features in this WoWs video. What’s worse, it was overrun by cheaters and/or premium players with objectively better guns and gear. Still, once in a while it was fun to win in a 2 v 15 where the 15 included five veterans and two hackers. So many tears to drink…

  6. Do more of these divisions!

  7. Flambass you gotta send that to jingles!!!!! ???

  8. Awesome team, sacrificing themselves to raise your heartrate and give you yet another tense experience…

  9. Do you get much back pain from carrying as hard as you do?

  10. well, that was intense…

  11. What an amazing game! That was truly a spectacular performance from both of you and a hardcore carry XD

  12. Another ship joins the ghost fleet of victory

  13. wake up the old man !!!! serious carry from another dimension here !!!

  14. You need a back transplant because that game was insane. Only a player like you could have pulled that off. I think this is old man worthy…

  15. Tell your friend to put his manpants on and quit whining. Is he special needs or something?

  16. lmfao at the people still in C 10 min into the game

  17. Man, Rogue is so chicken. Is he trying to puff his W/L ratio or something? I know that playing with Flambass is good for him and the other CREED members. Watching the Clan Battles was painful as they were always too far back.

  18. “TICK mothertrucker TIIIIIIIIICK !!!”…that was epic, at the end. :)))))).

  19. Wow! Watching you play the Harugumo makes me hate it even more.

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