World of Warships – Tier 10 BB standoff

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Here is a match where a whole bunch of different tier 10 BBs meet in a standoff, trying to outplay each other and win the position/flank which might lead to the win of entire match.

It is very important to know your weakness and your advantage and play both of those to your advantage if you’re to become a better player 😉

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Second 😛

  2. Weekend…..He Kremlin, dd’s not capping

    • you might poo-poo HE, but flambass got outplayed by that kremlin as he got quite a lot of zero damage bounces with AP, when a single HE volley into the fron would have ended that duel 2 minutes and many K HP earlier

    • HE Kremlin is like a good looking cake except when you eat it you realize it is made from salt but not sugar.

  3. God loving these moments when flambass basically tutorial is so helpful the greatest idea known to humankind has happened

    • I am seriously looking forward to everything he tries to teach us. Just for the insight into his mind alone.
      Wait, is that creepy?

    • Really appreciated the break down of expected damage per tier, at the end of the video. I always wonder about that, whether or not I have contributed enough.

  4. where did you go to University Flambass?

  5. I chuckled when Gearing killed the Hindenburg.

  6. Michael Søndergaard

    after the Rants about bad players last few days, this is a very nice video of explanations. thank you.

    yeah drink some water. must be hard on the vocal to speak so much all day.


  8. Wonder why no one puked on your gearing in chat. Not that he doesn’t cap at all, he teamkills the Hindi trying to cap…just wow

  9. You coughed!! Maybe you got Corona virus?!!

  10. these stories…:D

  11. Flambass WOWS accounting: know your investment. Cheers, great vid, keep up the good work!

  12. Have to hand it to the other side the yamato tanked and kepted them in the corner will the shima torped to keep them looking for a way not to broad side. The right side played well and held them. Props to the Vent on your side he pushed with you guys but on the other side to flank them. The vent did get first place but he earned it

  13. Oh so this is what you can do in a BB when youre not getting HE spammed by 6 cruisers

  14. What some cooks in the army could do to good food, was chilling.

  15. *As if the gearing wasn’t playing badly already he then teamkills Hindy*

  16. UnexpectedInquisition

    They should increase the mapsize one grid block in each axis, and have the outer block on all sides of the map slowly damage any ship that enters until death.

  17. Instead of trying to brake Kremlim’s turrets I would have shoot him lower for penetrate the front of the ship, with that caliber you should be able to do 15k easy at that distance, did It with my Yamato

  18. Thanks for the lessons, but lets be honest, I was enjoying the relentless passive aggressive dish banging. Feels like your lady was sending you a message in Morse Code!

  19. 4:32 “I’m not detected” You and your big mouth. XD

  20. Is it bad that my goal for damage is my ships HP. In full disclosure I don’t get there most of the time.

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