World of Warships – Tier 10 British DD is VERY good

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Here is the new version of tier 10 British DD, Daring.
The gave it heal now. It was very powerful before but it suffered heavy dmg very fast because you would go deeper with it because of good concealment and you would openly fight other DDs because it’s a DD hunter. Now with heal it can definitely sustain more.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. early morning for you early night for me just finished your bb vid you need tissue’s when you play that.

  2. Lol wtf was that Salem thinking?

    • Sudden rush of crap into his brain. Nothing special here. Move on folks. 😉

    • He’s on ARP01 clan, they are all like that on this clan. “special”

    • Wel looking at his stats its says enough about The player

    • Unfortunatly you see players like this in high tiers all the time. Throwing away a 90% HP ship to ram a 3k HP ship?!?! And you are like “Really?! …… really!? That was your great plan?” Usually this happens in the crunch when its 3 Vs 3 and the match can end either way, and in 99% of the times its a BB player, usually full HP because he has camped spawn entire game and this was “his great move”!!

    • I assumed he was thinking we’ve won, I’ve got almost zero dmg and no kills, I’ll get one kill and some dmg if I ram… but yea not a great play.

  3. Flam to be honest…really like your videos and your playstyle…
    However, you make all the new ships look like OP xD so we then get the ships nerfed before we can even touch them.

  4. when did they add Heal to Daring?? Reallly???

  5. I think the small bulge on the hull is ment to be the sonar. It´s on different ships as well I believe 🙂

    • Harekaze has it too and yes its sonar.

    • If it’s sonar then it’s not modelled consistently – my Loyang doesn’t have the bump but does have (very good) sonar, my Gallant has a bump but doesn’t have any option for sonar.

      In light of the recent announcements, I suggest it’s a small observation dome to allow a crewman to keep a lookout for submarines.

    • i think u misunderstand something this Thing doesent reply to the Hydro consumable its a sonar form build on many ship types even modern ships has them select the spaceport or naval base port and see that many destroyers got this on the downside of the ship

  6. Now Gearing can heal?

  7. I dont understand why that guy in the chat at the beginning thought that flambass its toxic. If someone said “toxic wows streamer” flambass would be the last one i would think of

  8. Love the “Kiss the Donkey “ sound effects. One of the best torpedo takeouts I’ve ever seen. Dude had no chance.

  9. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Replace heal with speed boost. job done imo.

  10. Hargiumo and Salem…. wow simply wow

  11. So… What’s the point of Gearing now ? Besides it’s smoke.

    • Defensive fire and smoke – and epic torps.
      Basically a well rounded package.

    • aboomination  last clan battles I respec’d my gearing for pure gunfighting, now I have to redo it for an all rounder.
      At least I can say I have a Gearing and a Daring soon.

  12. Lol when he says torpedus all I can think is that family guy sketch where the guy says he has diabetus, so now I’m thinking all fat BB”s have torpedus. All the lols.

  13. great ship, but not so great commentary.
    Replace the shouting and swearing with informative tactical commentary to triple your subscriptions.

    • How about choosing a CC that suits what you want rather than try to change CC? Most of us are here because Flambass is so entertaining (he does educate as well)! Try Noster he does what you want, for me I watch Flambass, Jingles, Flamu, Notser and Yuzral there is a lot of cross over but all are very different.

    • +Robert Pettigrew I concur. If I want tactics I’ll watch Noster or Zoup. If I want derp action its all Flambass, Flamu or Jingles (Though Jingles is sometimes good for tactics … when he gets the ship right 😉 )

    • I agree. I enjoy watching Flambass and my kids like watching WOWS as well but I can’t watch him with them around. Every second word is F this or F that. If you talked less street trash then I bet you would have a higher following.

  14. if flambass is toxic then flammu is a nuclear wasteland

  15. Torpedo bukake on the Montana! That Salem though . . .

  16. that bump on the bottom of ships silhouette is something many DDs have there, but not many actually have it included on hp bar silhouette – it’s retractable sonar device for ASW

  17. Sometimes I think my team is full of those Salem player on weekends. Might as well quit for the 2 days…

  18. Uh Hans, yesterday it was the first time I actually “met” you on live server, but it was hilarious. The moment you were spotted, 90% of the team turned and went to hunt you. Ended up at A with 3 ships and everyone else moving the long way around the map dying one after the other behind the islands at C. Didn’t survive long enough to “hit” you, looking forward to the next time 😀

  19. I cannot wait for this ship!

  20. Hello!! Love your videos!! I love Hans charector and for the Germans his icon is and name is perfecto!!…But how about the rest of us speshul people?! We need a unique charector and name for all nations, because lets face it …We are all Spechal!! “Tommy” for the Brits, “Johnny” for the U.S. , “Vlad” for the Russians, “and “Jock” for the French??? I don’t know what would be a good name for the Japanese guy or the rest but, I think it would be awesome for you and your channel to expand the “Speshul” for all nations . Because in the end we are all “Spechul”!!!!..”SPECHUL?”…”ZUPER-GUT!”!…Thank You for being who you are, and not giving a shit what “others” do or say !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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