World Of Warships -Tier 10 Des Moines FIRE FOR EFFECT

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World Of Warships -Tier 10 Des Moines FIRE FOR EFFECT

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  1. Is that the Bismarck or the other one in intro

  2. lol, a cruiser have nearly the same size of a yamato….

  3. and WHEN was you going to take tirpitz for a swiing?! :/

  4. The intro is just breath taking!!

  5. General question – does ship accuracy generally increase with tier? I mean,
    currently I play mostly Wyoming and that thing is woefully inaccurate. Or
    to be more precise her shot groupings are terrible. Very often one shell
    from the turret goes in front of intended target while the other goes past
    his stern. Or aimed at enemy waterline, they fall visibly short. Adjust the
    aim a bit higher, they go way past him. I don’t think I’m that terrible
    shot, because using the same technique I got 6 citadels one battle. But,
    generally, not counting that one lucky battle, I feel like the RNG is
    working against me. So, will this get better, or is it just something I
    have to come to terms with when playing BBs? I don’t want lazorlike
    pinpoint accuracy, I just hope for more predictable groupings.

  6. need to do video on atago at some point

  7. hijms yamato musashi

    btw, why don’t you guys put on camo?

  8. phly can u do Atlanta

  9. Phly please do the SM.79 in war thunder

  10. Awesome last match Phly. You can really see your gameplay improve. Nice use
    of AP and HE, good dodges. If you learn when to use your anti aircraft
    cooldown correctly you might become one of the better cruiser captains out
    Oh, and can Slick please stop singing? It ruins parts of the video.

  11. Jake van der Veen (Ur-Quan Lord 999)

    Baltimore next

  12. everytime I hear baron talk I’m always surprised at how much he sounds like
    devil dog gamer

  13. You have the coolest opening scene….very powerful

  14. They should add a function for fixing you back turrets to a relative
    position. Versus all of them at once

  15. Oh this is an old video. Baron posted his play of this match a while ago

  16. I don’t play the game so this might be a stupid question. But do they have
    the USS Missouri in game? Would love to see a review/gameplay just cause my
    grandfather commanded one of the 16″ turrets at the end of WW2 through

  17. Most epic fucking intro ever man??

  18. +PhlyDaily i would recommend you try out Project Reality, i think you would
    like it… its like Arma 2, but a standalone mod for Bf2

  19. i thought his fav ship was the fuso

  20. I’m really excited for the Somalian pirates to be added, cant wait for my
    tier 10 tugboat armed with 1×4 ak47s

  21. Looks like a T10 Cleveland with 203mm guns, can’t wait to get mine.
    Currently suffering through the Pepsicola. :(

  22. wow 40 min video nice

  23. Invite Kayla back, I think the sleep deprivation will disappear VERY

  24. i’d love to see the Furutaka!

  25. Langley!! Langley!!

  26. So why do they all live together again? What happened to their wives, other
    homes, cats/dogs and stuff?


  28. This game kinda bores me because most of the time you’re kilometres away
    from the enemy and I know it’s ships but just big, lumbering, kinda slow
    things in da sea, not my cuppa tea

  29. des moines or zao?

  30. Its just a bigass floating citadel for BBs.



  33. phly, I just got a new computer and have been playing warships non stop. I
    am at tier 5 American tree. when do you guys normally go on and play. and
    are you on the NA server.

  34. Perhaps some don’t know this but today, 76 years ago, the second World War
    started ^^

  35. phly, try the omaha

  36. i know i see your intro every time i watch you videos but its the best one
    ive ever seen every time

  37. Des Moines is pronounced “Day Mweh” basically

  38. Im in a Omaha vs Omaha fight chasing him hes showing broad side i get 5
    citadels for 3400 damage he is very low hp shoots a single double cannon in
    his back while running away from me he hits me in the mag i was 85 percent

  39. I bet you those secondaries could beat a st louis… they look way better
    then a st louis’ cannons lol

  40. Sweet I watched the first game on stream. Almost to this ship.

  41. U sed dat de fuso waz ur fav ship though. Fuso no fussing

  42. its fucking stupid that you can control the other funs on that ship so

  43. tripitz

  44. That Heavy is a Spy disguised as an Pyro eating a Chicken

    “Im in Davy Jones Locker…. Its nice down here tho, he gave me Tea”

  45. man I follow baron and phly so I get the same video twice….

  46. same videos as baron just a week later

  47. I don’t like to watch war of warships. So I come and like the video just

  48. I actually expected you to throw a monitor…..

  49. didn’t Baron upload this game

  50. And yet they nerf mogami, myoko and fire % chance on almost all IJN
    cruisers, while Cleveland and Des Moines sit back and laugh at them

  51. Sweet mayh


    Sry i love that ship :D

  53. the furutaka

  54. In his intro, is that the Tirpitz?

  55. ZAY-OH NEXT M8!!!!

    Make it happen guys!

  56. Fuck, Slick is so annoying. His efforts to be like Phly and Baron, to speak
    like they, to joke like they are stupid.

  57. Is that good?

  58. Phly can u plz do A Tirpitz review? I’ve been waiting for it.

  59. COLORADO!!!!!!!!!

  60. Tirpitz review?

  61. Mateo baquero gomez

    Greetings from Colombia phly ;)

  62. So it’s getting really hard to tell Phly’s and Baron’s and that other
    character’s channels and videos apart because they are basically the same.
    Now with the new house-thing…just terrible. What you should do, is to
    combine all your channels under one title and forget the individual

  63. PhlyDaily do the Colorado… -_-

  64. What Are Thooooooooooooose…!!!

  65. Woo moar Phly.

  66. 22 seconds late amazing

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