World of Warships Tier 10 Japanese Carrier, Montana and Yamato Killer! Hakuryu Aircraft Carrier

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World of Warships Carrier Gameplay – Hakuryu Tier 10 Japanese
WOWS Aircraft Carrier Gameplay – Montana & Yamato Killer!

Thanks for watching!


  1. The “s” In Des Moines is silent…. I’m from Iowa, so I know this.

  2. this game shows why there are still carriers today but no battleships.

  3. Ships are Female, they can’t be bad boys

  4. Lol that montana hates your guts.

  5. Lindsay MacLeod

    Most fun carrier gameplay i’ve seen on youtube. Nice job Baron!

  6. it was a a bad day to be a Montana

  7. I can’t hear you over the game. The game sound is ungodly loud for some
    reason. I think the latest patch reset your settings or some shit.

  8. Not many people know but the tier 9 and 10 carriers of japan have Armor
    belts of battlecruisers

  9. Baron stick to battleships
    Never use auto unless it’s a dd
    Carriers leave it to the good players

  10. The carrier view of the maps is just awesome. Great graphics. It would be
    cool if they would put in a little clouds to make it more immersive and

    BTW – think the japanese carriers are made for “swarming tactics” !

  11. I just have one question: Is there any way that you can access this server
    (wows PT)? Probably no, but I just want to make sure.

  12. You should play gta5

  13. makes US carriers seem really weak now.

  14. Baron, do you know that you can put your fighters on CAP (Combat Air
    Patrol) duty. Basically it is escort duty in the game. Select a fighter and
    left click any friendly unit (ship or planes). You can click on your own
    carrrier too. The fighters will automatically intercept any enemy planes
    that approach your ship/planes that they are escorting.

  15. sweet video man ! you gotta do more aircraft videos.

  16. Hi im from Des Moines iowa and i was wondering if you could talk about it
    or battle with it. That would be so coo. Thanks bro

  17. Play the USS North Carolina!!!!

  18. BARON,sir
    These days, you spent many times into WarShip, not WarThunder.
    I am always waiting WarThunder’s Videos.

  19. i noticed baron that you often fire the torpedoes at the same angle or
    almost the same angle and some players are able to turn and avoid a lot of
    them so maybe firing torps in more of a criss cross angle to cover theyre
    options you might get more hits

  20. This game free

  21. Baron, how do I get on the test server

    Please tell me ;-;

  22. Tacticus - Shooters, RTS, Sims

    Hey everyone! I’d REALLY appreciate it if you guys checked out the 2 videos
    I’ve made. I worked pretty hard on them and I want some constructive
    criticism and feedback on what some people think. Thanks!

  23. I think it’s pronounced Haa-koo-Ree-You.but,i don’t speak japanese,so don’t
    qoute me on that.

  24. TORA TORA TORA TORA!!!!!!!

  25. I want to play this game so damned bad after watching yours’ and Phly’s
    videos. No way into the Beta? When’s the release date?

  26. Incoming Star Craft 2 players to play carriers like this >.>

  27. This sucks!!

  28. tits

  29. Justin Hamilton


  30. He is no longer Born Von Gamez he is Baron Von Forcefield

  31. it seems op but it isnt, staying with other ships to cover each other with
    AA and having a carrier with some fighters to escort the battleships should
    be expected of tier 10 play. also any tier 10 destroyer would murder that

  32. I think you could have had a smaller cone of fire for the torpedoes if you
    release them closer to the enemy ship

  33. Japanese carriers? Tasty prey for my destroyer.

    • +Maddog3060 I have killed 2 destroyers so far using my carrier secondary
      guns 🙂 Like someone said before in-game, when a DD doesn’t get a kill on
      its first torp run it will be dead. Look at the Hakuryu, it has 12
      secondary guns broadside. Thats 3 times the fire power of any DD.

    • +zam023
      Ahh, the usual bullcrap from little punks on the internet. Can’t say
      anything without someone trying to contradict you.

      Let me clue you in, bud: I don’t care. Your opinion is meaningless. Enjoy

    • +Maddog3060 hahaha… the comment from an amature.

    • +zam023
      Oh, now look, the little boy attempts to retort by simply throwing the same
      insult back. Grow up, child.

  34. Genaddi Meneses

    Baron you are mean D: poor dude in the begining

  35. Operation Ten-Go all over again on that poor Yamato.

  36. How do you change the approach angle for the planes to drop their load?

  37. japanes carrier OP

  38. What I wouldn’t give to view that battle from the perspective of the first
    ship he destroyed. Being swarmed by that many squadrons of Torp and Dive
    bombers he’d be all, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOFUUUUUUU BARON!”

  39. Baron make a series of gta v videos called pro flying with phlydaily and

  40. I still don’t understand why it’s called World of Warships.

  41. You do know the patch with the American Battleships and Japanese Carriers
    are on the main build now right? No need to play on the dev server.

    • +EvenLease44 He plays on the test server so he can try out the top tier
      stuff without waiting to grind to them

  42. But… Shinano….

    • Shinano was a rubbish carrier. She was slow (27 knots, vs. the usual 34
      knots) and her light deck was shorter than that on the Taiho, by about a
      metre, or 39 inches. She wasn’t meant for front line service, due to her
      slow speed, but she was sunk anyways.

  43. Man, I thought you a goner there against that Des Moine

  44. I remember in your precious videos you said don’t immediately repair your
    ship. You’re still a newb :P

    • +Darren How when your carrier is on fire your planes cannot take-off or
      land. There is no other choice but to instant repair, when it is an
      emergency. Well… when a carrier catches fire it is usually an emergency

    • Not when your under fire and will get set on fire in less then 10 secs

    • he needed to get his bombers in the air and distract the Des Moine.

    • +zam023​ nope, he didn’t anticipate the next salvo of gunfire heading
      towards him and then got caught in a much bugger 20k+ health wracking scene

  45. James Mac Mahon

    That poor Montana got rekt!!

  46. EroticLikepanda's GamingChannel

    i cant see this video in more than 360p? what is going on??

  47. we need more

  48. I love your videos (and have a gameboner for WoW), but please, it’s Ya MAT
    oo, not Yamato 😀 Keep em coming….

  49. Montana + Yamato = Motamato?

  50. i thought the jap carriers only went up to like a t8 when he first showed

  51. You auto aim wot m8? :-D

  52. Amazing

  53. Baron you can just it ctrl A or maybe alt A(pretty sure ctrl) and it will
    select all airborne units for you, so you dont have to press 1 4 6 8 9 etc.

  54. That maniacal laughter 

  55. Hey Baron, can you take out the Des Moines and like put some shells in the
    Yamato/Montana to see if they’ve made some changes in the armor? You know,
    compared to that time when you were using the Galaxy?

  56. I understand that this is WOW and not WT. But I have always wanted to ask
    why you always filled up on shells. Does that not make the risk of your
    ammo exploding increase? Plus when are you ever going to use over 40

    • He probably feels the risk isn’t that much higher when driving around.
      Though I certainly noticed a difference and always ran with just 30-35
      rounds on my medium tanks.

    • +Caleb Cantrell I don’t think there is a number of shells carried on WOW,
      if there is im missing something haha

    • +Luke Buchanan He is referring to ground forces in War Thunder XD. I
      misunderstood his question but then read it a couple of times more.

  57. Baron… Hit alt please

  58. You are so evil 

  59. 1000 life so lucky ^^

  60. KK Pixy (SolowingPixy)

    the thing i hate about WG is that they put in a paper ship hakuryu while
    there is the Shinano that were actually built. many of the paper ships
    don’t have to be there. there are plenty of other options
    plus, i do hope they’ll implement grouping functions for CV like most RTS
    games. makes it easier to play high tier CV

    • +KK Pixy The Shinano was never meant to be a fleet carrier. It was meant to
      be an aircraft ferry and repair ship. It had none of the infrastructure on
      board to support a combat air wing just repair facilities and such. It
      could only support a few dozen planes in combat theoretically which would
      not be great at Tier 10 in WoWs. Look up the HMS Unicorn for a similar ship.

    • +KK Pixy on the other hand, WoW is the right place where paper ships can
      finally be brought to life.

  61. how are you playing? I can not play world of warships, when i tried
    yesterday it said “in development” i want to play so bad i watch every one
    of you videos.

  62. searchoverload8

    Can’t wait until Baron encounters a carrier that does this and starts
    complaining that it’s OP

    • +searchoverload8 well he wouldn’t be wrong…

    • +TheBabytrooper Dude, get escorted by a fucking Cruiser. If you got one
      Carriers can’t hit shit.
      Source: I play carriers. When a cruiser hits aircraft with it’s AA the
      planes lose all accuracy. The aiming reticle is something like 4x larger.
      Cruisers will save your ass sooo much. It however, does not affect fighters
      at all. Just a misc thing there.

    • Nah, carriers are the arty of WOWS.

    • +TheBabytrooper Definately not. Have to pay attention and actually plan
      what you are doing. Plus, dont’ get one shot if you aren’t totally

  63. moar of this carrier pls :D

  64. How can i download world of warships?please

  65. man you have to do another video of
    these ship plz!!!!

  66. I have no idea whats going on lmao. Im still understanding how to play War
    Thunder lol

  67. MrGrenade McBoom

    I feel like this was impressive yes, but this “all in” kind of play style
    won’t be nearly as effective as this once you get actual full games.
    Especially if you run into ships staying together to pool their AA
    resources. Still, these things are going to be a bear to fight against,
    especially without allied air cover.

  68. yay, another video on a game that looks cool, but I can’t play yet

  69. Montana view:
    “Woahhh shit.”

  70. Heh, Imagine if WG gave Japanese aircraft a Kamikaze ability… Imagine the
    butthurt, butthurt everywhere…

  71. nice gameplay baron :)

  72. The torps spam is becoming a disease.

  73. I BallisticRaptor

    i liked everyone comment

  74. Chris DarkCloud

    Im the 10th like?
    must be a lou malnati’s pizza type of night. Cant wait for open beta, game
    continues to impress! Moar WoW please!

  75. Let loose the tittyfish!

  76. Dat Montana kill though

  77. Nikita Hradovych

    Well played, please more cruiser ships with 3 or 4 turrets but 9 or 12
    cannons, like Atlanta

  78. Omg that auto aim torp drop!!! The horror!!!! Manual drop ftw lol

    • +Andrew Payoyo from my experience so far the AI torp attack is 50-50
      effective. When we have too many groups to manage like we saw in Baron’s
      video it is impossible to do it manually. Maybe you can take manual control
      of one group but you have to let the AI control the rest. I also notice
      that the AI adjust attack pattern depending on how the target turns. When
      attacking fast moving DDs I usually let the AI do the attack and with quite
      good results. Instead of dropping the torps in parallel lines like in
      manual drop, the AI will drop their torps in a criss-cross pattern which is
      hard to avoid. When you have 2 groups dropping torps from both sides it
      creates a web of torps. BTW, I only started playing CV after the 3.1 patch.
      So maybe they have improved the AI.

    • +zam023 Or you know you can clump your torpedo bombers together and manual
      drop them all at the same time….its what I do.

    • Thank you for sharing that tip. I didn’t know that. I will try it tonite.
      But will that work if you have your groups on different positions? I
      usually start attack runs from opposite sides of the target ship.

    • +zam023 You just need to make your torpedo bomber follow one squadron,even
      if they have some spacing between them you can correct that by if squadron
      2 is infront of squadron 3,just make squadron 2 go back a bit,and then make
      them turn around again so the two groups are clumped together. Once you
      master this,all BBs will fall to your skill.

    • +Andrew Payoyo I see. thanks again 😀

  79. lmao, that was great, nice vid bro

  80. Michael Delatte

    Wow first time being early for a baron video 

  81. Tommi “DeluxeMorso” Ridanpää

    I don’t like playing carriers, it’s like playing a shit rts.

    • +Kerwin CHAO not really, in all of the ship on WoW cv has the most counter.
      its easy for cv player to sink lone battleship and ca but a battlegroup of
      bb+ca with their combine AA can easily rip any planes into pieces and there
      the ca AA ability too.

      cv can run out of planes but other ship has unlimited ammo and torpedo (for
      now), a cv without planes are just floating AA platform.

    • +Mark Pontillas …….. Because Yamato only shoot down 29 bombers during
      the suicide mission with 3-5 destroyers, I can argue that BB+CA is useless
      against bombers.

    • +Tommi Ridanpää olekko varma et osaat pelata tukialuksilla? on meinaa
      hauskoi virityksiä 🙂

    • I am a Carrier driver and damn I hate it when cruisers are near BBs,my
      planes just get chewed up.

    • +Mark Pontillas what you said is 100% true. A combination of BB + CA, I
      couldn’t get anywhere close to them, especially when the CA are USN ships.
      Damn I hate those USN CAs.

  82. First time being under 301 Id like to thank Baron for this opportunity 

  83. Awesome vids man! Love ’em!

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