World of Warships – Tier 10 Premium Camouflage

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We check out the Tier 10 camouflages added in 0.5.14, I look at each one and give my thoughts on the camo. The appearance of the camo is clear but the benefit really lies in the economy improvement. The camo could be controversal by reducing the need to play other tiers. Hope this is informative and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier X Nation Class Ship Replay


  1. notifications squad hyyyype, great video notser, i believe though that some
    of the T10 skins are kinda plain and boring

  2. The Tier X japanese carrier is hakuryu, and the pronunciation is “ha kuu
    ryuu” and means White dragon, a pretty badass name

  3. That camo on the Minotaur reminds me of the Clown camo on WoT’s TOG II

  4. Hakuryu’s ‘solar panels’ are air intakes for the engines. And if you
    notice, Yamato features that ‘shortened bow’ camo to make her look smaller.
    The darkened tip to shade it out, and the white for the water froth as the
    bow cuts through the water.

    Overall they have done a pretty good job, the outliers for me are Gearing
    and Minotaur at the bad end, and GK, Zao and Hakuryu at the good end. But
    all the rest are above acceptable to rather good for me, and that’s great.

  5. Ha (as in Hat)
    Ku (as in curb)
    Ryu (no equivalent, means “White Dragon” altogether)

  6. small note: all premium camos are so far history based, semi-historical for
    paper ships and for ships which never used camo (especially japanse) –
    contrary to every other camo in the game which are obviously fantasy.. and
    one other note: the premium camos are the only camos which are not tiled
    (and naval camos should not be)


  8. Glad they did something that helps with offsetting the cost of running teir

  9. I love my new Yamato camo. Looks great on the Yami.

  10. Still waiting for my Amagi camo…

  11. Sir Orrin Productions

    Definatly will get the one for the Hindenburg, when I get the Hindenburg.

  12. TheGuardianofAzarath

    I do like the look of these camos, but I’ll probably never get to tier 10,
    i’m at tier 8 in my bismarck right now, and i’m doing pretty well so far
    (just had my best game in it so far earlier this afternoon, 98.5k dmg
    (average for me is about 30k-ish), 3 kills, 2 CQE and 1 Double Strike, and
    I don’t even have Manual 2nds, and with results like that, i might not
    bother :P). And with the new discount increase to 15% for Tier 8, plus the
    -5% repair cost flag and +20 creds flag, it’s serving me pretty well. :P

  13. Noster while previewing Premium Cammo that you do not own, holding Right
    Click Hides the UI + the cammo stays while you can rotate. Thumbs up so he
    can see this for the future ;)

  14. You don’t want to know how much money I’ve spend converting doubloons

  15. I dont get the logic on why the IJN camo uses green when it’s glaringly
    obvious on the deep seas when everybody else has the shades of blue or
    black that makes it blend better.

  16. Brian Lock (神通)

    how do “u” sound any way close to “i” or “o”

  17. The bow of Shimakaze looks like a pelican, the rest is fine

  18. Regarding whether or not this could “ruin the game”: in theory, this should
    actually help the game. Many new players are (rightly) complaining about
    having to face highly experienced players with 19-point captains as they
    work their way up the low- to mid-tiers, which can at least partially be
    blamed on people building their silver bankroll so they can afford to play
    their tier X ships. If they now have the option of throwing down a one-time
    payment which will make tier X play sustainable on its own, that removes
    one of the reasons for these players to move down in tiers.

    The flip side is that more of these players are doing this just for
    relatively easy high-numbers games and stat padding, and those won’t be
    affected one way or the other by the new camos. The other potential
    drawback to this theory is that it assumes a steady influx of new players,
    which might not be realistic over the long run.

  19. I only like the right half of the British camo lol

  20. How can I see the tier 10? I can only see the tier 7

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