World of Warships – Tier 10 Rank Recommendation

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Discussing Tier for Ranked, tried a bunch on stream and want to share my thoughts. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Discord


  1. First!

  2. My bday today! noster give me a gift!!

  3. Lucky for me, the two Tier Xs I decided to go for are Des Moines and Minotaur.

  4. Goran Radosevic

    From my Yama’s POV, Republique and GK are the worst BBs for ranked. GK is, as you well pinpointed, massive yet not precise when she wants to trade. Republique, on the other hand, instantly melts from Yama shells. Yamato is still for me No. 1 because it is a massive area-denial ship – bow on in or between the caps and literally nothing can hurt you (considering you run tanky!stealthy fire prevention build). Also, Yama’s belt can eat a ton of torpedoes from CVs, and with good repair skill management can tank ~4 plane waves with ease.

    • Goran Radosevic I’ll say hi to your Yamato from my Republique with a few 26km cits

    • Goran Radosevic

      +Paul Seeram, nah, I easily counter you with WASD hakzs 😀

    • This is common mistake – GK is better than Montana or Counqeror – it has massive secondaries – and you play for them – and you have hydro – this combination is deadly. Sneaking along islands having one or two ships to fire at. And its main guns can evaporate any ship. Ppl just don’t know how to play them. Montana is a camper sniper without any significant impact on gameplay.
      Having a battle against Yama and Montana – both could do much to me and my secondaries were melting them.

    • I respectfully disagree. Secondaries are more physiological than anything else, plus they force you to be in brawling range which is entirely predicable. As for the Monty, if you are playing as a backline sniper you are doing it wrong my friend.
      Personally I love it when the enemy brings a GK. Big, big target easily melted.

    • You have to know how to position GK to brawl – use islands as cover and push a given cap – i saw many Montanas crying when they got citadels. The only thing is that you only play with forward turrets – this way GK is almost immune to any fire.

  5. Oh, is there a possibility you’ll do a video on Tier VII Ranked recommendations?

    I’d certainly appreciate and watch it.

    • also i know how to kite, infact i know how to do that really well

    • also one more thing, I am rank 5 rn I have over 6k games, and I have about 10 ish maybe 12 t10s i havent checked in a little bit

    • Dear Lord, this is fun to read lmfao. So much salt over nothing.

    • there really is lol
      its kinda fun to cause it tho

    • Jim_Kirk1 I’m with you my Fiji is my go to ship. Did not matter the bb I could usually beat them. With that said the Lyon has ended many games recently. Idk why except the amount guns. No I don’t get one shot but kiting ability has been severely diminished.

  6. I like a lot of your videos, but the purposeful mispronunciation of some of the ship names as an attempt at humor gets to be annoying and distracting, at times.

  7. Let me add, sort of an idea for your content Notser! You’ve given us ships recommendations… How about some team/map strategies? The best ships can win matches, yes… but most of the time, players (I include myself here) dont know what to do in certain scenarios/situations… How about you give us some of those awesome replays with these ideas in mind…

    • Don’t ever go alone, if your team splits into two sides, make one side stronger (the pushing one), never do even splits, this can work on randoms. Stay close to your teammates especially if there is a cv in the battle, it buffs AA. Avoid going in to the point of no return unless you can ie. trade your ship for 2 destroyers. Aggressive playstyle isn’t recommended in the first phase of the battle, survival is crucial, never trade caps for friendly ships. Dunno what else, make sure you have camo on, premium consumables (any useful modules you can equip – longer hydro/radar, you name it) and signal flags, survivability first, then if there is space – economy/exp ones. That’s about it in a nutshell. Gl and make sure you analyze situation (map awareness!!) before making decisions.

  8. “You said I found alot of success in this ship” many times. Why? We all know you havent played all these ships in Ranked yet and you would normally stick with your favourite ship through ranked instead of changing ship very often. I would say you have played with mostly the Gearing.

    • I happened to catch some of his stream the other day. He was going through all sorts of ships and classes rather than playing what he considered to be “the best”. It’s probably true that his statement about ‘finding success’ included battles where he played very well but was let down by some very fail teams. In particular, there seemed to be a plague of poor DD players dying out and leaving his team without any while the enemy still had 1-2 alive, and that’s usually enough to make a loss.
      He kept winning/losing/winning/losing despite having very solid play across a range of options.
      I’m guessing that’s what he meant. Indeed he clearly said at one point he’d have done better playing only those he considered best for the meta and his skill (which would largely mean Gearing and Z52), but he was playing all sorts of things to provide variety for the stream and so people with limited ship choices could see how to perform at least decently on something not top pick.
      That’s how I took his comments.

    • I played a lot of gearing this season, I’m only at rank 5 but I’ve found bbs are better at carrying which is odd

    • I played games where I was contributing a lot more yet the team had already lost the game, I knew the ship was good but clearly ranked takes a little bit more then what is given sometimes. I had far too many games where 2 teammates died in the first 2 minutes for instance, can’t really win with people running to die

    • notser usually in rank 10 qeue you need to save stars since rn the teams are about 50/50 so just take a bb and do a bit over 150k and you should be fine there are plenty of broadside cas that if you go to the off cap you can lob shots at and dev strike

    • @Notser
      Yeah, saw a bit of your stream, and your DDs in particular kept dying early as I said above.

  9. Awesome +1 Notser, informative, to the point, agree with the argumentation and the rational behind every ships strategy. PS How about the WORCESTER? Will it come out DURING or AFTER this season’s ranked battles? 🙂

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      After ranked is more likely. – as it would be out by now, like the cancerous Graf Zeppelin (when played at the right hands) if that’s the case…

  10. Disagree about Yueyang, it’s most definitely better than the Z-52 and Gearing. Simply because radar spam renders all kinds of smoke useless.

  11. When you are recommending a ship on which you have 15k XP like the Yueyang… I guess it has to be taken with a pinch of salt. A radar Yueyang used correctly is a great asset to the team which will win tons of DD to DD engagements. It will catch almost all players by surprise, and I speak as someone who has raced to rank 5 already thanks to this ship. Make sure you mention that you have not tested it extensively because otherwise players will miss out on a great choice by taking your word. By no means I would rank this below Z-52 or Gearing, it brings to the table an extremely powerful tool that no other ship offers.

    • Keep in mind I’ve played a lot on ships that are no longer in my port, we get “Premium” versions of each ship line launched and those are different from the real ships that everyone plays. I definitely need more time with the radar version of the Yueyang, I mostly played with the smoke variant

    • Thanks for your reply. I was not aware of what you mention in your comment, but it surely explains a lot. As for the rest, I am really happy about the new video you have posted. I am glad you have realized what a powerful ship Yueyang becomes in ranked, and have rectified what you said in the previous video. I think you give a much more accurate description of what the ship is capable of. Keep up the good work! 😀

  12. Thank you so much for posting this Notser. Your MM seems to be near opposite than mine (I get a lot of BBs), but I needed some advice. I need to buy back some ships I sold.

  13. Nice job Notser, to the point and informative as always 🙂

  14. Only have Yamato and Gearing so choices limited 😉

  15. thanks for picking my country’s flag on yueyang.

  16. Good review. But to have Tier X for ranked is an unbelievably short sighted money grab by WG. It excludes a large element of the player base and with Tier 10 in clan battles too this sets a poor precedent. For the few and not the many. Hardly a good business decision if you want to grow the game.

    • Tony, in a recent developer video, the dev stated that the data from last season showed that the vast majority of players who pushed past rank 10 already owned tier 10 ships. Therefore they’re NOT excluding a large element of the player base. That large element of the player base was already not choosing to go beyond rank 10. So really, what’s the big deal? You’re arguing in support of people who have already proven a lack of desire to not go beyond rank 10.

    • crucisnh Hope it’s nice working at Wargaming. So it’s a FACT that whatever Wargaming developers say is 100% the truth – really? This is a money grab 1st 2nd and last. I don’t care if that is the case. I fully understand that there is no such thing as a free game. My concern is that all this Tier 10 this is putting off players. Certainly Tier 10 for clan battles ruined my clan as hardly anyone had T10 ships. I don’t want to see this game ruined by short term decisions.

    • OR you know there are no T10 premium ships currently so its a 100% fair mode now. If they really wanted money they could make the whole ranked season T7 and sell the Payfast again. IMO T10 is pretty balanced and like the other guy said few players go beyond rank 10 (hell I dont think I will climb higher than 10 or 5 and I play since closed beta). If you really want to prove yourself and be competitive in ranked I’m 99% sure you already have a T10. I would choose T10 over T7 or T8 any time. If you want Kutuzov/LoYang season or Payfast season, dont worry the next will be probably that.

  17. CaptainProspect

    In SEA server Yeuyang and shima dominating oddly no cvs and a lot of Hindenburgs !!!!

  18. hey, Notser, I’ve made it to rank 10 in ranked battles but I don’t have any tier 10’s, nor any tier 9’s, yet I’m one ranked season away from a Flint, but because I don’t own any tier 10’s nor can I grind to one anytime soon what do I do?
    I mean if WG wants to keep the new system the easiest fix is to offer/make available upon reaching rank 10 a series of rental tier 10’s that can only be used in Ranked battles, like how they did with the Clan Battles.
    But that’s just my idea on how to fix this, if you have another idea on how to fix this glaring issue please comment yours

  19. Itll be a long time before I hit T10. Just started a month or so ago and I’m only at T7 so far.

  20. ThatAussieBloke

    Notser could you please not use the premium port when showcasing ships, theres just so much on the screen and its hard to even look at the ship. Probably only me though, keep up the good work 🙂

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