World of warships – Tier 10 the French deserve

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  1. First like 😉

  2. Regarding boardgames. Did you ever play Twilight Imperium? It also has destroyers, cruisers and dreadnaughts (in space). I only have 1 Firefly expansion. Is the rest worth buying?

  3. I thought you streamed today then i saw 6:40 you reading my message i wrote 3 days ago in your stream ??

  4. Hello

  5. 8:13 “I hate the fact to go secondaries on french bbs” Coz those are better than german? All and all doesn’t make shit difference about main gun AP performance you go secondary or not coz its still random. 2 citadels or 5 overpens. Alsace full secondary build is hilariously fun.

    • Germans have armor to back that up, they can get up closer without worrying about HE spam penning the 32mm armor nonstop. French BBs T8 and up just get HE farmed if they try to get up close, so secondary build is a bit unreliable.

    • M Solo Go brawl in a german BB, and see if you take no damage. 20k damage broadside on superstructure (or main belt pen with french shells) is easy.
      In any case you will do it once per match, like the french BB 🙂

    • Its not matter of taking NO damage, but you are much more resistant to it (I am assuming basic competence of knowing how to angle). 32 mm armor on French BBs is over everything, so you are very susceptible to HE, against which there is no way to angle. So if you are facing a few 152mm IFHE and 203mm HE spammers, you melt very fast (4-5k salvoes against you). So closing in in those circumstances to use your secondaries is rather risky as you can find yourself in inescapable situation very fast. German BBs dont face the same problem, at least not to the same extent, especially once superstructure is saturated and you take much less damage from those salvoes. This also inherently means that HE spammers are much more likelly to target the french BBs than german ones. I havent even delved into inherent utility of secondaries or lack thereof.

    • Jamal Al-Sulaiman

      The thing with the French secondaries is they’re not that effective against heavily armoured targets. So while they’re amazing against DDs and CLs, they aren’t quite as effective against BBs. Contrast with German secondaries which eat other ships alive regardless of class. And while French ships aren’t bad brawlers, I feel their turtleback is too shallow to defend against damage the way German turtlebacks do. That’s just an opinion though.

  6. Well, tbh here, Republic is not a true “BB”, traditional BB play style won’t work on her. But the moment you treat her like a “Panzerschiffe”, she begin to shine. ( Anyone who have Graf SPee will know what I mean) 😉

  7. Thanks for the tip on whether the person hasn’t connected yet

  8. I mean the French Surprisingly have super good ships and the tier 9 just shows its a super good ship I am working my way up the cruiser line because those guns are so fun to use 😀 Love the video flambass

  9. And your team was like “look at the BB, sniping in the back line, tanking no damage while we get destroyed” xD

  10. I can hear in your voice how much you enjoy playing this ship. Great video to watch.

  11. Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

    Quit talking this ship up! WG will nerf it so its below the Republique instead of improving its big brother. 😉

  12. I hate this gamemode… At least at mid tier.

  13. What song is that in the background?

  14. Jesus Flambas, you got 4kills and still at almost full HP…

  15. “It’s not lyke we are loosing, it’s lyke the enemy is winning” 🙂

  16. It’s like listening to Top Cat blap ships 😀

  17. 100% agree. The tier 10 is a huge disappointment. It needed to be 3×4 431mm with similar layout to Alsace. Then just make the reload 30 seconds and you have a Montana/Kurfurst competitor.

    • I agree that it should have a 3X4 layout but it should have 406mm guns because even if the reload is 30 secs, having 3X4 431mm guns would be broken

  18. random question: when does the smokestack rotate?

  19. Stragedy…….definitely stragedy……

  20. They very first question shows the player asking has no idea what to do at T10. If you still need to ask such basic questions after so many matches… Go back to WOT, find a building and hide behind it.

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