World Of Warships – Tier 4 Cruiser Showcase – Sail Them All! ⚓ Ep.5

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World Of Warships – Tier 4 Cruiser Showcase – Sail Them All! ⚓ Ep.5


  1. yeah carriers nerfed to hell

  2. The Megalodon Varrasso

    Plz more steel ocean gameplay

  3. play the ishizuchi i have it its realy good play it please

  4. Voice is different 

  5. About min 20 you should have finnished the Phoenix first and then deal with
    those BBs. Great team work and game though! Thanks for the posting.

  6. love the game ,but i have too be the worst player ever grrr

  7. more cruiser tier 10 vd plz

  8. Use middle mouse button instead to rotate the view but still showing the ui

  9. new york amercan battleship pls phly

  10. phly do new york amercan battleshil

  11. What were you thinking when you assigned those commander points? You spent
    3/19 points and you took two almost useless perks.

  12. Those dark-brown deck on Karlsruhe is linoleum and that brass brick-like
    pattern is the frame to keep them in place. Many of Japanese Cruisers/DDs
    have that sort of deck as well.

  13. Cant wait for Phly to cringe at Furutaka later on lel xD

  14. The red stuff on the deck isn’t ‘nonskid,’ that hadn’t been invented yet,
    its ‘linoleum’ like your gradma’s kitchen over some sort rubber glue glue,
    latex or even a thin skim of cement and held down with brass strips (the
    yellow stripes). The usual deck coving was wood. Lino was for when they
    really wanted to save weight and didn’t care about crew comfort in hot

  15. Is there a Sail Them All Playlist? I could not find it 🙁 And if there is
    no such playlist, would you mind creating one? Because this videos are
    probably the most informative ones I ever saw for where to go in the tech
    tree (thank you for doing that, by the way)
    Would be great if you could do this 🙂

  16. 28:11 he is using high explosive….

  17. What no Iwaki Alpha?Racist

  18. constantino bugatti

    that phoenix is the same that was sunk in the falklands war?

  19. Sergeant Major Gray

    And there went the General Belgrano.

  20. The is called nonskid, it is basically painted on sand paper lol ?

  21. how do you get thoses bullets camera shot?

  22. 31:32 “I’m Gay, Pulling Out”

  23. Lemme tell yah, I as a BB player hate the fuck out of Ocean and I’m pretty
    sure I’m not the only one as well :/

  24. What’s the deal with your Twitter? Did it get hacked?

  25. Kuma is a fucking beast <3

  26. 740mm?! Geez Phly

  27. PHLY will you do another top 10 war thunder video plz I just made a shot I
    wish I could show you!!!

  28. Love your videos but why do you always use big broad torpedo shots. It
    makes it easier to dodge.

  29. finally another sail them all, been waiting for weeks

  30. yessss! WOWS is back!!!!!

  31. Karlsruhe has 5 guns per braodside

  32. you looking forward to Warthunder naval phly?

  33. 35 top knots bros!! Just pullin your leg FryDairy!! Props for the great
    content, shoutout from Serbia!! We watch you in EUROPE TOO! :DD

  34. the yellow lines could be joints between sheets of the red stuff.

  35. say hi to your friends in Brazil

  36. The “brick pattern” on the upper deck was to help conceal the
    directionality and location of the gun emplacements from aerial recon and
    attack aircraft. By breaking up the silhouette of the barrels and adding
    more 90 degree lines it could effectively confuse higher altitude aircraft
    as to how many guns, which way they were facing, and where they were
    located on the ship. These patterns were almost always high contrast
    colors, with the darker color being the dominant and the lighter being
    secondary. This helped increase the effectiveness in all lighting

  37. Karlsruhe = cancer. Thank the gods i don’t have to suffer more thru it.
    It’s like driving a Pinto with a .22 pistol to a tank battle.

  38. Phly right after watching your Kuma gameplay I decided to take her out to
    work towards the Furutaka. I had my best game yet and won it for the team
    as the last ship alive. Are you magic or good luck or something?

  39. HOLY SHIT THAT BASE ON INTO (p.s I JUST got new headphones)
    Thats @PhlyDaily for my daily bass

  40. steel ocean pls!

  41. It’s the Kohlberg, fuck the Kohlberg, shoots fast but guns are shite. Just
    finished it and sold it, annoying to play higher tiers, killer in lower
    ones, glad it’s gone.

  42. I gotta be honest the Karlsruhe is no where as bad as it used to be. When
    it was first released the engines would fall apart if someone looked at you
    wrong but they patched it a lot. Still not a great ship but things look up
    in tier 5 and upwards!

  43. man I hope this game hits android

  44. Tnx for making this, I was waiting forever gor Wows Sail Them All !!!!!!

  45. you can easily pronounce Izyaslav if you say “easy slav” fast. and that’ll
    be close enough

  46. The Kuma is fast and has excellent torpedoes and decent guns.

    The Phoenix doesn’t have great torpedoes, but the guns are deadly.

    The Crapsruhe, while no longer that crappy, still is the slowest pile of
    garbage at tier four. And the torpedoes…..the ship would be better of
    without them. The Crapsruhe represents free kills for the enemy.

  47. Hey Phly. I have been watching your videos for quite some time and I must
    say they are excellent! I was wondering if there is any chance where you
    could make a “tips’n’tricks” video on World of Warships I am currently
    struggleing through the American BB and CV tech trees trying to obtain EXP.
    Please and thank you.

  48. I don’t know why, but the World of Warships videos just don’t interest me
    at all. It may be a fun game, but kinda boring to watch imo.
    Look forward to more plane stuff though.

  49. Heya phly it’d be an honor to play wit you on wows add my Skype and hook me
    up sometime :), BloodArrow8256, open to other people that play, hope to
    talk to new people soon.

  50. uss.misuri

  51. Hell yes more World of warships!

  52. By the way, you can pan the camera on the ship selection screen without the
    UI disappearing but holding down the left mouse button instead of the right
    mouse button, don’t know if anyone else had said that already so just
    putting it out there :)

  53. why shells look like they are fireballs? oh wait its wargaming bs game

  54. yeeeeeeeeeees, wows is back
    thx phly

  55. Yaaaayyy! 🙂 Another great episode for this series!

  56. Argh just seeing that warspite in that portslot with the union jack behind
    it just makes me sad Royal Navy ships aren’t in the game yet :'(

  57. This is my favorite series on YouTube :)

  58. Ok, PhlyDaily i love you but PLEASE STOP giving all captains friggin Basics
    of Survivability and stupid Fire Prevention! OMG DUDE! If this is sort of
    an educational video, as in “sort of showing people how things work”, you
    could at least pick the correct captain skills tho you don’t have to
    explain them. I just started watching but that Kuma needs either Basic
    Firing Training (faster main battery reload), Basics of Surv. is ok i
    guess, Situational Awareness is legit too. As for 2’nd tier captain skills
    Fire Prevention IS THE WORST OF THEM ALL. Gun rotation or torp reload.

    Ok that is all, love you Phly, don’t be mad yes? Pls fix, my OCD rage and
    cringe levels are off the charts.

  59. how do you find he next tier 4 destroyer ep.

  60. That’s a lot of ships

  61. Which button or buttons do you press to remove the icons for screenshot at

  62. Hear the sad tale of the Karlsruhe, who’s HE shells are garbage, and who’s
    AP shells always either over penetrate or bounce, who’s speed is like a
    floating turd, and who’s armor is laughable even for a tier 4 cruiser, and
    who’s torpedoes are a joke.

  63. Howz about some high tiers?

    Only you have the power…

  64. Super-rusty gameplay, you need to play more to get back in shape. Also to
    catch up with what they have modified in the game, etc. But keep it up,
    still enjoyable!

  65. Phily do more steel ocean plz

  66. Here is why Carriers are so rare: Tier 1 Cruiser –> Tier 2 Cruiser –>
    Tier 3 Cruiser –> Tier 3 Battleship –> Tier 4 Battleship –> Tier 4
    Carrier. So in short it just takes way too long to get to the tier 4

  67. Inception was the best movie that i saw i my live.. i cried so much at the
    end.. Who didnt saw this film already,. stop watchings this video and go
    watch that f*cking film, it worth it ( sorry for my bad english )

  68. Don’t click Read more.

    You are a rebel, i like you

  69. wrong thumbnail picture phlee

  70. fix tha thumbnail mate

  71. where are the 60fps phly?

  72. Seen so many games like that in the Karlsruhe! Easily the worst ship in the
    whole game. Slow, no armour ineffective guns. At least it’s reassuring to
    see even a pro can’t make anything of it!

  73. Dat thumbnail

  74. hey phlydaily u actually had he when u shot him the first few times.

  75. So tier 3 or 4 PHLY? TELL ME!

  76. Hey PhlyDaily what do you think?
    Is War Thunder better thant the World of Warships or opposite?

  77. Finally, we have WoWS Sail them all! I think it’s the best one yet :)

  78. Why wont you play the carriers?They are fun :D

  79. Thumpnail fail lol :D

  80. I am Fifth and I never played WoW in my life. LMAO…

  81. first

  82. Phly can you recommend the best tier 8 ship?

  83. hi phly

  84. 2nd comment

  85. Second

  86. Ayy lmao

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