World of warships – Tier 7 on a tier 10 map

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It was Vulgarrs choise and he wanted a big map.
We just did 1 Bo3 on a smaller map and this was definitely going to be a strategic challenge.
This is game number 1
I hope you enjoy and I hope to see as many of you watching and playing in future.


  1. Blasted in the face I got 😉

  2. Oh wow, NA stuff and I completely missed it. Dang, always next time, right?

  3. Admiral Flambass

  4. Flambas in thé mix

  5. Marcin Domański

    that poor gniesnau got different orders every time lol

  6. How a team manager gets punched in the face by not knowing how to effectively manage a team

  7. That was fun man ? I really admire what you trying to do through these events. Making random people work as a team. Also very entertaining. Keep it up man. ?

  8. John Chucky Tomlinson

    That was a BLAST!! correct me if I’m wrong.. But i think you rather, orchestrate more than play.. Even though i rather see u, lead from the field.. Your experience will be better suited in game.. But never the less fucking GG….?

    • Yes I can focus a lot more on “leading” when dead and I have far better field of view that way

    • John Chucky Tomlinson

      Flambass yes!! That’s what i figured, it allows you to go to free cam, to see the whole battle field.. GG, you handled your team like a true ADMIRAL….?

  9. Maybe WOW will make a Community Organizer position now, as I think this axis vs allies is too good of an idea to pass up

  10. This would be harder to arrange, but ask anyways.
    Could this be done clan battle style? two 6 member teams, each picks a single navy to select their ships from. So one of the 4 teams will be Russian, French, etc. Then do the same thing axis and allies battle with limits per team of 2 battleships, 1 or 2 DDs’ and the rest cruisers. I also like the idea of tier 6-8 ships on a tier 10 map so coordination must be used.

    • Everything is possible but it would require a lot of organisation and ppl involved and it would make it rather professional , I’m keeping this rather amateur for now so EVERYONE can participate and have fun with no prior preparations

  11. Could you maybe move the scorecard from over the chatbox next time? It’s really bugging me that I can’t see what people are saying.

  12. Kazeshini Hasagi

    Turn cc on xD

  13. That was an awesome match!!!

  14. Who else wants to see flambass and his crew win the next clan tourney ?

  15. Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

    I don’t know, most of these games seem rather one sided. Isn’t there a way to better match up the player skill on each team? I’m not saying I wouldn’t potato into the cap and get killed easily myself (because potato I am and ever shall be), but the difference in these teams isn’t the ships, know what I’m sayin?

  16. Loved this match. I was the Maass that got the three kills. I was so surprised by that. I thought I was going to disappoint Flambass and really screw up. It was so fun. I was almost screaming at the monitor when I saw Flambass sailing out broadside out of A cap. Shame he died there.
    Looking forward to maybe joining in another NA Flambass Funday Sunday. Thanks again.

  17. This would be a great idea on the Asia server but we don’t have anyone, as far as I know, to conduct this style of gaming play.I really think its worth the effort as it can be a teaching tool to the uninitiated In this type of play style.If you have someone you know that can help, I’d be grateful. A multi-lingual speaker could be advantageous.

    • I don’t play on SEA server cause my ping is 249 (which is too much) + I can’t even remember my acc anymore

  18. This was very interesting to watch flambass. You are good at this.

  19. I watched from both sides and oh boy for that whole session I was on the edge of my seat .. best battles I have seen in ages , even better than Kings of the Seas ..
    Well Played all of you 🙂

  20. The Axis powers had the better admiral. 🙂

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