World of Warships – Tier 8 Rank Recommendation

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Discussion different 8 that I feel are very effective picks for the rank season. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Discord Server


  1. Tier 8 is cool, Tier 10? Dont have single TX ship, just two tier 9 ones since I despise high tier economy. If only T8 did not get sucked to T10 games so damn often.

    • T10 is super fun. As a player I play almost exclusively T9/T10 even without premium.

      Those are the most fun tiers in my opinion. T10 ships are well balanced against each other that you’ll only pick ships depending on your preferred play style.

    • just another youtube account

      Alex Quantum Yamato can work, especially since it has the potential to have 2nd-3rd fastest DMP on a BB when you focus purely on MB

    • I prefer my T7-T8 since there is already a lots of interesting ships and I do not need to have monster game in order to earn silvers.

    • It’s also the most expensive tier, and unless you have constant monster 200K+ dmg in them you’ll almost always loose credits after each battle on a standard account
      I basically have to play 2 T6/7 matches on my premium ships in order to fund a single T10 match

    • Jurgen That’s the entire point, i.e. having to play a couple mid tier battles to pay for a t10 battle. WG doesn’t want the mid tiers to become depopulated because people can make easy credits at tier 9 and tier 10. It’s no different than in WoT. They want you to pay for a premium account and/or play some mid tier battles to pay for those highest tier battles.

      This philosophy hasn’t changed in years. I don’t see why people continue to fail to understand it.

  2. Seth and Camille

    little late. Almost to t10 battles now

    • Nah, for me it´s fine. Ranked has still five weeks to go and i hadn´t much time yet – am only at rank 15 so far.

  3. Don’t use the “A Hull”  Not what is sounded like Ser.

  4. since I dont have the Pinz Eugen Im having a lot of sucess with Takao/Atago it can brawl BB if need and if u have enought HP. it can hunt down any DD, unless if you are alone against 3. and it will make cruisers fall back cause of that HE shells dmg. All you need is a DD in front of you and you 2 will be deadly to any1 in a flanking position.

  5. Not going to see the Graf Zepplin… yeah sure, seen it at least 6 times (10%) of my ranked games todate. Guess I’m lucky.

  6. Hmm. I currently only have Monarch and Atago ( I have a Harekaze, but my Laptop and my DD experience is both potato so she’s out), and I’m quite bored with Cruiser, so Monarch will be my pick then. ( Currently grinding toward Lion is also a bonus) 🙂

    • Based on your information provided you might not be able to progress past rank 10 so losing some matches might even be a good way (for example at rank 15) to grind ships without ruining your random statistics^^

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Monarch can be nasty at T8 Ranked. I also use Monarch, and it’s fun to surprise enemy cruisers by popping out from 10.9 km with AP shells that are already flying to their citadel. Edinburgh is also good. I swap smoke for radar, and it is very effective against the premium DD’s like LoYang, Asashio, etc. Granted, it is very dangerous. But I don’t see any benefits in using smoke other than to disengage that only works as intended until someone pops up their radar.

  7. I absolutely hate the fact that Wargaming decided to release the asashio just before the start of the ranked season, i seriously can’t understand how noobish you have to be to bring the Asashio in Ranked where most of the time it’s 1 BB, 2 CL/CA and 4 DD per team (talking about EU), yesterday i had 2 asashio’s on my team while the enemy had 2 Loyangs and 1 single BB (Monarch), i’ll let it up to you to figure out how the game went.

    • Rank 14 EU here… just finished playing a few rounds in my Loyang and had several games with 3 or 4 dds per side and the rest was BBs! Of 8 matches played there were only 2 or three with cruisers.

      Had a lot of fun 😉

    • omg same, the two asashios in my team were absolute noobs and relied completely on main battery to cap contest

    • It’s all about making money for wargaming so that is why they sell asashio right now.

    • Jurgen DX it’s really a good ship and I’m glad he said so as long as you have bbs in queue. It played it’s part getting me past rank 10. You just have to stop using it if there’s only 2 bb per side. Early on with 3 bb and a CV. Awesome! Guns are good with ifhe and torps are invisible to bb. Try it.

    • I have to say Asashio is a situation ship. Got battles, were I could spot for them with my Carrier, so they could just smoke up and use their guns. But if you dont have that, If you are the front line for your team or your Carrier cant protect you from being spotted, you are pretty much mincemeat ins seconds. Because most players, by now, know what threat you are and even BBs listen when you ping an enemy Asashio as target.
      What I want to say is, your effectiveness rises and falls with how much skill your Carrier has. If there is no Carrier, you have pretty much free reign, as long as you dont run into enemy DDs/radar/Hydro/Spotter planes or any Cruiser without backup or an escape plan.

  8. I agree with most of your picks man, good video. Would you say defensive fire or hydro on the chapeyev?

  9. how can you even mention asashio in picks notser….

    • It worked really well for me. You just got to look for opportunities and sink those BBs early.

    • thomas duhamel it’s a real bastard when you have one on your team and only one BB on the other team. You gotta have a screw loose if you bring one of them into ranked.

    • because as far as I can tell he went along all the ships available voicing opinions on them?

      it’s better to him adress the fact that asashio is rather meh for rankeds instead of ignorign the ship’s existance.

    • MehrumesDagon my commentary was only to overemphasize the fact this ship is useless in ranked so that people tempted to reply in comments that they use it can read it, yours on the other hand is only stating the obvious on the sole purpose of outsmarting

  10. cccooooooolllllllll

    List of the time for each ship and important points in the video

    !! Columbia/Pittsburgh can’t be played by notser !!

    15:20 Conclusion of the best 3 ship at tier 8 in ranked battle for notser

    16:43 If you don’t have good ships ( or how to have a better win rate)


    0:39 Akizuki
    1:27 HSF Harekaze
    1:59 Asashio
    2:39 Kagero
    3:03 Benson
    3:24 Kidd
    3:53 Kiev
    4:26 Ognevoi
    4:47 Z-23
    5:30 Hsienyang
    5:44 Lo Yang


    6:14 Mogami
    6:38 Atago/ Takao
    7:02 New Orleans
    7:28 Mikhail Kutuzov
    7:47 Chapayev
    8:07 Prinz eugen
    8:35 Admiral Hipper
    8:57 Edinburgh
    9:15 Charles Martel


    9:35 Kii
    9:58 Amagi
    10:17 North Carolina
    10:31 Alabama
    11:02 Tirpiz
    11:18 Bismarck
    11:51 Monarch
    12:03 Gascogne
    12:21 Richelieu
    12:44 Roma

    Aircraft carrier

    13:25 Shokaku
    13:37 Lexington
    14:05 Enterprise
    14:34 Graf Zeppelin

  11. NC, Alabama, Amagi, Chapayev, Edinberg, Atago, Prinz, Loyang, Bensen, Harakaze, Akizuki, Kidd. Pick other ships go play random battles.

    • Marko Mijuskovic

      You obviously don’t have or never heard of Admiral Kutuzov.

    • Marko Mijuskovic Yea Kutozov definitely one of them, haven’t played it since I got the missouri, totally forgot.

    • New Orleans?

    • Juggernaut Chapayev is better or equal at pretty much everything, in rank you just want to win. If you want to have fun you can always play anything in randoms.

    • Actually NO. Bring your best ship and you will do better than grabbing a recommended ship you are less familiar with. I can contribute more in my very familiar Tirpitz than on any other recommended but less played ship.

      I would not put my team through the Agony of me Stumbling around in something I have less experience with.

  12. Welp I have no t10 I guess I’ll settle with rank 10

  13. I haven’t done a ranked battle and enjoyed this video about the ship classes and how useful. I’d love to get the Graf Zepplin but you’re probably correct and they won’t sell them again for a while.

  14. The french tier 8 premium BB is better than the tec tree BB only for one reason secondaries .

  15. Tirpitz put me into rank 10 very quickly from starting rank of 16. Topped the board most games and carried the team on a few occasions. 19 point captain and the secondaries devastating to panicked dds that got too close. Torps were great for close quarter engagement that happened often. Good luck to you all. Enjoy season 9!

    • Michael Grondahl

      Yea, I agree with you on the Torpitz being a much better pick than he gives it credit for. Maybe it’s just the american server doesn’t have that many cv’s, or when I play, or any of the other variables, but I find torpedoes not to be a threat, and I do lead the charge to contest a cap point in my Torpitz. Get a bb leading the charge and people will follow. Sure I’m only using front guns, so I don’t contribute that much to damage, but I do get around 2.5 mil potential damage on a decent game which means I’m tanking like a boss and letting the team do the damage back. Pretty easy to run too, point straight at them, charge to secondary range (9.9km with my setup) and then back up keeping your nose pointed straight at the center of the enemy group. Plus you have torpedoes for things that get frisky and try to flank you.

    • Michael Grondahl yeah you play like I do. My secs are 11.3km and in most cases it doesn’t take long for enemy to bug out of the vicinity, particularly if you’re backed up by your team. There was a close match where all enemy had to do was not die, then a BB tried to ram me instead of stopping or going backwards and entered my torp arc… So he died LOL

    • Brandon Williams

      I wreck booties in my Tirpitz. Running Secondary build and I play that thing like a sluggish destroyer when I can. Ill get in torp range and let them have it lol my secondaries light them on fire and my torps make them flood.

    • Brandon Williams hell yeah!

  16. I had great success in using the Asashio, I got to Rank 10 in it and only lost 5 battles. I Absolutely devastated enemy BB’s single handedly each game. Easily out spot other DD’s to avoid detection..used my guns on enemy once smoked up waiting for next torp salvo. Asashio is an amazing choice, Don’t let anyone kid you! I even wrecked you Notser in your Bismarck in one of my battles with the Asashio. ? Great Vids, keep it up!

  17. Charles Martel does bring something to the table: speed. It’s pretty great when you stay with the DDs and can catch the enemy by surprise. I had a lot of success last ranked season helping my DDs kill the enemy and contesting caps when the enemy wasn’t there yet. That speed doesn’t seem like much, but when you catch 1 or 2 enemy DDs at a point without their team, you devastate them.
    My normal play style was to follow a DD to the outer point, have them spot the enemy DD, then open fire and end that engagement as fast as possible. If our DD didn’t go to the outer point, I would rush there solo and turn around if I was out gunned.

    • Mohenjo Daro agreed. Ive had amazing success chasing DDs with her. Also DF keeps the planes off. Her AA is strong. One other thing is slapping rpf on her. Very nasty for hunting

    • I have also good results with Charles Martel : speed, great accuracy, agility. She can delete DDs and burn BBs staying at distance to prevent enemy from caping. One of my favorité ship !

  18. midknightfalconfan

    Kiev can’t contest caps? I can outgun any DD 1 on 1 in T8 in a Kiev

    • Barry Hutchison

      That is true….but, every DD knows it! They’ll spot you and launch Torps and hold guns. Try outrunning the cruisers and bb’s behind it?

    • It’s not about 1 v 1 power with support kiev loses because the other dds are just stealthier

    • 1v1 the Kiev may be able to out gun any other T8 DD, but its concealment is an issue. OTOH, if you have a situation where it’s 2 DDs v 2 DDs and your team’s other DD has good concealment, a Kiev to could hang just far enough behind the other DD to let that DD do the spotting, and then use its firepower advantage to wreck those enemy DDs.

      I wouldn’t suggest the Kiev unless one is an outstanding Russian DD player. But I think that an expert in a Kiev could probably do outstandingly well. But for other players, they’d probably be better off in a more traditional choice, like a Benson, Lo Yang, Kidd, or Akizuki.

    • Played ranked only with the Kiev last season and it did great. Always the first one to the farthest cap

    • Outgunning akizuki? Nah a akizuki with a well trained captain is can outgun any t8dd,ans most of the high hier ones too

  19. Thanks for this! Great pithy, succinct review!

  20. Crouching Hamster

    TOG II dominates ranked. TOG always wins.

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