World of Warships- Tier X Submarines First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today I share my thoughts with yall on the Tier X subs, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

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  1. And as expected German sumarine is much worse than american one.

    • Which is sad, since the type XXI was quite revolutionary.

    • @Federico Del Sarto huh, not a fan of actual history are we?

    • Federico Del Sarto

      @Nick dude, German technology wasn’t that great at all, especially on ships, look at Bismark, she was full of flaws in her design, and this goes for all the ships of the Kriegsmarine

    • @Federico Del Sarto Ah yes, comparing the 3rd battleship designed in over 20 years and equating that to a whole national fleet.

      As I said; you’re not a fan of actual history.

      EDIT: There might be a reason why all the most successful submarine commanders were German. Maybe something to do with how effective the German submarines were at the time.

    • Federico Del Sarto

      @Nick U-boats were great subs in the first years of the war but than anti-submarine warfare arrivade and good by to the all good days for the Kriegsmarine, plus other nations started developing better subs than the U-boats.
      For the surface fleet well the Kriegsmarine wasn’t the best at all, most of their ships were very old and their modern ones had design flaws (look at the Hippers, or the Bismark class, the Sharnhost class had problems too but they were probably the best ships in the Kriegsmarine)

  2. 12:20 nah, that carrier DCP will make u mad cuz the time is just too long and the submarine’s ping got wiped too…

  3. Christian-Lee Schäder

    Well, finally, I’ve been waiting for this episode with great anticipation since the submarines were announced.

  4. Daring is probably the best sub killer though kleber’s speed and amount of charges really help it rush into them.

  5. Lmao

  6. As far as I know you can still get a double ping on the target so you deal more damage (citadels) to the enemy…

  7. And once again the germans get screwed over, because WW2 area tech has to compete with CW tech.
    The type 21 U-Boot that the Tier X is, was the first real sub.
    Much faster under water, longest dive time etc.
    But they either have to compete with tech 20 years more advanced, or just get screwed over, because they are still worse than others.

  8. This is a big gamble for wargaming that dosen’t have that big of a player base on the na server as it is.

  9. Sea Lord, carriers are NOT prime targets for subs, reason being their damage con. Not only does it auto pop the moment you ping them but it lasts 60 secs with a 10 sec cooldown (remember that Damage Con brakes the Ping lock), so unless you want to spend SEVERAL minutes sitting their shoving torpedos into a CV, you will never citadel them. The irony that a battleship 20kms away is more dangerous to a CV then a Submarine is not lost on me.

    On a quick side note, the double ping mechanic is still a thing, first ping is white and the second ping is….green or orange… (why is it different colors in different videos!) so you can citadel Battleships and Cruisers with your torpedos, however they can brake the lock with Damage Con now.

  10. cv ops
    hybrid ships
    old ships nerf
    this game is ruined

  11. how come subs are as fast as a speed boat and faster than surface ships???!!!
    i get they need to be artificially faster than their real speed of 10kts submerged but to travel at over 30kts is
    just plain dumb and OPd

  12. Great , First Hybrid BB/CV’s now Stealthy subs. Cripes I cant even detect dd’s in under 10 km most times so I know I am going to be Torp bait when and if this Sub iteration happens.

    • So far I haven’t had much trouble with them, funny enough the hardest time I had with them so far is in a cv

  13. I still feel that the WOW population is gona tank once these things are added. Maybe then WG will reconsider Subs.

  14. when I was on the museum boat of this type in Philly, they told me it’s pronounced “ba-LAY-oh”

    • I was looking through the comments to see if anyone was going to correct him about this before I typed anything. LOl

  15. The matches still feel empty. Subs are yet another class that pull ships away from surface engagements.

    This is a huge problem.

  16. “because historically after the refit, they removed the depth charges from them”

    Ahh yes, Wargaming and their well known historical accuracies, can’t forget that. **cough** Russian anything **cough**

  17. this is exactly what the game needed, more torps.

  18. Every time someone says “Balao” I think of the Biden hello meme

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