World of Warships- Tier XI Is Arriving In The Next Update

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Hey guys, today we go take a look at the announcement of superships being fully integrated into the tech trees


Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. I don’t mind T11 surface ships, But subs have already destroyed my fun in the past day.
    Remove them or at least drop stupid homing torps.

  2. A few more years and we’ll get tier XII, h44-s, tilmans, n3g3-s, and nimitz class carriers, can’t wait

  3. They have killed their game, now there screwing up legends by adding cvs were aa on cruisers is terrible also 37mm aa does more damage than 105s how this is so is beyond me. They completely removed any earning camps from legends, hid campaign end reward behind a pay wall, its not enough that you grinded out 130 stages to get end reward no ya gota spend another 2500 doubloons on end reward called admiralty backing its a joke!!

  4. Promises to be broken in the coming years:

    – no super submarines, never
    – no supership premiums
    – we will never be selling superships for money
    – satsuma will ALWAYS have the larget caliber
    – missile cruisers will never happen

  5. Maybe not played so much. As I understand it, they are going to be very expensive to play. The T10s are some what expensive to run without signals. I think they are going to be limited…. Until… they are not getting played much, then that would change.

  6. Sea Lord, when I put Survivability Expert on one of the superships, I noticed that it did indeed give me 11 levels of the HP buff, not 10. So they are for sure, coded as T11.

  7. konstantinos Papagiannis

    i dont mind them if they fix the MM, i think tier 11 should match only with 11-10. tier 11 feels like they are to strong to play agenst t9’s. t7-t8 ca’s are almost unplayable with this MM. They could fix the game before adding subs and t11 though.

  8. “Never intended to be in the game.” That doesn’t mean what you think it means. Because when the game’s developers are actively testing them to get them ready for launch, they’re clearly intended to be in the game.

  9. Always enjoyed getting deleted in my Nevesky by a flight of Setsuma shells, from across the map, before said “supership” has even been detected. Thanks for the knee to the groin shot to my Credits WG. 😀

  10. Great (very sarcastically), just what the game needs more op ships to have to grind to. In my mind they focus too much on producing ships instead of new modes or maps if they want to spice things up

  11. Probably testing Subs at the weakest stats that they’re comfortable releasing to get data on its performance. They will use it as a base to find a Middle Ground

  12. “WWII ships will fight jet planes” yeah sounds like the Tiger II and higher german tanks experience on War Thunder

  13. I was wondering why recently there were so many games with 4 or more destroyers and very few cruisers.. I guessed that cruiser players had just gotten tired of being crossed mapped by overmatching guns.
    Yesterday after a few hours play I can see that trend happening to destroyers. 
    Trying to contest caps in no radar games but with a CV and 2 subs was just not compelling game play. Subs can just random ping smoke for a double ping and torp you. You expect smoke to attract torps so you go nose in and be ready to dodge. The homing torps don’t seem to curve quite as much as they used to but its enough to deviate sufficiently to hit nose on DD’s, a situation where a little manoeuvring usually saves you. They also still seem to home on DD’s to very close range as well. On top of that the mechanic where you have to drive your DD on top of them to drop depth charges in the face of enemy fire is just as ridiculous as it was in the earlier iterations.

    • As satisfying as it is to run down a sub and depth charge it,,, generally it mis-positions you so poorly that yeah… its a suicide run.

    • I see a lot less Minos and DM ships now. Between CV spotting, subs, battleships that can delete you from anywhere – it’s just not fun now. Easier to spray HE from afar, which is boring

    • Exposing your position to depth charge a sub is no different than exposing your position to engage another DD in a gunfight or getting close enough to a cruiser or BB to get a sure-thing torp kill. You must weigh the risks to make the attack. Is taking out the red ship worth possibly losing your ship? Don’t pretend that this problem is new with subs.

      If you expose your ship to attack another ship, the consequences are on you, not the game mechanic. Leave the sub alone for later. Or better yet, signal its position to a BB that can safely make an air attack on it.

    • @Bill Sligh yeah, nah… you don’t have to drive to point blank range to engage other ships, to use depth charges you do. In a fight with another DD’s you have the luxury of manoeuvring. Versus a sub the other red players literally know exactly where you’ll be – directly above the submarine. So it’s not a ‘choose to expose’ moment it’s a ‘let them know exactly where you’re going’ moment.
      Your advice offers nothing to help with a sub in a capture point beyond “leave it there” If you aren’t spotting (subs mostly out spot you) and you aren’t capping then the role of a DD becomes what? Another example of passive play? Smoke effectiveness is also degraded since they don’t have to see you to ping you. At the very least they need to remove the random pings and make them only work on targets the sub can see.

    • Yesterday enemy sub is under me in my GK under another 2 bbs we had no way to deal with it I see her but I cant do anything bout her. So dd comes in and uses depth charges on it to kill it. Subs are complete bulshit same as CVs in this way.

  14. I’m deeply concerned about how much more difficult it will be to make credits when facing superships in your tier IX. That’s the worst part, if they had matchmaking for superships at Tier X only it would be ok but they haven’t.

    I hope it absolutely tanks their Xmas container profit. Who’s going to want to get any rare ships when they all get invalidated by superships.

    • In a tier 9 u get extra XP for good performance when down tiered. so, as long as you play well, superships should only add to your credit making potenttial. (fck superships, i hope they abandon the concept) but for all intents and purposes it shouldn’t rlly affect the average player’s ability to have a good game.

  15. The last thing this game needs is a Tier XI CV!!!

  16. What really tipped me off that superships were more than just a test was when I tried to div up in a tier 9 and received a message that tier spread couldn’t be more than one.

  17. I remember when they told us that these ships would ONLY be battleships based in a world where CVs didn’t become the focus of the navy… now super carriers with jets exist.

    • Przemysław Krzekobrzegoszczyński

      I remember when they said that the Yamato would always have the biggest guns, and that submarines would NEVER come to the game. If you’re not taking everything WeeGee says as an outright lie at this point, you should start to.

  18. I did try out the subs yet again and found them to be fairly tame for what I was expecting compared to their previous entries. At the moment they’re not too bad compared to earlier, but the super ships do leave a bit of a sour taste. Or in particular the Satsuma and super CVs. Both need to be turned down a notch or several before they’ll even begin to feel in line with the others. I’m more worried about these supposed support CVs with stun bombs like Wot arty.

  19. What I’m concerned about is the effect it’ll have on steel ships. I’m close to getting Bourgogne but with Patrie coming I don’t see why I don’t save my steel & just get a supership from tech tree.

  20. I can’t imagine myself in Satsuma smashing ppl all the time for 10k dmg or more… I wasn’t happy that I meet one squad with 2x Satsuma… I vanish in Pommern like nothing…

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