World of Warships- Tier XI Is Here! Along With Hornet, Atlantico, & So Much More!

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Hey guys, today we look at the update notes for patch 11.3 which includes Superships coming to the Tech Trees, Hornet, and several other updates. Enjoy!

Patch Notes:

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

0:00 Channel Intro
0:13 Update Release Date & Intro
1:01 TXI (Superships) Added To Tech Tree
5:02 Atlántico Dockyard
8:44 Italian DD Event Continues
9:00 Brawls
9:57 Visual Upgrades
10:44 New Ships (Hornet & Maya)
11:31 Balance Changes
12:25 Tick Rate Fixed
12:40 Other changes
12:45 Outro


  1. Update by update, they drive me further and further from wanting to play this game anymore

  2. The United States was a late 40’s design, it was the smallest carrier than could handle the planes needed for the atomic bombs of the time. It would have approached the Forrestal in size, but the Chair Force dangled the shiny in front of Congress that their strategic bombers could solve all the wars from the skies with atomic bombs. (Yes, Congress has always been stupid). Then Korea happened and the Air Force couldn’t win the war all by themselves.

    • Majestic Hotwings

      Sounds about right, a branch gets its hands on a shiny new toy and thinks everything else is completely worthless only to be proven wrong with the next conflict.

    • I disagree, USAF could have dropped the bomb ending it but America didnt and chose to go with limited war. Since then America has not won a war.

    • It probably would have made a lot more sense if they had gone with an angle decked Essex or Midway carrier rather than the USS United States. That was really the next generation. The USS United States was a one off design that was going to only have aircraft for nuclear attacks. The idea is that it would have been defended by Midway class carriers for conventional attacks. I would have picked the USS Antietam, an Essex class carrier, which was the first US angled deck carrier.

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      @Poopster4U really? Lol

    • @Krak Head And when any Air Force can take and hold ground, or provide a show of force like a warship then they can be the only force, but when they wanted the lions share of the defense budget and nukes were their only option they were smoking something. And his name was Louis Johnson.
      The Atlas was available in 1959, the Navy did have nuclear capable aircraft in the 1950’s, and the Soviets were extremely aggressive in Korea, and the Air Force was a support arm only.

  3. with these ships and the new super CV’s im staying away from higher tier. I have had the fun blown out of me.

  4. Ah yes, the Yamato, a historical ship and the prime apex of battleship development throughout history, being surpassed by Satsuma, a paper design completely fabricated by WG.

    • This sort of thing has been happening for years

    • Well there is Shikishima in the game, Super-Yamato guns on a Yamato, Satsuma is pretty much a Super-Yamato(A-150) design with 1 more turret.
      A ship based on a design that was supposed to be the answer to the enemy battleships countering Yamato. Of course it should be stronger then Yamato.

    • when the Japanese was doing super Yamato project, the A-150?

  5. I’m curious of what a japanese super cruiser would look like.. I mean we already have Yoshino but she doesn’t quite fit into this as she is more of a counterpart to the Alaska or Puerto Rico. Will it be a super Zao with 12 280mm guns or something like this? Or maybe just a variant of Zao with way more armour? We will see….

    • Probably just a Zao with 5K more hp. 😀

    • More hp, more armor, slight reload or damage buff and a 2 shot burst.

      Zao is good apart from the total lack of survivability.

    • @Jock1092 Jock Well your main goal with Zao is NOT to absorb enemy shells with armour but instead use ur stealth and agility to not get hit at all… I’ve had a match yesterday with 2.5 million pot damage and half my Zao was still there.. So more survivability is IMHO not the best way for a “super-Zao”

    • @Jock1092 Jock The main problem of zao is still the same for years. Firing angles almost as junk as GK.

  6. Translation of the credit situation for tier 11 ships: ‘These are a way to force you to buy more credits. these are pay to play ships, and in no way will their use be “carefully planned”, it will just be exclusive to those very very experienced players who have built up a lot of credits to burn, or people willing to buy them.’

    • TheGuardianofAzarath

      you actually get a credit and xp boost if you do damage to a ship that’s higher tier than you, so a T9 doing a lot of damage to Super ships will get the same proportional boost to it’s income that a T8 gets when it mauls a T10

    • @TheGuardianofAzarath ye but those ships are now able to overmatch pretty much all tier x cruisers so the only ships that will be getting to farm are ones in smoke or behind an island. My Des Moines got completely deleted last night bc a DD kept me Perma spotted and sat just outside my radar. Can’t make a move these days without something spotting for you.

  7. I think super ships suck, especially when you are playing a T9 in a supership/t10 battle. Not fun at times. T9 shouldnt be matched in these battles.

    • All T9 are good enough to easily play against T11. Tiers after 9 dont even get an additional slot for upgrades

    • 100% played a match last night in my Seattle… each team had 4 super ships and 4 Xs. I was 1 of 2 tier tier 9s. Between the United States and a Annapolis I couldn’t do much

    • @J Tbh Seattle would has a tough time fighting T8’s

    • @Vytautas V I had a game playing the Roon against one of the super cruisers and I struggled to scratch the super ship and got blasted off the map. Definitely wasn’t fun. I think you are right, some ships hold their own but you can choose your ship for the match, you choose your ship then you get matched up.

    • @J Yeah that is another rant of mine, there should be a limit to hte super ships in a match including T9. Four per side, and I have seen six per side is too much.

  8. You don’t have to spend the steel but I sure hope your credit bank is as full as can be. 😛 Since they’re not supposed to be cheap to play

  9. With Tier 11 coming out, what is the tier breakdown for battles after tier 5?

  10. Bourgogne gets better MM and earns credits like crazy

  11. Non-permanent credit-boosting camos, however, allow you to play these monsters endlessly. As Mountbatten states, many of us are sitting on bajillions of credits AND bazillions of camos. Look for a glut of these ships incoming to a game near you soon! And they won’t go away. Having played the Super CVs … yeah … game-breaking content right there as they can reach the corners of the map in 30 seconds, so ‘break’ tactics by negating them.

    • Warships depends on seal clubbing through MM. But they crossed the line with Super ships and now t9/t10 random is wrecked, completely ruined and out of WG ability to balance and control. It was bad with CV’s but subs and super ships killed it. People will refuse to play t9/t10 random. Especially t9 because service costs with the signal flag reduction removed from the game makes it not worth the effort. I suspect there will be a small pool of unhappy super ship owners waiting a long time to get into a random battle and even when they get in one it will be populated by OP t10 ships looking to troll.

  12. I was thinking about this. What if we could choose between rapid fire and salvo for secondary gunds?

  13. Superships are a credit dump *now.*
    Tier X used to serve that purpose until they decided to add permanent camos for them. I expect they will soon add those to Superships; right before they introduce Tier XII.

  14. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    I doubt the Superships will be able to curb the credit earning of the old timers and by providing even more further reaching over matching shells , especially now that they can be more accurate ( BB ) or be machine gun it ( Cruisers , Soviet DD ) there is even more incentive for back lane pacing and not forwarding , great WG you just encouraging even more camping, even more passive game play and thus even less active and proactive team play

  15. Tier 10 is already a money sink. Imagine how much money will be lost just for one super ship game.

  16. I was really excited for Hornet, but the reimu and carbine reviews dont give me much hope. WG shafting another historical ship as per usual 🙁

  17. LightningwingDragon

    Would have been better for superships if they were added in to research bureau. The preconditions they want for the ships are already there.

  18. USS United States was actually a late 40s design, hence the lack of nuclear power. The intent was to carry extra-large, long-range bombers, to give the Navy a piece of the Air Force’s strategic nuclear strike mission. This was at the height of Navy-Air Force tensions, after remarks by the Secretary of the Air Force claiming there was no longer a need for the Navy. See “Revolt of the Admirals”. The USN strategic air strike mission was scaled back, but existed circa 1953-64 in the form of nuclear-armed, relatively large aircraft on supercarriers, such as the AJ Savage (as seen in-game) and A3D Skywarrior.

  19. @Domi People who play a lot have hundreds of millions. Personally, I have so many credits I can’t even use them.

  20. Robert Charles Sullivan

    they need to add ocean life to game whales dolphins etc. and fires on land ao if your shells hit an island with trees a forrest fire starts, we need kamikaze planes in game for more realistic, and bring out more BB like the Uss Utah, Wisconsin, or the most decorated Battleship Uss New Jersey bring them into the game finally bring back CV from 5,7,9, bring back to game.

  21. I got as high as 350m. They’ve chipped away at it steadily since. if they think I’m going to spend real money on credits they’re high as fuck. about done anyway

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