World of Warships- Tiger ’59 First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new Royal Navy :ight Cruiser Tiger 59, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

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  1. It’s so funny to me how they continue to add more smoke + radar ships in the game, after they have already removed Belfast and Black. Luckily, they’re so afraid of making them overpowered, they instead turn out to be quite terrible!😂

  2. “Peoples won’t complain about smoke+radar combo if the ship can’t even hurt you”

    -WG probably

  3. I also love that WG seems to think that this thing and Congress (t8 Alaska) are at the same power level lol.

  4. TruckingShooter

    I look forward to everyone getting these in Christmas crates this holiday season kek

  5. It’s a shame, my late uncle served on one of the ‘Cat’ class :/ I’ll probably get it just for that. Was kind of hoping that seeing as though it’s one of the most modern ships in the game they’d give it GOD tier AA which would be understandable, but two turrets and weak AA makes it sound pathetic 🙁 One positive however, the name Tiger ’59, and the introduction of HMS Repulse makes it look like we’re finally getting the RN Battlecruiser line 😀

    • Nah they are going to milk the British BCs as premiums

    • @Brendyn Bartos I wouldn’t be surprised. I imagine stuff like HMS Tiger, G3 and if they’re feeling frisky, HMS Incomparable will be added as premiums. I just really hope it doesn’t get in the way of a line 😛

  6. This ship exists so that newgerman dds finally have something she can fight against. See comrade? Balans as it should be

  7. I can’t understand why WG gave a dedicated AA escort cruiser such crap AA? The whole point of the Tiger class as built was AA escort for carrier groups and she had probably the most technologically advanced AA systems of any (real) ship represented in the game – except maybe the Clevelands.

  8. So it’s a Friesland without HE, with a citadel, and a reload speed of twice as long.

  9. Lower health by 10-15%, replace radar with hydro, lower it to tier 6, leave it there and forget it exists.

  10. Marcus Jones Stinks

    As an atago player, this looks yummy

  11. This ship makes me think they asked the question “what is russian bias”.

    And then did the exact opposite. 😆

  12. A slow, 4 gun ap only, floating citadel that can’t hurt anything angled and can’t, disengage without smoking, can’t defend itself from air attack.

    What could possibly go wrong.

  13. Why do WG consistently ignore the fact that the radars rotate in the wrong anti- clockwise rotation? The radar on this ship is a type 293 radar, I know I use to maintain it! Radars always rotate in a clockwise direction with the feed horn representing the four planar array of the radar.

  14. An elaborate plot to make Belfast 43 more popular maybe? Joke’s on them, I already liked her.

  15. Boris Radulovic

    This ship’s only reason to exists is so that Belfast 43 owners could feel better about their purchase.

  16. Amadeo Komnenus

    At times i just go bow in with my mino and then I’m a lame Tiger ’59 aswell

  17. The Podcast Crew

    I’m surprised that this ship actually existed, surprising from WG these days

  18. Outofcontrolsjs Gaming

    Feels like a reload booster might’ve helped this.

  19. When your tier 8 ship has fewer guns and torps than the Emerald and can get its ass kicked by that ship (the worst T5 cruiser), your ship sucks.

    • “Emerald … (the worst T5 cruiser)” – with heal, torpedoes, hydro, smoke and great maneuverability? Really?

    • @sundreev yeah, long-range spammers like Konigsberg and Emile Bertin performed way better. Even Omaha wasn’t that bad. Although I did lie, I think Hawkins is the worst. Emerald is good for hunting down DDs but that’s about it. At least it has smoke to hide in

  20. Its memorial weekend, so I decided to pick up the Tiger, despite all the mediocre press. Funny enough, its a fun ship to play. If you are in a div or have a few team mates that you can work with it can be very effective. With upgraded smoke and radar it can cause a lot of havoc. It is certainly no DPM monster, but with improved angles on the AP and super heal, it can be problematic for the enemy team, especially the DDs and cruisers. It has also been very good in shooting down planes too, despite its average rating. For the reviewers lately it seems, that if a ship isn’t OP, its trash and that is simply not the case.

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